Musing Moments 0030: 30 Day Challenge – Day 20


Ten days left. Day 20 is titled “Uncomfortable Assignment.”

Totally gives you warm fuzzy feelings, right?

Really it isn’t that bad. The idea is that normally there’s something we’re avoiding. Some task, or ‘thing’ what we know we aught to do. But… it’s easier to not do it, or to keep pushing it off for later. It’s more convenient to not have a clear stance on it, because then you have an obligation to hold your ground on the topic.

However… if we actually just buckle down and at least make a choice about our stance, our lives would be so much easier, less stressful. Just making a decision about something, and sticking to it, could really help move us forward and remove a mental weight.

Making a decision to not be late to meetings anymore is just one example Chalene gives.

To me it’s about making a commitment to yourself, and then sticking to it.

For me, it’s usually something I’m sort of wishy-washy on.

No longer. Make a statement about it and stick to it.

I am NOT going to keep picking up everyone’s dirty cloths.

I WILL become more comfortable with public speaking.

It could really be anything. In both of the above situations, there is the statement itself. A call to action. But then there are the steps that actually have to be taken.

That awkward conversation with roommates or a significant other. Signing up for classes or reaching out to local groups. There’s most likely a bit of anxiety and trepidation involved, which is why we’ve been avoiding it.

Trust me. I totally know those feels.

Today we’re supposed to list what our ‘uncomfortable assignment’ is. What is our task that we have to do, that we kind of sort of don’t want to do, but will have a payoff in the end.

What’s something that we can change, right now?

Honestly, I’m having a hard time figuring this out.

I have done an uncomfortable task already, one that moved me forward. I finished Tre’s gift and wrote the graduation cards that I needed to. I have been putting that off literally all week because I didn’t want to acknowledge that this time had finally arrived.

But it is done. There is a small bit of closure, which I’m sure will grow after the actual ceremony.

There is also the case study I need to complete for my class. Mildly uncomfortable since it’s a new assignment, but I’m sure it will be fine once I start working on it.

I don’t feel either of these tasks really fulfill the assignment for today. They do not change my behavior, or really move me forward as far as my push goal is concerned.

I suppose right now is not the best time to try to figure this out. Maybe trying to figure myself out while all of these emotions are swarming around, a mild buzzing which I know will turn into the sting of hornets, is not the best idea.

Perhaps that can be my uncomfortable assignment, though.

Continuing this challenge rather than letting emotions ‘win’.

I know I’m going to want to withdrawal for the next few weeks. I know it’s going to be rough. I will want to stop working on my projects. I won’t want to go to the gym. I won’t want to write. But I’m going to push through it. I’m not going to let things fall to the wayside.

I will acknowledge my emotions. I will let them run their course, but I will not let them control me.

That is my uncomfortable assignment. Acknowledging that I hurt, rather than pretending that things are ok, that things are fine, like I normally do.

I commit to be honest to myself.

30 Day Challenge – Chalene Johnson


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