Daily Post 0132: It’s Friday


Gah. My clock is so off right now. Because I posted my last writing so early in the morning it feels like I’m missing Thursday. It doesn’t help that in my last post I said the days were Wednesday and Thursday when really it was Tuesday and Wednesday…

As a result I’ve been thinking today is Saturday… like all day. Mildly frustrating. And by mildly I mean extremely.


Thursday was a good day. It was a Shading and Lighting lab. I didn’t get many questions so I spent most of my time catching up on minor things. Messages that needed responding and such. Really is was a slack lab where I could have done more but didn’t. My mind has been caught up in a few loops, which I’ll get to writing about after recapping, but that kept me from being able to give myself fully to tasks that required a lot of mental focus.

Once lab was over I came home and woke Zane up. I’m not one to share information about my intimate interactions, but when I got home Zane was a sleep, so I thought I would wake him up by more than just, “Hey, you, get out of bed.”

He was on his stomach, his back bare with the blanket around his waist, so I crawled into bed beside him and started kissing along his shoulders. Nothing overly sexual, more sensual. He slowly woke up and smiled sleepily into the pillow.

Zane: Zane is unaccustomed to being awoken this way. Despite your intent he bursts into a fireball dealing 1d8 worth of damage.

… And I’m done…

I couldn’t facepalm hard enough for how much fail was in that sentence, and yet I couldn’t help but smile as I dropped my forehead to his shoulder and laughed along side him.

Leave it to the guys I’m interested in to feel it is appropriate to make Dungeons and Dragon references when I’m trying to be sexy…

Next time he tries making moves on me I’ll make him roll for initiative. Seems fair to me. : )

We ended up finishing Blade of Tempest. I’m actually pretty disappointed in how the show ended. I felt that with how interesting and complex the plot was getting that it would have a crazier ending, but it left a lot to be desired.

Zane was called off of work yesterday, so I didn’t get the alone time I was expecting. Not overly bad, but with the events from the day before I was sort of looking forward to alone time.

I know if I asked for it I could have it, but it seemed like it would work out. We would hang out, then he would go to work. No dice though, which is fine. We ended up cleaning up the room more. I got the last two boxes unpacked and things put away. All that’s left now is setting up the computer. In a way I’m glad that isn’t done because I would be playing Witcher 3 for hours.

I napped, put cloths away, cleaned the kitchen, and didn’t go to the gym or aikido. Not even going to justify it with more writing. At 9pm I didn’t want to go, so I didn’t.

Trevor made dinner last night. It was supposed to be spaghetti with homemade meatballs. It turned into pasta with a meat sauce. I made garlic toast for Zane and I. It wasn’t until after I had finished dinner that I realized it was pretty rude of me to not have offered to make some for Daniele and Trevor. I actually feel pretty lame about that. I’ll make it up to them somehow.

Because I slept so much during the day I wasn’t able to sleep much that night. I went to bed for about an hour only to wake back up, to fall back asleep a few hours later, to get up for work.

Shadow was annoying again this morning, but since it was close to when I needed to be awake I didn’t mind as much as I did the previous night. I had toast this morning because I didn’t feel like putting in the effort to make eggs. Still had my coffee though and sat in the living room enjoying the silence.

Lab was intense again for CRI1. Lots of questions, lots of asking about my experiences. Lots of sharing and troubleshooting. After lab was done I actually stayed in the room by myself for about an hour. I wasn’t ready to go outside and see people. It was also graduation day, so when I went to return the lab room key I had to worm my way through tons of people.

I got home around 10:30 and crawled back into bed. At the moment I feel like all I write about is how much I sleep, which sucks because I’m always so tired. I woke up around 2. Since today is Friday (not Saturday) I am ‘supposed’ to have lunch at my sports bar.

It’s normally a solo event, but at 9am they weren’t open, and I didn’t want to hang around school until I could go there. Since I was home I didn’t want to leave and not take Zane with me. That seemed like it would be rude.

It’s odd. It’s not that I don’t want to share my time or my place with him. I guess it’s a little bit of just wanting to decompress from everything. We ended up going together and getting there in time to have the lunch special, so I only spent $8 extra than I normally would have. And most of that was the tip I left.

We talked about the game he and his brother are working on making; things like figuring out the races and what their cultures are like. It was fun and took my mind away from the day and I was actually glad for the company. Since bills are already paid there wouldn’t have been much for me to do while I was there had I been alone.

When we came home I had every intention of working on my composition. Instead I ended up getting roped into watching a few episodes of DBZ Abridged. It’s one of those shows that is so ridiculous you can’t help but keep watching it. It’s like a train wreck. It’s so bad you want to look away, but you have to know what happens next.

I’m so sorry, Brain. Please forgive me.

Once I decided I couldn’t take any more I went back to sleep for roughly an hour. I didn’t intent to do that either. I was cuddling with Scarlet, who happened to be on the bed. The next thing I knew I was wide awake and totally rested feeling.

I’ve been up since then. So… Really I’ve pretty much been a slacker for the past two days. And this is me not caring at the moment. I might later. I might even halfway, kind of sort of feel bad for it. But right now I’m enjoying feeling awake and not dead.

Zane moved the coffee table in our room so that he now has his own little computer area. He’s sitting behind me while I write at my desk. I’m not sure if this counts as quality time for him. I’ll ask once I’m done, but we did talk about how I had hoped to have more alone time before he came into the room.

He offered to leave and I said that was sort of silly. First, it’s his room, too. Second, he’s about to leave for work. I’m pretty sure I can hold off on solitude for two more hours and not die. he’s taking the car on his own again, so it’s not like I even have to change out of my comfy cloths to go anywhere. I’m pretty sure I can deal.

it was comforting that he said he understood that we are both introverts and there’s going to be some times where we need space from each other. There wasn’t anything wrong or bad about it, and that I shouldn’t feel bad or that I was hurting his feelings.

Simply the act of being able to share the little bit of ickiness inside went a long way into easing it over for me. I don’t feel pressured or caged anymore. Not that there was really a logical reason for feeling that way to begin with.

After talking, it feels good that both of us are in the same room, yet in our own bubbles. I have my headphones in doing my own thing. He’s doing whatever it is that he’s doing behind me; hopefully not making faces at me behind my back, though I wouldn’t put it past him.

I can vaguely make out the clicking of the keyboard on his laptop so I’m assuming his entertained in some way.

I think I’m going to save my ramblings for a Musing Moments post. I already know it’s going to tangent all over the place so I would rather keep it separate from my daily posts I think.

I’m not sure what the plans are for dinner. Either tonight or tomorrow I will be cooking bulgogi. Sunday is game day, which means someone is getting take out. Since I bought last Sunday it will most likely be someone else.

I suppose I aught to write a weekly recap at some point. And because it’s the end of the month, at least as far as my work schedule is concerned, I aught to do a monthly recap as well.

Before doing all that though, I’m going to go procrastinate. : D


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