Daily Post 0122: Care Credit Owned


I’ve been so tired these past few days.

I’m constantly amped from going to the gym and the dojo, which means the few hours in-between everything where I should be sleeping I can’t. Much lame.

I know in a few more days I’ll even out and be fine, but this transition period sucks. : /

Friday was supposed to have been a super busy day, but I was so tired form not sleeping for 48 hours that I couldn’t pull it off. After lab I went home, skipping out on graduation. I got permission from Clavan to be absent from the department meeting that was schedule for that afternoon, and Monica was awesome and took over the PCC critiques for me this month, too.

So once lab was over I had the rest of the day to myself. I wish I could say that I got tons of sleep but I was only able to eek out a three-hour nap before hunger woke me up.

I had a tuna sandwich with Zane and hung out with him for a bit before going back to sleep for a few more hours. Around 4:30 I ended up getting a phone call, which he woke me up for.

It was the debt collector again. Not sure if I wrote about that and I’m too lazy to go back and re-read my posts to see if I did.

Basically when I dated Warren #2 we signed him onto my Verizon account. When we broke up I signed the account over to him and got a MetroPCS account because it was cheaper for me.

A few years ago I got a phone call about a balance that was due on the account. They didn’t give me any information about the collection agency and were hardcore pushing for me to pay over the phone. I said I would call them back when I had talked to Warren about the account since to my knowledge it was still active.

After talking with him we agreed it was most likely some sort of hoax since there wasn’t a due balance on the account and everything was fine as far as he knew. It also helped solidify that notion that I didn’t hear back from the ‘agency’ at all.

Well, they called me again earlier in the week, and this time gave me all sorts of information for the company. I haven’t looked into it, but I really don’t care that much about it. It’s not my account. I haven’t been on it for at least three years. As far as I’m concerned I signed the account over, it’s not my problem. I’m not going to pay anything that’s due on it because it’s not my debt.

I told the agent on the phone that I hadn’t been on the account in years and that I would talk to Warren and see what was going on. Once I knew more I would contact them.

So I messaged Warren about the balance. His reply was to ask who was texting him. I said Jennifer.

Warren: “Don’t message me.”

Furious doesn’t begin to describe it. What the F, dude? I just told you that I was getting calls from a debt collector. Don’t tell me to not message you. If you weren’t screwing up my credit I wouldn’t have a reason to message you.

Warren: “Remember you said I was abusive and you didn’t want to hear from me? I deleted all your contact information. Leave me alone f you think of me that way”

Um? Remember the two years we were together where you were emotionally, spiritually, and in two instances, physically abusive? No? Well… that sucks, but doesn’t change the fact that those things did happen, and that yes you were abusive. I am going to think that because it’s the truth. And no, I’m not going to leave you alone if you’re going to continue to cause disturbances in my life. Get out of it and I’ll leave you alone.

Me: “That’s fine. I understand that. I’m going to give the agency your information and you can figure it out.”

Warren: “I’m not behind on my Verizon account.”

Attached was a screenshot of the account balance.

I believe him. But I also know that I’m not on the account and can’t do anything to fix it, yet I’m the one getting hassled for it, and to be told basically to screw off and deal with what I consider his issue wasn’t cool.

It didn’t faze me for long though. As soon as I got his response about leaving him alone I was basically like, “Fine”.

Be a man-child. You’re pissy that I have a low opinion of you. Your actions spoke for themselves, so you have no one to blame for that beside yourself. Taking it out on me by being unreasonable and immature isn’t helping my opinion of you.

I’ll just toss the sharks your information and you can deal with it. I wash my hands of the situation. I’m not going to pay the balance, and any time they contact me I’m going to reiterate that the account is your responsibility and that they should contact you. Ass-hat.

So the next time I get a call from the agency I have a list with all of the contact information I was able to get for Warren. I didn’t have an address and as far as Jeremy knows Warren is still couch surfing. But I have his number and email address, so hopefully that is enough.

