Daily Post 0155: Kickboxing Kicked My…


I went to the kickboxing class at the gym today. I’m still warm from it, hours later, three 28 fl oz bottles of water and a shower later. I’m still revved up so I know I will either a) not be sleeping tonight or b) taking NyQuil to knock myself out.

I’m not sure if this is something normal for working out, but it seems normal for me. I always go through this phase when I up my intensity. An object in motion wants to stay in motion. It’s physics. My body, my very cells, want to get going, keep moving, even though my brain is mush.

I woke up early again. 5:30. Wake. Wide awake. Not going back to sleep for a while awake. I was hungry and thirsty, too. Much lame. I ended up having an apple with peanut butter and poking around online for a bit. Since I was awake so early I looked to see what classes were at the gym. There was yoga at 8. I had already missed the spin class starting at 5:45.

I felt good about the yoga class, but I knew with my luck I would get to like 7:30 and suddenly get exhausted and go back to sleep. I wasn’t too far off. I only made it to 7. I did set my alarm for 8 just on the off chance that I could wake up again to go. But when the alarm went off I decided very quickly that sleep was more important. So off the alarm went.

I slept until 11 at which point I rolled over. Zane had his arm across his eyes, his palm upward with his fingers slightly curled. I stared at him for a while. He had gone to sleep with me last night. It was the first time in a while that we’ve actually gone to sleep together. Normally he stays up doing his own thing since at the moment he doesn’t really have a reason to have a bed time.

He stayed up the whole day on only three hours of sleep so he would be able to go to sleep with me last night. I hadn’t realized how much I missed having him against my back. It was nice to not feel alone.

It felt nice to wake up and roll over and see him sleeping, to hear his breathing. I put my fingers against his, holding his hand as he slept, and just thought over the situation we’re both in.

He ended up waking up. I said good morning, which lead him asking what time it was. He asked if I had gotten up last night. When I had come back to bed he had made some joke about how dare I go to the restroom, and I mentioned how I had been up for almost two hours. He had said something to the effect of ‘oh,’ and gone back to sleep almost instantly. It was pretty cute.

I guess he wasn’t sure if that had actually happened or not. Yes it did happen. I explained how I had thought about going to the gym, but came back to bed instead. We both got up eventually and had breakfast. He had a yogurt with granola. I had scrambled eggs with salsa and cheese.

We watched an episode of our new anime, Aldnoah Zero. By then it was 12:20 and I had to shower to go to school. Lab was uneventful. I got caught up on all of my emails and messaging. I researched more for my ticket stub assignment. I have a solid concept now, and I have the text and dimensions blocked out for the InDesign file.

Tomorrow I’ll be creating the graphics I need and picking the fonts I want to use. I would like to be finished with the assignment before coming home so I can begin work on the final project for the week.

Anyway, I made fairly good progress on the design before the end of lab. When it was over I went to the bank, intending to get a money order for half of the rent that is owed. I thought the branch I go to stayed open until 5pm, but I guess that’s only on Fridays. They closed at 4 today, so I wasn’t able to get the order like I wanted. Much lame…

I came home instead. The kickboxing class was at 7pm, so I had a little bit of time to kill before the gym. Zane and I chatted for a while, which was nice. He told me about jobs he’s been applying to. I talked about school and how my project was late. He asked why and I mentioned because of how rough Monday had been between us. He agreed that it had gone pretty bad. We both apologized for the parts we played in the downward spiral.

I ended up going to the bed room to rest for an hour. Not really sleep, just to be alone and in silence for a little while. Scarlet came with me, so we had some cuddly bonding time. It was nice. She hasn’t been sleeping on the bed with me at night recently.

I got up around 6:45, changed, and headed to the gym.

It was a fantastic class. There is a woman teaching it, which I’m more comfortable with, and there were only three other people there, so there was tons of space, and all of them were girls, too. No “Do you even lift bro” dudes to worry about.

It was a great class, a fantastic workout, and I’ll totally be going back to it as often as I can.

That being said, I can already feel my legs are super tired, and I can only imagine what my shoulders are going to be like tomorrow. Angry. Most likely angry.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a run day. I’m not sure if my legs will be up for it, but I’m hoping so. I want to do a 14 minute mile by the end of the month. I don’t know how realistic that is. But it gives me something to work towards.

Zane had dinner cooking when I got back from the gym. We watched another episode of Aldnoah Zero. Afterwards we ended up running to the gas station so I could get some Gatorade. Water wasn’t doing enough for me, and eating didn’t seem to be the issue either since I ate my bowl, and the little bit that Zane didn’t want. The Gatorade is helping, I think, but I’m still warm and wired.

I’m going to make my to-do list, finish another bottle of water along with my Gatorade… I feel like I’m part fish right now… And then call it a night.


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