Dragon’s Horde 0030: Illustrator Friday Challenge – Melt



Illustrator Friday Challenge – Melt (Icarus)

Artist Statement

I had a hard time a first thinking of a composition I would be interested in working on. The typical ice cream, ice cubes, and such came to mind, but were uninspiring. While getting ready for work I got onto the train of thought of wax, which led me to thinking of the Greek myth of Icarus.

He flew so close to the sun that the heat melted the wax holding the feathers to his wings causing him to fall to his death.

The sun in the background is contained within a lantern, which acts as a frame and makes the scene seem more like a vision. The sides of the lantern have melted wax dripping down, adding to the sense of heat and light. The sun itself is also melting, pushing the feeling that the scene is falling apart, just like Icarus’ wings.


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