It’s frustrating that I had begrudging respect for Warren. He was the only guy who hadn’t messed with my finances and for all the abusive, manipulative, and hateful things he did while we dated I always respected him for that and defended him solely because of that.

He may have been a jerk, but he was honest and never screwed me over when it came to money.

Guess I’m going to have to revoke that defense. Again, ass-hat.

So that was a bit of frustration yesterday, on top of still being tired.

I didn’t go to the gym or the dojo yesterday. I didn’t have it in me; mentally or physically. But I’ve been able to get to the dojo three times this week which is way more that I was able to last month, so I didn’t feel to awful about that. Sleep seemed more important and I regret nothing.

I ended up going grocery shopping last night after paying bills.

I’m happy to report that I paid off my credit card. I’m unhappy to report that I have no extra money what so ever. That’s mainly due to the fact that I also got a storage unit.

I would have gone with a 7×10 unit for $130 and Public Storage, which didn’t include the insurance I would have had to get, or the admin fee, or the $15 lock they wanted me to buy…

Or I could go with a 10×10 unit at U-Haul for $140 plus an $8 lock…

I now have a 10×10 unit that’s essentially the same size as the room I’m about to move into…. I have no idea what to do with that much space. But yeah, I think it’s going to work amazing for everyone.

So that was $140 I wasn’t expecting to spend. I was hoping to keep the unit to around $70, but we went with a climate-controlled unit, which upped the price, and it’s a pretty large unit on top of that, so yeah…

In the scheme of things I think it was the right move. We can always move into a smaller one if they get a 7×10 open at the U-Haul store.

I have already moved some stuff into the unit. Not much, but I am going to be putting more in there today. The totes with my books and such so they’re out of the room which should make it easier to get to the furniture.

Since the totes can fit into my car I can bring them to the apartment on my own time and at my own convenience.

I’m going to be taking pictures of the futon today when I go check up on Scarlet to see if I can sell it for some money. I’m going to aim for $100. Zane and I are hoping to have me moved in by next Sunday at the latest. It feels like forever and a day away. It feels like I haven’t seen Scarlet in years. I don’t like transition periods, especially when they’re dictated by other people. Zane and I can’t really do anything until Trevor moves his art stuff out of the room. And I have no idea when that is going to be.

Trevor is going to help me pay for the unit so I should be getting $70 back for it. But at the moment I’m still down $140, which after all my other bills leaves me with $180 for food and $30 for gas…

No play money to go out and celebrate paying off the card.

I told Zane that last night while we were chilling at the lounge before leaving to go home. He said that he would have play money this paycheck and that I should figure out what I wanted to do to celebrate.

I said that it was sort of missing the point to pay off my card and then to celebrate on his dime. His response was to point out how many times I’ve gotten food for us. Which he has a point, and I know he does, and there is a small part of me who wouldn’t mind being taken out and treated all girly and stuff. I guess it’s the fact that I can’t pay for it on my own. It’s not a choice to let him pay. It’s the fact that if we went out he has to pay for me. It makes me feel weak, irresponsible, and vulnerable.

I also know this is something that I’m supposed to be working on… letting other people do things for me. Arg. I wish it didn’t make me feel like this. Part of me wishes I hadn’t gone through some of my past experiences. I sort of wish I hadn’t developed this insecurity, this need to always provide for myself because other people will only let me down, or use their act of kindness as leverage later.

Zane wants to do something nice for me. Why do I have to make it into this huge thing? Why can’t I let him have that happiness of being ‘manly’ and taking me out? Why does it have to feel like an attack or that it has some ulterior motive? I know it doesn’t, but I can’t make the feelings go away. I can only stare at them as the wreck havoc in my brain and cause anxiety that shouldn’t be there.

Despite having a minor panic attack for making a decision, we’ll be going to my sports bar together, most likely on Monday for the lunch special.

