Daily Post 0101: Can I Please Keep My Car?


My car was towed… again…


Like seriously… this is the second time that I was all decked out for the gym, and walked outside to find a missing car…

Well, I was dressed for aikido instead of the gym, but that’s sort of a moot point. The main thing is I was going to go to aikido for three hours of practice because I haven’t gone in so long, but fate had other ideas.

So the story behind this towing… The complex where DM lives is pretty strict with their parking. White lined spots are for residents ONLY. Hardcore important for visitors to not park in white spots. Bad juju and stuff if you do.

Yellow lined spots are the only acceptable place for my car.

Cool. No problem. Except… all of the residents park in the F’ing yellow parking places because they’re closer to the buildings normally. So last night DM and I were trying to find a parking spot for my car. There was literally no visitor parking expect for spots on the complete opposite side of the complex.

There was, however, a fire lane spot. We sat staring at the spot for a little bit. He mentioned how I’m technically not supposed to park there, but, that he’s seen people park there and not get towed. He also said that ultimately the choice was mine.

So I decided to park there and try my odds.

Guess my odds sucked.

We went to the leasing office, got the number (I’m familiar with this routine now), called the guy, found out the price (all of my food money), and then went about getting my car back.

I actually got a ride from Tim, Sam’s boyfriend, which allowed me to take care of the computer desk issue, and give the toaster oven and waffle maker to them finally. It also let me pick up my mail from the old place and give Joshua my key since all of my stuff is out of the apartment now.

I felt a little bad because he offered me to come hang out with him and a few other people, but I had work this evening and wasn’t able to go. I felt warm and fuzzy for having received an invitation, though.

I took a nap around 7 this evening so I could survive lab. Frank texted me and said he was sick, so I ran the lab alone tonight. It wasn’t bad. Actually, a lot of the questions I could handle on my own even though shading and lighting isn’t my class. I got to show some rigging and compositing videos too, so that was fun. Some minds were blown.

I finished creating my Pathfinder character. I really like the backstory DM helped me create for her, and I’m using the name Cherru. It used to be the name of my mage in World of Warcraft.

Cherru is going to be an oread, which is basically a human / earth elemental mix. She has crystalline spiked hair the color of dark amethyst, with marbled skin and onyx eyes. Cherru is tall for an oread, stading at 4 foot 2 inches, and weights roughly 160 pounds due to her earthen form. She is a longbow zen archer, trained at a monastery of Irori, who is a god of balance. She joined the monastery as a way to avoid being pressured into marriage by her parents.

I really want to draw my character. I think that would be a lot of fun. I think that will help me identify with her even more.

I still haven’t gotten my freelance check, and I can’t put into words how awesome it would be to get it in the next few days. Having to pay for my car seriously wiped out over half of my food budget for the next two weeks.

DM offered to help me pay for it, but I would really rather him not spend anything on me. I will keep that option open in my mind if things get too tight. But for me it’s an independence and pride issue. Yes, I know it’s most likely foolish, and that accepting help from others isn’t bad or wrong.

I really want to be able to take care of myself. That’s what being an adult is. Even when I make stupid choices and park in a fire lane because at 3am I’m lazy and don’t want to walk 5 minutes.

I’ve already started working on next weeks homework. I have finished several of the reading assignments, and already completed one of the graded assignments. That leaves only the quiz to take, and the second assignment where I have to create my own contract for a given scenario.

Not the most exciting assignment, but it shouldn’t take me all that long either. I tend to be good at things like this. I’m also sitting at an above average grade for the class which is nice.

It’s not a competition… but I have to win.

I got to talk to my mom yesterday which was awesome. I haven’t talked to her in what seems like a while. I talked to her about the situation with Sir and how I still feel angry about it, and that now that anger is starting to make me feel bad.

I feel like it is preventing me from being compassionate. I still care for him and the situation he is in. I feel like I should have reached out more yesterday. I feel like I didn’t show enough support for his hardship. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, though. So I left it alone.

Mom didn’t have any advice for me. Which I wasn’t really looking for any. I have made my choices and so really all I can do is let go of whatever emotions I feel and move on. Being angry and hurt still, being sad over not being supportive enough isn’t going to change anything.

I did what I did. Thinking any further on it is wasting energy that I could be investing into something else. I wish applying that logic was as easy as typing it. Knowing what to do is a very big first step though.

I talked to Mother Earth yesterday as well. I’m worried that I have hurt her. I’m worried that being with DM is going to harm my relationship with her and J, which isn’t my intention. I’m not sure where that leaves me. Confused and in need of more meditation.

Tomorrow I have the whole day to myself. I want to go to the gym, so bad. And I’m going to. I’m going to finish setting up my character. I need to buy my armor and weapons, and pick my feats still. But overall she’s setup and ready to go.

I think overall today was a good day. And I think tomorrow will be good as well.


4 thoughts on “Daily Post 0101: Can I Please Keep My Car?

  1. Hi! I had a question for you about aikido. I lived in Japan and learnt to much about their culture and philosophy, and I’ve continued to be interested in it. I’m starting to once again follow Zen buddhism teachings but this is a painfully slow process. I’ve wanted to take up a martial art for ages and have researched lots of different ones but was never sure what to go for. I just wanted to know what your experiences have been with aikido… how did you first get into it and how do you find it helps you, or what do you like about it. Any information you’d be willing to share, it’d be great to hear about.

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