Prompt Page 0046: Turn, Turn, Turn


Seasons change so quickly! Which one do you most look forward to? Which is your least favorite?

Wow, a daily prompt that I actually am taking the time to write about. Seems like it’s been forever. At least three months I’m sure.

So what is my favorite season?


Hand down it has to be summer.

I love the heat, the growth. I love how the days are long and full of light. I love the summer storms that rage and crash overhead. I love dancing in the rain. Or running in it, depending. I love how everything is so alive and full of potential.

I love the memories of barbeques with my family, and swimming in our pool. I love the memories of playing soccer, and basketball, and softball. I love the memories of girl scout camp and riding horses and camping and fishing.

Summer was the season where I could live. There was no school. I could sleep, I could read, I could spend time with friends.

As an adult I am better able to control my time and when I do things like socialize. But it does not change my feelings about this season.

I will always be most alive in the sun and heat.

On the flip side, my least favorite season is winter, which you would think is odd since I was born in Connecticut in the middle of December. You would think I would love snow and the cold. But I don’t.

Winter is actually really hard for me. I get depressed easily. It’s hard for me to keep my hands and feet warm. It’s hard to feel motivated. I tend to sleep way more because I’m constantly tired.

It’s like I really am a dragon and without the heat I have to hibernate.

It’s not as bad now that I live in Florida, but winter is still the hardest time of the year for me. Friends leave to go visit family, the trees and grass aren’t as bright as they were. Everything thing is asleep, waiting for Spring. And I can feel that. I can feel the absence and the waiting. The stillness.

I may dislike it as a season, but I respect Winter and her reminder to stop and reflect.


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