I made Parmesan chicken for dinner last night, which turned out pretty good. I think if I had used a different flavored sauce it would have been better, but the chicken itself turned out awesome, which was what I was worried about messing up. I served it over noodles with melted cheese on top. I added it to my recipe book and will be making it again in the future.

I had some of the leftovers for breakfast this morning. Just a chicken piece since the chicken to noodle ratio wasn’t even. At some point I want to make a green curry shrimp dish with jasmine rice. That will be amazing. ❤

Other than that I’ve been working on homework. I have to create a water bottle label based on a deity from a list I was given by the instructor. I decided to go with Shakti. She seemed like the coolest on the list.

I already have a pretty solid concept, so now it’s execution. The assignment is due at the end of Monday, so I’m going to be blocking it out today and refining it either tomorrow or Monday.

Tomorrow is the DnD game. Not really sure what else is going to be going on. At this point I really don’t care as long as I don’t have to set an alarm.

I looked into the LA Fitness gym. I’ve been thinking about closing my YMCA membership and switching over to the gym since it is literally right in front of the apartment complex I’m moving into. If I wanted to I could go the ‘long’ way to the gym and get a good warm up run out of it.

They have longer hours, so I could go to the gym after work on the days that I work until 9pm. They have tons of classes, including belly dancing, which is something that I’ve wanted to try. They have kickboxing, which could help with my taekwondo. They have a sauna, and spa, along with equipment, pool, personal trainers, and other stuff that I didn’t really care about.

The biggest downsides would be that some of my coworkers go there, and it’s new, so I would feel out of place for a little while.

The membership would be cheaper than YMCA. There’s an initial fee, but after that it’s $15 in savings, plus no travel, so I would save gas and time. I’m still chewing it over. I want to go talk to someone there first. You know, take a tour and everything. I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it right now since I’m broke. It would most likely be next paycheck if it happens at all.

Really, I could take the tour today so I can at least know what my game plan is going to be. Maybe I’ll do that before going back to the apartment.

One other thing I’m going to get done today is scheduling an appointment with a primary care doctor finally. I tried doing it online, but the place I wanted to get seen at hasn’t responded to me. I even checked my spam folder. Nothing. So much lame.

So I’m going to try a different method and see how that goes. That means I have to call and talk to someone, but if it gets everything taken care of then I’m cool with that. I’m tired of having this looming over my head. My goal is to get an appointment for the last week of this month.

I’ll know later today if that works or not.

In work news, I have to take a training class. A class, may I add, that I’ve already taken and that they didn’t list me as having completed. I took this class when they had the huge push for the Navigator School leadership training. I completed ALL of those training courses except for the HR Toolkit class because it wasn’t being run yet, and because it wasn’t listed as a requirement for completing the training. It was more like an extra. That being said, the Student Success class they are requiring me to take again was a core requirement, and I did take it.

I was told all of my training would be imported into the new training system without an issue… Sadly I’ve pretty much lost all of my faith with the school. It just seems like I’m getting burned more and more often.

I have my to-do list for the day and I’m already halfway through it, but in all honestly I don’t have much drive for getting stuff accomplished since I’m still recovering from not sleeping for so long. Tomorrow will most likely be a low energy day as well. Which I’m cool with.

I might go running later. I haven’t made up my mind about that yet. It would do me good to make a decision one way or the other though so I can be done thinking about it.

I’m going running. There. Decision made.

When lab ends I will make the phone call for the doctor’s visit. After that I’ll go to LA Fitness, take the tour and get information. I’ll go to the apartment and empty out the car. I’ll go to the gym and try out the new playlist I’ve made on Spotify. I’ll go to the house, load the car, cuddle with Scarlet, and take pictures of the futon. Then come back to the apartment where I can post an ad on Craig’s list and work on homework for about an hour. Maybe two.

Productive day will be productive. No more slug-ness.

I really thought I would feel more accomplished for paying it off. It doesn’t really feel real right now though since I’m still broke. So much lame. It was a pretty huge step forward though. Hopefully it was the right step.


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