Daily Post 0128: I’ve Been Doing it Wrong This Whole Time ;-;


I wrote partially about yesterday while I was at my sports bar.

From writing my blog I finished lunch then went to the laundry mat where I washed laundry and began grading the projects for my class. Once laundry was done I went back home and folded it while Zane and I chatted and watched the most recent episode of Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon?

After that we went to the smoke shop where it was my turn to pick out flavors. I went with blueberry, cherry, and strawberry. We also got another box of Ace of Spaces which is a chocolate mint flavor. Think of a cup of hot chocolate with an Andes’ mint in it. It’s like smoking that.

While on the way to taking Zane to work we talked about what would be good for dinner. We decided to do carbonara, so while I was driving he wrote out a grocery list for the night.

I ended up staying grading for a little bit at the lounge, but eventually I needed to get up and away from the computer.

I went to the store where I got the necessary items along with my traditional tray of shushi. After putting the food away for later I went back to grading. I did that for a bit before the need for sleep over took me.

I was able to get an hour nap in before waking up at midnight. I finished off the grading then went about cooking dinner. The noodles were already done; left over from the other night’s alfrado dish.

I cooked bacon and chicken, along with mushroom, onion, spinach, and green beans.

Once the dish was done cooking I showered before heading out to pick Zane up. There was no real reason to since I hadn’t done anything physically demanding since my shower that morning. I didn’t go to the gym or do any sort of work out, but it made me feel better to wash.

Zane and I stayed at the lounge for a bit after his shift. We sat with Ehab and Patrick, his bosses, and joked around. They’re both awesome people and I enjoy when we can spend time with them in a relaxed setting like that.

Apparently there had been a birthday at the lounge, so there was some left over pizza and cake which Zane and I had a little bit of. Eventually we went home though.

We had small bowls of the carbonara. While we were on the couch he mentioned how my sauce had ‘broke’. Totally confused I asked what he meant. He explained the process required for both the noodles and the sauce in order for it to be creamy, which mine wasn’t.

He said it wasn’t bad, and that it tasted great, but that the sauce was supposed to be different.

I had no idea.

All this time… like five years… I have been making carbonara wrong. >.<

At least I know for next time, and at least it was still a good meal. There’s leftovers, part of which I had for breakfast this morning because I was too tired to cook instant oatmeal.

I actually wasn’t able to fall asleep until around 6 this morning even though I had to be at school at 9am for work. Just one of those nights where sleep didn’t want to happen.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sleep once I get home. Trevor is supposed to be moving the rest of his things out of the room and closet. I’m not sure when that is happening or how long that will take. He has to have a friend come over with a truck to help move the art desks into the storage unit.

At least I don’t have to be awake until tomorrow afternoon. The U-Haul rental is for noon.

So currently I’m waiting for the next 40 minutes to pass so I can be free to hopefully pass out.

I don’t have much on my list for the rest of the day. Working on school work a bit. Running since I didn’t do that yesterday. Maybe figuring out something for dinner. Being a slacker sounds like a fantastic plan at the moment.

Yeah… slackers be slackin’ sounds pretty awesome.


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