Daily Post 0143: My Apartment Doesn’t Exist


I wrote last night but I didn’t have it in me at 2:30 to proof read through the billions of typos that I made, so I saved posting for when I was conscious and able.

It feels like today has lasted for forever.

I woke up at 6am for some reason. I had a headache when I went to sleep last night, most likely from being dehydrated. I’m always trying to play catch up with my water intake it seems.

I drank four glasses between coming home from the gym and going to bed. But I guess that wasn’t enough. I drank more when I woke up, along with part of a Gatorade that I had in the fridge.

Zane was still awake. I sat in the living room with him for a little bit while I drank. I told him I wasn’t feeling well. That I had a headache, felt warm, and that I was a little congested.

He was worried that I was getting sick again. I didn’t feel ‘sick’ sick, but I agreed that I needed to be weary. I also agreed to get some orange juice from the store later. Eventually I went back to sleep. I turned my alarm off because getting up at 7:30 didn’t sound appealing anymore.

I woke up on my own around 9:30. I had toast for breakfast with my coffee. I didn’t have a specific time for when I wanted to go to the gym, but I did have a bunch of errands to run before going into work, so I figured if I got my day moving before 1 I would be good.

The daily prompt today sparked something raw for me. It was hard to write. It was hard to face down some of those memories and emotions. I feel better for having written. I feel lighter, cleaner. I didn’t realize I still had some of that weight in side me. I thought I had accepted that part of my past, but I guess there’s still healing to be done.

I’m happy to say that after writing I didn’t shut down. I got up and changed into workout cloths. I packed my gym bag, kissed Zane goodbye, said I would be home in a little bit, and actually went to the gym. I actually moved on with my day rather than being emo and feeling sorry or angry.

I’m beyond proud to report that I increased my run intervals and I completely owned them. It was a great run. I am still on a high from it, so I don’t really know how sleep is going to happen even though I’m ridiculously tired. I stretched really well afterwards, which has kept any sort of muscle soreness at bay. No complaints about that.

Today was the first time that I’ve used the showers at the gym. I didn’t realize that they don’t provide towels like the YMCA, so I had to air dry for a bit. That was lame, but a lesson learned. I have an extra towel that I’ll toss into my gym bag after I post this. Or maybe I’ll just add it to my to-do list for tomorrow… That sounds better actually. / scribbles in notebook

After the gym I walked across the parking lot to the CVS for a can of compressed air. Zane and I used most of Trevor’s when we cleaned my computer, so it is only fair that I replace it. I got a Luma bar while I was there since I hadn’t eaten since the morning and it was already pushing 2pm. After that I had to run to the bank to deposit the money Zane gave me, and to get a money order for Zane’s half of the rent.

My favorite teller was behind the counter, which was fantastic. He asked me if I had a chance to see Jurassic World yet. Sadly I haven’t, so we couldn’t geek out over the movie fully, but he assured me that it was worth seeing.

When I left he said, “Take care, Jen.” I don’t know why, but it made me smile and feel warm. It made me feel like an actual person, not just some random nameless stranger who happens to use his bank.

With the bank endeavor accomplished I stopped by Publix to pick up burger for dinner tonight, along with more mushrooms and the orange juice I had said I would get for myself. I even splurged a little and got two bottles of Gatorade while I was there.

Originally I was going to pick up a change of address form from the post office. It’s literally right behind the bank. But I decided while I was at the bank that I would change my address online instead.

That ended up being a bad move. Once I got home from the store I sat down at the computer for take care of the address change… only USPS says my address doesn’t exist…

I’m pretty sure it does though… since I’m living here and stuff…

So I’m going to go to the post office in person to figure that out. There’s nothing online, at least that I can find, that will help me solve this issue on my own. Much lame. If I had known it would be a hassle like this I would have taken care of it while I was out. Now I have something on my list that I can’t complete for a few days.

