Musing Moments 0033: 30 Day Challenge – Day 22


Day 22. Yay for slowly getting caught up. : D

Today is about reaching out to other people. The challenge is almost over. Some pretty awesome habits have been formed, some negative habits have been broken, lots of forward motion and good juju  all around.

Today is about sharing the experience. Basically if the challenge has helped you, let other people know about it.

Today is also a reminder that it’s ok to ask for help and support.

Ask for help before you get overwhelmed, not after when things feel like they’re falling apart. Start to be conscious and aware of when you’re reaching your limits and take measures to not exceed what you’re able to handle.

It’s all a learning process.

I know my biggest hurtle, to this day, is delegating tasks. I feel like I should be able to take care of everything. I feel like asking for help or assistance is ‘bad’, and shows weakness on my part.

Logically I know it doesn’t. Logically I love it when people ask me for help and I’m able to be part of their story. Apparently all of that awesome logic goes out the window when applied to myself though…

So it’s something I’m still working on. I will say that I’ve gotten better about it over the years. So hopefully I keep with the trend of slow progress, and one day asking for help won’t feel like sand paper against my skin.

I know I wouldn’t be where I’m at in my life it wasn’t for the support and love of my inner circle. I wonder where I would be if I shared the workload I give myself more often than I do. I wonder how many other people I could help feel fulfilled by allowing them to help with my own story.

It’s food for thought for sure.

Since this challenge has always helped me grow and develop I feel it is worth sharing with everyone who will take the time to listen. This is more than goal mastery. It’s about sitting down and really looking at life and what you want out of it, which I feel is totally a worthwhile cause.

This challenge is really about reverse engineering. We know our dreams; the big picture. What are all the little steps that need to happen to get us to the top of our Mt. Everest? What does it really take to achieve our dreams?

I firmly believe the only difference between a dream and reality is hard work. So here’s a picture that sums it up nicely. Figure out what you want, and go for it. Go be a force of awesome!


30 Day Challenge – Chalene Johnson


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