Daily Post 0126: One More Day


It’s that time again. Time to recap another day. It’s hard to believe it has already passed. In three minutes it will be tomorrow. Thursday. The day before payday. The day I have been hoping for. The day when I can breathe easy again and not cringe every time I start my car, wondering if my gas will last long enough.

The day when I’ll be able to buy peanut butter and coffee creamer and not feel guilty for it. Not worry about if that will cause issues later.

One more day and I’ll be able to go to my sports bar again. I’ll be able to sit and have lunch, balancing my budget, writing a weekly recap, figuring out my weekend and the meals for the coming week.

One more day. It’s so close that I already feel the relief. I did it. I survived my choices, I survived two weeks on $45, and I’ll be in a better spot for it. I did it, and I’m proud of that. So proud in fact that once I complete this post, the last item on my to do list, I plan to have a small bowl of ice cream.

I was actually late for work this morning. Funny since I was up at 4am. I had breakfast and coffee and had so much extra time that I started catching up on the blogs I follow. I ended up getting carried away and didn’t realize the time until it was 5:40, the exact time I’m supposed to be set up at school taking roll.

I messaged David to let him know what was going on and dashed to school. I didn’t even brush my teeth. I made it to work in record time. After I got set up I took my toiletry bag to the washroom where I brushed my teeth and flossed.

As a student I basically lived at school, so now it is a habit to keep a stocked toiletry bag with me at all times. I either have my backpack with me, or my gym bag. In either case I am prepared.

Once I had scrubbed my face and felt presentable I went back into lab where I got to work on the exercise assignment for the week. I got some good concepts down, but since tonight was a turn-in for CRI1 there were a lot of questions, which meant I wasn’t able to get as much work done as I was hoping to.

When lab was over I came back home, but wasn’t really tired. I ended up cooking a package of bacon to go with sandwiches for the rest of the week, and breakfast in the morning. I made myself an egg sandwich for lunch, and unloaded the dish washer before settling down to poke around at the computer for a bit.

After about an hour and a half I was tired enough to crawl into bed with Zane. I didn’t sleep all that long, one REM cycle, so about 90 minutes. I knew when I woke up that I was going to go back to sleep later in the day, but at the time I was awake and no amount of tossing and turning was going to let me get back to sleep.

We both got up and ended up watching The Holy Grail. It’s odd because I remember the movie being funnier. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen it so many times already, or I wasn’t really in the mood for that type of humor. I still enjoyed the experience overall, but more for the nostalgia of the movie then for the movie itself.

Once the movie was over I took another nap. This one lasted for roughly three hours. When I woke up I went to the gym where I ran a 15 minute mile. I’m super proud of that. I didn’t do core or yoga, but I did stretch pretty well, and I’ve done 60 calf raises, another 40 to go and I’ll call it a night.

Oh. Before going to the gym I noticed I had a voice mail. It was a chick from the YMCA… So apparently since I have my membership through the school benefits thing I can’t change or cancel my membership until the enrollment periods which are in the spring and fall…

Basically, I’m stuck with a membership I’m not going to use. So much hate right now. I’m going to call tomorrow to see when the enrollment period is for the fall, that way I at least know how long I’m going to be bleeding out $45. I suppose I have no one to blame other than myself for this. I still think getting the LA membership was a good idea. I like that the gym is so close to me, and I like that I’m getting more comfortable with going there.

I talked to mom for about an hour. Just gossipy stuff. Nothing really important. It was good to hear her voice. She may be coming to visit soon. I would really enjoy that.

And this is when I can tell I’m getting tired. My sentences are degrading to kindergartener writing, but alas, I shall continue onward.

While I was talking to her I realized that Sunday, the day I’m supposed to be doing yoga, is the day I will be moving all of my furniture into the apartment. Which, might I add, is on the second floor. So I think Sunday I’m going to forgo the gym simply because I’m going to be getting a more intense workout already.

Zane got a message from his boss yesterday evening asking if he wanted to work extra hours, so he is at work right now. I let him take my car since that seemed the most economical choice. Instead of driving there and back twice, I let him take the car so it only had to be driven once.

He’s driven it before, and I don’t mind since this is the first time he’s really used it. And it’s not like he asked to. I offered for him to take it because I really didn’t want to have to leave the house. But if this becomes more regular I’m going to look into getting him listed as an insured driver on the car. I don’t even know how to go about doing that, and honestly right now I don’t care. It’s not an issue at the moment so I’m not going to really put energy into it. We’ll see where things go.

I vacuumed the room after Zane left. The carpet was sort of icky and was bothering me. Now it’s clean and I’m good. I’ve already taken care of the kitchen, though I haven’t been out there in a few hours, so I suppose I should check on that before truly believing that it’s clean. Ahhh, the joy of roommates.

I pretty much stayed in the bedroom all night working on homework. I really enjoyed the exercise for this week. We had to make a concert ticket for a local event. I’ve gotten some really good feedback on my design. Once I make the changes and submit the file I will post it to my Dragon’s Horde, along with the water bottle logo I never got around to posting. Sometimes I’m a slacker.

I’m happy with how today turned out. I’m tired so, in theory, I should sleep well tonight. I have lab at 9am and aikido at 7pm. Those are really my only time sensitive obligations tomorrow.

I’m going to follow the same routine of napping once I get home since that seems to be working well for me.

And with that I am off to investigate the kitchen and to claim my justly earned reward.


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