Daily Post 0109: Changed Plans Can Be Good… Who Knew?


Friday. It’s actually been a pretty good day so far.

I guess it started with last night. I went home after work rather than sticking around to complete my school assignment. I was hungry and figured if I got home and set up I would have uninterrupted work time.

In a way that was true. Ashley was there being super loud and out in the kitchen cooking, so I had to wait about 30 minutes before I could do anything, which was really frustrating at first. She ended up leaving shortly after that, though. Once she left it was easier for me to unwind and focus on my work.

I ended up getting all of the block out done for the info graphic so I was happy and able to label the day as productive. I got through my entire to-do list for the first time in a while, actually. I tried to nap for a bit but wasn’t able to and eventually went to DM’s hookah lounge where we hung out with his bosses.

They’re both super cool. Last night they actually offered DM more hours at an electronic store they own since he only has part-time hours at the lounge at the moment. The extra money is going to go to getting his motorcycle fixed.

We didn’t get to sleep until super late even though we wanted to wake up around 8ish. We went to Steak and Shake after he got off work since we were both hungry. We played four games of hangman. I won both of my words (hookah and pardoned), while DM got stumped on ‘kitty’ and ‘pathfinder’ (a variant of DnD).

We also had some pretty deep conversation. We talked about his anxiety over starting a new job that he really didn’t feel qualified for. He’s like me in a lot of regards. I listened to what he said, and offered my take on the situation.

He doesn’t like that so many people are helping him. I’m giving him rides to the lounge and now the electronic store when I can. His boss is trying to get him more hours, so DM can have more money for bills, food, and repairs. I know if I were in his position it would be driving me crazy. I would feel like I owed people.

We talked about relationships for a while. Past experiences where we were misunderstood, and why we have certain insecurities.

That continued once we got to his apartment. So I don’t think we got to sleep until around 5ish. I know I didn’t get out of bed until around 9:20 to shower and have coffee. I have no regrets about it though. I love the deep conversation and the closeness.

I ended up forgetting my wallet at the apartment this morning. I swear I need to staple that to myself so I can stop losing it… Arg.

So after DM got to the electronic store I had to run back to the apartment, get my wallet, go back to the store to give him his keys back, then I was able to get into my normal routine, though it didn’t stay all that normal…

I went to my sports bar where I had planned to balance my budget and such, you know, my regular Friday stuff, but three of my co-workers (bosses actually) walked in shortly after I had set up my computer and offered for me to eat with them. It was a pretty interesting lunch, they were telling me about a lot of stuff that I most likely shouldn’t know about. I appreciated the conversation, and I was able to express some of my concerns in an open atmosphere.

Even though my lunch didn’t go how I had expected it I was glad for the company and I think over all it was a good change. I feel more connected with my department heads, which I haven’t seen in a handful of months, and I was able to unload some of the baggage that I’ve been carrying around job wise.

After lunch I stuck around at the sports bar and made a to-do list before heading into work. After I got setup I had about an hour before my lab started so I began plucking away at my list.

One of the big things I want to do is get the oil changed in my car. I need air in the tires, too. I’m getting crap for gas mileage at the moment. So I have an appointment tomorrow at 11am to get that taken care of.

After I made that phone call Bre actually came into the break room so we got to talk and catch up and share our immediate goals. Bre is a huge inspiration to me, so it was awesome to connect with her. We haven’t seen each other in months as well due to our schedules not lining up. She gave me some things to think about for sure.

I went to graduation this afternoon, so that was a bunch of emotions that has me drained on top of being tired for lack of sleep, and my ad hoc socializing.

I’ve already gone through and paid my bills. I’m doing pretty well so far. I’ve paid extra on all of my payments and still have money to put into savings. The check from John should be here soon, which will be another $300. That will get Scarlet a check up from the vet and pay for my taxes.

DM and I have been talking a bit today, working on a home brewed character class for the Pathfinder campaign this Sunday. The only hardcore thing left on my list is to finalize the IF Challenge assignment and post that before midnight tonight.

I’m going to break it up by working for a few hours, then cross stitching for a little while before going back and finishing off the assignment. I don’t think I’m going to spend much more than four hours on it. But then I suppose it depends on how much Photoshop fights me. Sometimes I get into a groove and everything works perfectly the way I want it to. Other times it feels like I can’t do anything right. I’m getting better with the program though, and that makes me happy.

So that’s it really. I’m most likely going to write a weekly recap today since I haven’t done one in forever, and Friday fits into my schedule better. I was planning on writing it during lunch, but that plan changed for the better.

So yeah… instead of Sundays, recaps will be Fridays at Bar Base from now on.

I did message Mother Earth, finally. I said everything that I wanted to say. She said she would replay to me, so now it’s waiting to see if I’ve messed things up more. I don’t have any real anxiety over it though, which is interesting, at least to me. I feel like I have done what I can, so all I can do is see what happens.

I also feel like I’m getting sick… again… This will be the third month in a row. My throat is starting to hurt and my sinuses are draining. Not sleeping enough isn’t going to help me fight off whatever this is, so I plan on sleeping well tonight. We’ll see if the Universe laughs at my plans. It has all day so far, but in an oddly good way. Normally changed plans are like having death and destruction rained down on me. But that’s not how today has gone… I like it.

The rest of the day should be fairly low key, which has me looking forward to it. I have my evening to look forward to with DM, curled up on the couch, talking about our days, maybe watching Archer. Cuddling for sure, and making silly jokes that end in “your face”.

I like that I have something to look forward to after work other than an empty room. I like that there is a hug at the end of my day now. It makes it feel worth it.


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