Daily Post 0108: A Good Morning


It doesn’t really feel like I have much to talk (write?) about.

Honestly I don’t really remember the last time that I wrote, so I suppose before I get too far into this I should go back and re-read my last post, so I know what I haven’t written about.

*Brief pause in writing*

Ok. So I wrote on Tuesday. Jeez that feels like forever ago. Which is odd because not a whole lot has happened. At least looking at it logically, nothing has really happened.

I didn’t sleep well the other night. DM and I agreed that it would be good for me to go home. So I did. Ashley was up until like 4 in the morning being extremely loud, talking to a friend (which I could hear pretty much every word of the conversation) and then watching a movie or some sort.

Grouchy doesn’t even begin to touch on my feelings that evening.

I had plans to wake up early and get to the gym, and go into work early to work on school work, and all of these other magically fantastic plans… that I didn’t do because I was so f’ing tired from not being able to sleep.

I know I could / should have said something. But I didn’t feel like it would have gone over well. I haven’t been at the house much, and Ashley and I never really talk, so it would have been one of our few interactions with me being bitchy, because there was no way I would have been able to be nice about it when how tired I was.

I’m also the ‘new’ roommate, so I still feel like the intruder messing with everyone’s groove.

And she’s snippy with Jeremy, who she’s known for years. If he doesn’t get a calm, understanding response I can image I wouldn’t fair much better.

So I ended up listening to music until it was silent enough for me to go to sleep.

I came into work for my labs and started working on my IF Challenge for the week. This week’s word is Wiggle. Through brainstorming I ended up getting to Jell-O-shots and wiggle room, so I’m doing an anti-drinking ad. I’ll post the WIP shortly. I know it’s a totally different direction than what most people are going with, so I’m happy about that.

I ended up going over to DM’s apartment during the break to borrow his hand and some shot glasses for a reference picture for my project. I was spending more time trying to find images that would work for the perspective I want in the image than it was to drive over and take a few pictures myself. I also got to spend about 20 minutes sitting on the couch with him watching an episode of Archer.

It was a nice breakup to the day and actually gave me a recharge that I desperately needed since I slept so poorly.

I spent the entire second lab working on my assignment so I had a pretty good image to post for the pre-pro portion of the assignment. I’ve gotten a few comments from fellow classmates. We’ll see if I get anymore in the next 24 hours.

So I felt pretty good at the end of the day yesterday. Schoolwork started. Huzzah. I’ve been having anxiety over this class since it’s the one that I failed two months ago. I’ve been second-guessing myself and other not cool stuff like that.

Getting the project to such a good spot in such sort time really gave me a boost that I needed.

After work I went back to DM’s apartment for a bit. We got dinner together at Arby’s since there was a coupon for two meals. We ate there which was really nice. A lot of my friends want to go through the drive thru, or pick something up to take back home.

I really enjoy sitting somewhere and sharing a meal with who I’m with. It adds another break up to the everyday routine. DM feels the same way, so it was great getting dinner and talking about how the cashier behind the register was cute.

We ended up discussing plans for the evening. I said that I really wanted to stay over, partly because I like being near him, but also because Ashley would most likely be up crazy late again since her classes this month are online and she doesn’t have a bedtime like Jeremy and I do.

DM was ok with me staying the night, so after dinner I went home to get cloths. While I was at home I swept my room, did dishes, bleached down the counters and stove top, vacuumed my bed (since Scarlet shed four cats worth of fur onto it… ick doesn’t even begin to describe it), then showered.

It felt really good to do some cleaning. I don’t know why cleaning stuff up makes me feel better and more balanced, but it does / did. When I got back to DM’s place we watched some episodes of Archer, talked about work, Mother Earth, other stuff, and in general just relaxed. More restoring and recovering. Lots of cuddles, which was awesome.

I ended up going to sleep before DM, and woke up in the morning before he did to go to the gym.

It was a pretty crappy workout to be honest. I wanted to start with biking, but the spin class wasn’t done yet, and I didn’t want to be ‘that guy’ who shows up right at the end. So I decided to run on the treadmill instead, only to find out that one of my compression sleeves for my shins didn’t make it into my gym bag… so I opted to use the elliptical instead, but that wasn’t really getting my heart rate where I wanted it to be…

So after 10 minutes I went to the bike loft since the class was over. About halfway through the workout I wanted to do my phone lost connection with Spotify, so I didn’t have music anymore…

Oh my god, I wanted to punch something in the face so bad.

I reset my phone, got connected back to my music, and finished off the workout. I even ran a lap around the track just to do it. I would have done more but I didn’t want to agitate my shin, and I wanted to get back to the apartment so there would be enough time for breakfast.

I had to stop at the gas station for eggs, but other than that I made it home, cooked breakfast, and had my cup of coffee with DM on the couch before both of us going off to work.

I’ve been picking through my to-do list, and being mildly productive, though I need to get to work on my homework soon. The second lab is much smaller, so it’s a better work environment for me. And since DM doesn’t get off work until 1am I have four hours to myself.

So yeah, the game plan for the rest of the day is to keep chipping away at things. Finish my block out for the info graphic, which is all about crime rates in Orlando, and then, hopefully, finally, getting some work done on my podcast.

I’m feeling a bit better, a bit more energized, than I have in the previous days. I had my full routine this morning, which really helped. Hopefully the rest of the day / evening is just as nice.


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