Daily Post 0120: Productive Day Was Productive


It’s 11:50pm. I have to be awake at 4am for work. Blarg. Too bad that I’m not tired enough to sleep. I’m still pretty amped up from the dojo. I can feel my metabolism starting to spike, which means tons of energy, which means sleep is going to be annoying to come by for the next week or so while my body adjusts.

It’s been a pretty awesome day over all.

I woke up at 7:30. An hour before my alarm went off. I had my cup of coffee while checking my email. I looked over Rhonda’s resume and sent her some more feedback on it. It’s actually a pretty sexy resume… I mean… If you’re weird and into nerdy stuff like that… which I’m totally not…


Moving on…

I didn’t have a change of workout cloths for the morning spin class, which I didn’t think would be an issue. I was pretty sure the current stuff I had at Zane’s apartment would be at least dry from taekwondo kicking my butt the night before.

But nope. My stuff was still damp, and was so not going back on my body.

So instead of going to the gym I went back to my place and did laundry. I also took care of Scarlet while I was there and did all of my reading for this week. I even took the quiz which I got a 90 on. I’m pretty sure I know which question I missed, too…

Why did I second guess myself? >.<; Arg.

So before noon I was already done with my school assignments that I wanted to get done for the day and laundry.

At 12 I packed up and headed to my dentist appointment. I totally forgot that my health care provider changed. So I got there 15 minutes early and was just sort of chilling, waiting for them to call my name. When they finally did I had to spend another 15 minutes filling out new paper work…

Come on… You couldn’t have had me do that when I first got there? That’s why I was early. >.<

So once I finally got that taken care of (thank the Universe for smart phones being able to look up all my information) I was finally seen.

Nothing has really changed, which is good. I still have three fillings I need to get. So I went ahead and scheduled that appointment. 9:30am on the 22nd I go back. Not looking forward to it… but at least it will be done. I’ve had this on the do-to list for over two years now.

Once I was done at the dentist I came back to the apartment to figure out foodstuff with Zane. I was starting to get super tired. But really in the scheme of things, by that point in the day I had already been pretty productive.

Eventually I got up and went to Publix. While I was out I tried to stop by the storage unit place that is literally across the street from the apartment. There was a sign on the door that said “Be Back at 3:15”. Since it was already 3:20 I, for some reason, did not believe the sign.

I stayed around until 3:30 and then gave up. I was tired, I had food in the car, and I didn’t know how much longer I would have to wait because the sign was a lie.

I have plans to go back there tomorrow after the gym.

But I did try to get the ball rolling with the storage unit. I think that will be the main catalyst for the guys getting their stuff moved around and making a spot for me.

I came back to the apartment and ended up napping for a bit before going to the dojo. I stayed for both classes today, which I’m actually sort of glad I didn’t go to the gym. I don’t think I would have been able to survive three hours of workout yet.

I got to see Sensei Beata and Jan. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

I can’t type enough hearts to express how awesome it was to be able to train with them again. I can’t express how awesome it was to train in general. To be back at the dojo. It fulfills a part of me and I love having it back. I’m starting to feel complete again. Totally complete.

I didn’t do as well as I would have liked, but I can feel myself getting back into the swing of things. I can still feel the movements and when I get them wrong verses when I get them right. I know I’ll get better as the month goes on, and I am hoping hardcore to be able to take my 6 kyu test finally.

I called my mom after I left the dojo. I had told her in a text message last night that I wasn’t dead in a ditch somewhere and that I would call today. Well… she beat me to it and tried to call me while I was at the dojo, so I called her back. Yay phone tag. : D

I wasn’t able to talk for very long. Zane and his roommates wanted to go to Smokey Bones as a belated birthday celebration for Zane. Since they were already waiting on me I told mom I would talk with her more indepth tomorrow. I’m seriously thinking about not telling her about moving… but I know I can’t hide anything from her, and since that’s the main thing going on with me right now it’s not like I can dance around it… So I’ll most likely have that conversation with her. Arg. I’m worried, but at the same time, it won’t change my course of action, so I really shouldn’t let it bother me.

Back on track for the daily recap, Trevor, Danielle, John, Zane and I all went to Smokey Bones for dinner.

I wish I could say it was a good experience, but the service sucked, and everyone’s order was wrong in some way. We then had to wait 30 minutes to get our check because our server wanted to sit down at a table she was supposed to be cleaning off to chat with another co-worker.

I thought at first it was just me being grouchy and tired, but everyone mentioned how this had been their most terrible experience to date of any restaurant they had been to.

So at least it wasn’t just me thinking the whole thing was bad.

I really wish it had been better, but even still, I enjoyed being out with everyone. For as awful as it was, I’m sure it could have been worse. I can’t think of how, but in some parallel universe somewhere, something else went wrong. Like our cars were towed or something.

Currently I’m at the apartment finishing off my to-do list. Writing my blog is the last thing. And it’s actually helping me unwind from the day, so maybe I’ll be able to get a nice nap in before work.

I have my to-do list already made for tomorrow so I don’t have to take any time in the morning to do it. All I have to do is wake up, shower, enjoy my coffee, and make it into work on time.

I’m working with Clavan tomorrow since David is visiting his wife’s family for the baby shower. Not sure if I ever mentioned that… David is going to be a dad. I’m super happy for him.

It’s pretty crazy to think about. David is my age…

I know people my age who already have two kids, some people already have four. And here I am terrified of having an actual relationship, much less a child. And then that’s when my brain moves to the fact that I might not be able to have kids of my own, and that’s sort of depressing, which is not how I want to end my night.

I’m enjoying life right now. I’m not depressed or lonely. I’m doing well with my finances. I’m doing well with school. I have a battle plan for improving work. I feel like the Universe is showing me a positive direction, and right now that direction doesn’t include kids, and could very well never include them.

I’m ok with enjoying what I have.


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