Daily Post 0138: Day Two


Day two of mini-vacation.

Man. Yesterday was a whole bunch of not a lot. I woke up around 8:30 again. Naturally. No alarms. Rested. I had breakfast and coffee. I started writing chapter 2 of TWPS series.

That’s actually taking a while since chapter two goes into the different ‘accepted’ categories of submissives. Most of them do not apply to me at all, but the ones that do I am finding I have a ton to write about. Just random thoughts and explaining things to myself, for myself. I still have roughly 4 categories to go. >.<;

I ended up going back to sleep for a while. Zane had stayed up way later than I did, so he was still asleep. We woke up together around 1:30 I believe. I’m not really sure to be honest. Neither of us cared all that much about the time.

It ended up being decided that yesterday would be a game day. I was going to play Witcher 3 like I’ve wanted to do for a month. Of course that meant I wrote more, chatted online, and in general didn’t play the game.

But that was my choice and I enjoyed everything that I did. I actually took a small second nap while Zane was poking around at his computer. It was nice to feel his warmth against my back.

The sun moved across the sky and eventually it was 8 oclock. Taco Tuesday Time.

We weren’t sure if we had enough cheddar cheese for everyone, so I ran to the store to pick up an extra bag just in case. Taco Tuesday could no be ruined by lack of cheese! Publix had a deal going where you could get two ginormous bags of cheese for six bucks. Since we seem to be going through it fairly fast I took the deal.

Instead of tacos I crushed up nacho chips into a bowl and put my toppings over them, making a sort of taco salad which I eat with a fork, because hardshell tacos are messy. I also tend to eat pizza with a fork because I’m weird.

I actually started playing Witcher 3 while eating dinner. I don’t think I’m all that far. Maybe like 15 minutes. Possibly 30. But I’ve played for hours. There’s a lot you can do in the game, and of course there’s the ability to gather plants for your alchemy skills, so most of my time is spent running around in circles picking flowers.

I had another scare with my wallet yesterday. Twizzlers and Code Red are my gamer things. So I went to the gas station around 11ish to pick up Twizzlers. No big deal. They’re only like two bucks. When I got home I was gathering up everything to get out of the car.

Twizzlers, check. Cell phone, check. Keys, check. Wallet…


No seriously, wallet…

FML. Are you for serious?

I was furious with myself. I looked everywhere in my car. It HAD to be here. I had just used the damned thing at the store for the Twizzlers. Where could it possibly have gone?

But I couldn’t find it. It wasn’t there no matter how many times I checked under the seats or in the pockets on the doors. I went upstairs to the apartment, told Zane I had somehow lost my wallet between the gas station and home, and that I would be back. Went back to the gas station, found I had left my wallet on the counter, retrieved it, went home, then spent most of the next hour kicking myself mentally.

Zane got some news about Nic while I was out taking care of my mini-breakdown / crisis. It’s not my place to say, but we’re both worried for her. The only thing we can do is wait, which always sucks. I’m sending energy her way.

Not much else to say, really. Had some vodka last night. Not my poison of choice, but it does its job regardless of if I like it or not. I’m not hung over or icky feeling today so all is well. I’ve already had breakfast, I’m working on my coffee, and I’m about to log back into Witcher to kick more ass… because flowers need ass kickings.

Day three of mini-vacation. Fight!


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