I suppose it works out though. Zane needs to go to the post office to figure out what’s going on with his package. So it will be two birds with one stone essentially. I have training tomorrow morning, and then work in the afternoon, so we’ve planned to take care of the post office tasks on Thursday. Still would have been nice to complete it on the first attempt though. It was supposed to be an ‘easy’ task.

Because I had to cancel my previous debt card due to losing my wallet my Spotify and LA Fitness accounts weren’t allowed to draft properly. I went ahead and took care of both of those things while I was at the computer, which pretty much completed my to-do list for the day. At least the ‘pre-work’ to-do list.

I had lunch and watched another episode of No Game No Life with Zane before showering again, packing up my stuff, and heading to school. It was a nice moment of relaxation and recharging before starting my 8 hour shift.

It was the first lab of the month, which meant giving the introduction speech. Luckily there weren’t any super crazy names that I didn’t know how to pronounce.

The first lab is a full lab. There seems to be some pretty awesome people in it, but I wasn’t able to get much of anything done due to the volume of questions. That’s pretty typical, so I was ok with it. I’m also happy to report that I’m not as burnt out as I have been in the previous months. I think the mini-vacation had a lot to do with that, and I’m hoping I can keep this energy going for a while.

When the lab went on break I drove to Moe’s for food. I don’t feel guilty about it. I enjoyed getting out of the building for a bit. I enjoyed having a good meal and some alone time, sitting by myself, rather than rushing from one chore to the next. And with facing down some serious emotions this morning AND still being a bad ass and taking care of my day I felt like treating myself to something that is linked purely to comfort was ok.

Moe’s has a new promotional item; the siracha nacho bowl. It was amazing. I added shredded cheese and queso to it because cheese. Totally amazing, and totally worth it. I highly recommend it. I wasn’t able to finish all of it, so I got a to-go bowl and took the leftovers with me back to school.

Since the second lab only requires one person to run it, David and I worked out the schedule so that I take Tuesdays, and he’ll take Thursdays. That meant I was schedule to work until 1am.

The second lab opted to forgo their break, and leave at 12 instead of 1am, which I am cool with. That gives me an uninterrupted hour at the end of lab where I can either work on school stuff, or tie up loss ends before calling it a day.

With there only being 7 students in the lab I was able to finish off the assignments for this week which leaves only my reply post to the discussion assignment and the water bottle assignment. I sort of like the ‘Word’ assignment so I may post that to my Dragon’s Horde.

Luis came into the lab and hung out for a bit. This is his final month at school. He’s already asked me to be there for his graduation. I plan to be on stage for him. I also have to make sure to get a rubber duck for him. I actually might still have a few. I’ll have to add that to the to-do list as well. / scribbles more

After lab I happened to see Nicole. It seems like forever since her and I have been able to chat. That was roughly a 30 minute conversation of briefly catching up with each other. We’re going to see if we can’t get our schedules to line up so we can get lunch together at some point.

Eventually I was able to make it to my car so I could go home. I texted Zane to let him know I was on my way. When I got home he started cooking dinner for me. Tonight was a communal meal of burgers with mushrooms, onions, and Swiss cheese. I added bacon to mine because bacon.

It was super tasty. There’s still a little bit of cleaning to be done in the kitchen, but that’s the last thing on my list. I’m hoping that I have it in me to actually post this tonight before going out and loading the dishwasher. Normally I wash things by hand, but I don’t have it in me tonight.

I’m not going to have time to do the spin class in the morning due to the class I have to take for work, so spin will have to happen after work at 5:30 again. I’m not sure if I’m going to press myself to stay for the whole hour, or leave at the 40 minute mark again. I suppose it will depend on my energy level.

After the gym I have to run to the store for some veggies to go with dinner, then cook dinner, and that will basically be my day.

It doesn’t sound like much, but I feel like it’s going to be another full, tiring day. But tiring in a good way. In a “productive, I’ve done stuff,” sort of way.

Today was good. Long, crazy, productive, and good. I think the best thing about it is how much freer and stronger I feel. How much more like me I feel. It’s a good feeling.


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