Musing Moments 0035: 30 Day Challenge – Day 25


How often do you reward yourself for the things you accomplish? How often do you take a second to recognize your hard work?

If you’re anything like me, or the rest of society, the answer is most likely, “Not often.”

Day 25 really pushes the importance of acknowledging your effort.

A reward doesn’t have to be big and expensive. It doesn’t have to be a physical object. Maybe taking an afternoon to have a picnic in the park is a reward. Getting a coffee at your local book store. New headphones… whatever.

The point is don’t just move from one project to the next in a never ending cycle of motion. Take some time to give yourself a pat on the back. Take a second to realize that you just got done doing something. That you actually reached a goal.

Hello? We just scaled a mountain. We’re allowed to enjoy the view before looking to the next peak.

The homework today is to list our proudest accomplishment(s) since we began the challenge all those 25 days ago. Has it really been that long already?

We’re also supposed to say how we plan to celebrate our next accomplishment.

My Proudest Accomplishments
Google Hangouts

Getting the Google Hangouts setup would have to be my biggest accomplishment on a personal level, followed by completing the freelance project.

Using the hangouts for the PCC Critiques has opened up the rigging community in such amazing ways. Online students are now able to interact with campus students and exchange real time feedback on projects. Alumni are able to comment and give support to aspiring artists. In instances where students are unable to make it to campus they are still able to participate and be part of the event.

It has been an extremely positive addition to the critiques and I’m glad I tackled this project finally and that it has been such a successful and nurturing improvement.

 Owning Freelance in the Face

The freelance project, while having its frustrating moments, was a nice project to undertake because it reaffirmed my abilities as a setup artist. It also reaffirmed my time / action management skills. While being a full-time employee, a full-time student, and a full-time human with a life (because I still haven’t found a laundry fairy…) I still managed to complete freelance work.

Busy doesn’t even begin to describe it. But I got it done, with better than expected quality. I have made an awesome contact with Ray and already have a new freelance opportunity. The overall experience has been positive and has helped grow my professional career.

What is this word ‘Reward’ you speak of?

My next major accomplishment will be posting my Curves Tool v 2.0 script online. That has been slipping to the back burner over the weeks just due to life events taking priority. I want to get this done soon. The sooner it is completed, the sooner my anxiety over publicly posting can begin to ease.

I don’t know what I’ll do to celebrate. I’m not good at finding rewards for myself. If I bought a book it would be one of the ones I want to read for self improvement. So I don’t think that really counts. It would be buying something for another project, which doesn’t really seem all that rewarding…

Congrats! Here’s something else to work on. Enjoy!

Maybe I’ll get new compression sleeves for my shins; the ones I originally wanted rather than the pair I got from the store since that’s all they had. Or maybe a new workout top to replace one of the ones I’ve had for literally four years.

I guess a reward would be getting something that I want but don’t really need. Something that I keep telling myself isn’t a good investment because there’s debt I need to pay off, or other things higher up on the list.

Maybe splurging a little bit and getting transition glasses when I finally make my eye appointment. Or maybe a pair of athletic sunglasses for when I do stuff outside…

I guess I have some ideas for rewards. I like the idea of a new workout top the best. I think I’ll go with that for this project.

Post script. Get new top. Go running.

Sounds like a plan in my book.

Oh man. I totally want to get that podcast completed so I can go to Sports Authority now. And since the weather is nicer I could totally go running at Crane’s Roost or Waterford; those awesome bike trails that are just a little too far away to be convenient.

But this is a reward. Screw convenient, efficient, and logical. Challenge accepted. : D


Greetings traveler! Leave your tidings here.

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