Daily Post 0149: Surviving Lab Work


Yesterday. All of the things…

It didn’t start off fun. Waking up hungry, being denied coffee and food, driving through rush hour traffic to something I didn’t want to be awake for. Blarg… Stabbing my eyes out sounded like more fun at the time.

Luckily I knew where I was going thanks to my reconnaissance on Monday. Made it to the office early with the hope that I could get seen right away. I was surprised at how many people were already there. I guess they had the same idea as me.

I used the time I was in the waiting room to read the blogs that had already been posted that morning and to create my to-do list. When I was called back for my tests I was shown to a room with a creepy looking chair. Release the adrenaline, commence freak out!

I mentioned that I would most likely pass out during the procedure. My tech asked if I would prefer to be in a bed. Yes. A million times yes. Anything other than this weird chair where it feels like restraints are going to magically appear to hold me down while you drain the last drop of blood from my veins. Totally not over reacting… Have you not seen a horror movie? That’s totally a realistic possibility for this situation.

So I was switched to a different room. And things got under way.

I’m so proud that I didn’t actually pass out. This is only the third time in my life where I have been able to keep it together. By the time I started feeling the squeamish feeling she was already taking the needle out. Huzzah! I was done, my arm felt like it had gotten hit with a crow bar, and I was free to go get food.

I called my mom just to chat and let her know how things went, but she didn’t answer the phone. I text letting her know I was free for most of the day if she got in the mood to talk and went to Perkins where I had an amazing breakfast.

I got the ‘big country’, at least I think that’s what it’s called. It’s basically breakfast potatoes with ham, bacon, egg, and cheese. So tasty, and I didn’t have to wait very long, or cook it myself, or do dishes afterwards. All around a win in my book. I also got a side of pancakes, too, which isn’t something I normally do.

Perkins is doing a summer promotion for Lemon Maringa. I never thought of lemon margina and blueberry pancakes, but they were amazing. I wasn’t able to eat everything, not much of a surprise there, so I took the left overs home for Zane.

My mom called me before my food was served, which worked out really well. I was able to talk with someone and not be the ‘poor lonely person sitting by themselves in a restaurant.’

I came back home but instead of being all productive and stuff I went back to sleep for a bit. My arm was already bruising, I was tired from the experience, and I didn’t really have a whole lot of time before work to do much of anything anyway. It was one of those weird gaps where I had just enough time to start something, possibly even get into a really good workflow, but not really finish whatever I would be working on… much lame.

I think the nap was needed. I felt better once I woke up and had lunch. Zane was up and about. He actually woke me up since I didn’t set an alarm when I came back home. He wanted to get started on dinner since it was going to need to set first then bake.

I went into work for Shading and Lighting. I sent out all the grades for the projects. Which I guess I should mention that I finished grading those when I got home. I tried emailing Clavan the excel sheet but the server has been acting screwy since the beginning of the month and I wasn’t actually able to sent out messages yesterday. It was pretty frustrating and eventually I just gave up. I’m going to try again today when I go into work at 5.

I got caught up on personal emails, social media, and checked the discussion boards for my class. I wrote for the daily prompt yesterday. I sent the link to my mom so she could read it, too. I actually woke up this morning to an amazing email from her. I’m thinking about posting the reply into the comment for the initial post.

Once all of my ‘online’ tasks were done I got to work on my new assignment. The exercise is pretty nifty.  You choose a font and then research into it; who made it, what is it based on, what are some nifty facts about it. That sort of thing. The idea is to get you thinking about what different emotions and thoughts typefaces bring up. Type has a certain ‘feel’ or personality, and if you use the wrong one it can mess up the message you are trying to send.

I picked Courier New since it’s a font that I actually really like. I’m going to be posting my assignment to my Dragon’s Horde shortly so I won’t talk too much about it, other than to say that I think it came out well. : )

I came home after work. Zane and I chatted for a bit. I got frustrated with InDesign because it wasn’t exporting my file right. Finally got that figured out. Zane and I ran to the store for red wine and a side salad to go with dinner. The wine was used in a sauce. I’m not into drinking wine or champaign to be honest. Guess I’m just not classy enough for it.

Dinner was alright. I think it was called Gotcha Pork Roast. It’s mainly a potato dish. I had leftovers of it for breakfast this morning, and was fine with it. But for a dinner I felt it was missing something. I also wish the sauce has a bit more bite to it; a little more kick. Overall it wasn’t bad though.

Zane and Trevor had a friend over last night. I stayed in the room and went to sleep while they played games. Zane woke me up when he came to bed, which lead to both of us being awake and watching a few Youtube videos.

They were pretty awesome actually.

Boyinaband – Don’t Stay In School

I highly recommend checking out that video, and then his response to the ‘hate comments’ he received. Well worth the watch.

I haven’t really planned what to do today. Zane started the wash, but when I went to switch it everything was still covered in soap. Not cool. : /

It’s the second time that specific washer has given me issues. I switched the cloths into a different machine and ran it again. I need to go put everything in the dryer soon. I’ve also cooked rice for lunch, since I plan to have left over green curry, and dinner. We’re doing a red lentil curry which is supposed to be served over a bed of rice. I’m hoping it turns out well. It’s a new recipe.

I’ve also put the dishes away from the dish rack, though the dish washer still needs to be emptied. I haven’t had a cup of coffee yet. It wouldn’t have gone well with breakfast, so I might indulge in that shortly.

At the moment I really don’t feel like adulting today and I don’t think that’s going to change. : /

Maybe caffeine will fix things.


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