Daily Post 160: Aaarrrggg…


I have to drink the rest of my bottle of water before I can go to sleep, but I soooo just want to crawl into bed and die for a little bit. Today was another day of kickboxing. Another super fantastic workout. I really am enjoying going to the class.

That happened way later in the day though.

After finishing up with my blog I made a to-do list and started mercilessly hacking away at it.

I messaged my brother about the storage unit since his stuff is being stored in there now. He said he would help pay for it; $100 a month, but he wouldn’t be able to do that for a little bit. I guess he had some unexpected expenses come up… haven’t we all…

I told him that was fine, and that I could cover the cost of the unit, and that since the amount was due at the beginning of the month I would just pester him next time I had to make a payment.

So that is semi-taken-care-of.

I talked to Nasse for a little bit. I explained why I hadn’t messaged him over the weekend and that a trip home right now isn’t financially possible. He mentioned that the picture he wanted me to draw is no longer needed. I guess the situation changed and it wouldn’t be an appropriate gift now. I’m sort of glad I procrastinated on that. Other than that he’s doing well.

I got the fax number for my previous clinic so my medical records can be requested.

By then it was about time for me to shower and head to work. I ate a quick lunch which Zane woke up during. We talked for a little bit. I broke down and asked him to do the eggs while I was gone. He said he would, and that he had meant to do that before going to sleep.

Once I was showered I headed to work where I completed all of the reading for my class and took the quiz. Another 100, woo. No one has replied to the discussion board yet, which is fine. I took a look at the final assignment for the month and began working on it. My fictional magazine is going to be called WOC (Weapon of Choice) with a d20 next to the title, because I’m a nerd like that. : D

After work I went to Walgreens to pick up the creams I needed, then headed home.

Zane was awake and the eggs were boiled. Massive points were earned.

We talked a bit more about school, and about my level of comfort with co-signing. He offered to ask his brother to co-sign for him and I said I would like it if he tried to find other people so it wasn’t solely riding on me.

He did ask, but his brother said he wouldn’t be able to at the moment. If things changed for him he would let Zane know. I do feel better that Zane tried. There’s nothing else to do other than to go to the meeting tomorrow and get more information. If only it was tomorrow already and I had the answers to make decisions with…

Zane and I cleaned the room since I had some time to kill before going to the gym. It wasn’t super messy, but there were little piles here and there, and they were bothering me. I put the cloths away and loaded the dishwasher.

Eventually I had to get changed and walk to the gym. The class was amazing and I can already tell I’ll be feeling it tomorrow.

After the class I came home and started cooking dinner. We did garlic chicken with green beans and tomatoes with wild rice. Such a fantastic dinner, though to be honest I was so hungry by then that dirt might have tasted good. I blew through one bottle of water, but still want to get through another one before calling it a night.

The kitchen is clean, the leftovers are put away, my workout is logged on Runkeeper, and I’m showered and ready for bed. I might try to cross stitch for a little bit, something I haven’t been doing. I think that will help me fully unwind from the day since I’m still a little wired.

I feel like today was productive and that I got a lot of stuff taken care of.

I have grading I need to start, but I’ll save that for tomorrow. I’m happy with today, and I’ll leave it as is.


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