Musing Moment 0045: The Helping Hand Blogger Award



I guess today is the day for awards.

Thank you so much Ally for nominating me for The Helping Hand Blogger Award, an award given to bloggers who share insightful comments with other bloggers.

I’m so glad the novels I tend to write for comments are seen as insightful, inspiring, and helpful. : 3

I wasn’t able to find any rules associated with this award, so I’m just going to name drop a few of the people who have helped give me perspective and sent me support through their own comments. Thank you all for taking the time to reply to my posts. Your messages have helped me more than you know.

By the way… you would totally be on this list Ally if you hadn’t been the one to nominate me. Again, thank you so much. You’re fantastic. : )

Nominations for The Helping Hand Blogger Award

Shrewed Up
Mama Spike
Seven Years in a Drawer


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