Daily Post 0166: Grocery and Games


I went to sleep around three in the morning and still woke up around 9:30. Zane woke up with me. It seems to be our thing now. No more sleeping all day, though I seem to be developing the habit of staying up crazy late.

Currently I’m up writing while Zane is petting Shadow, his cat, and getting ready to sleep. I’m sure by the end of my writing and proofing he’ll be out.

I feel a bit bad about that. I know I prefer it when we fall asleep together. There is part of me who wants to sleep alone though. Part of me wants to go out to the couch with one of his pillows. I know I can do that without any sort of hurt feelings, and I have done that.

In the past, with past relationships, it was a negative thing. It was also something that if I had been allowed to do it, would only last for a few hours. I would fall asleep, then wake up later feeling the need to be near my partner, and go back to the bedroom. The need for separation was a very temporary thing, and when it was allowed to be fulfilled, left me feeling better.

I think the need for separation is because I am still evening out, and I need the space to establish myself again. I’m wondering if it would be the better thing to go to the couch once I am done writing or not. I suppose I’ll have to see what feels right once I get to the end of this writing. It would be nice if there were an easy and clear answer, but I don’t think there will be.

I’m also going through my Discover Weekly list on Spotify. It updates shortly and I want to make sure I get through all of the songs before they are replaced with new ones. I’ve found a few songs on the list that I really like. Milc from a previous post was one of them.

Anywho. Today started early. Zane and I made our grocery list, figured out the other things we wanted / needed to get done today, and then went about taking care of our chores.

I showered, we both got dressed, then headed out. We had to run by Walmart first, which meant I got to get a Mexican chocolate coffee creamer; a change from my usual selection.

Afterwards we were going to go to Arby’s for lunch. We had budgeted the grocery bill lower so we would be able to still have date day without adding to my financial stress. Instead of Arby’s though we went to Five Guy’s because we were both in the mood for a burger.

It ended up working well since the only Five Guy’s I know of is in a more up scale part of town. That meant we went to a ‘nicer’ Publix. Less people, bigger selection. We were able to walk over to the Publix after eating, and the walked all the way back to the lot where we had parked.

It had rained while we were eating, and was still drizzling a bit when we entered and left the store, so the air wasn’t too hot. It was a pleasant walk, and we got everything we wanted for $50.

We’re going to be doing a calzone bake type thing for dinners this week, along with BLTs a few days for a bit of a change. We also have tuna for lunches. I need to buy more eggs for breakfast, or I could go a week using the oatmeal that no one seems to be using.

That drives me crazy more than anything else. We have such limited space, and yet both Trevor and John have things in the cabinets and fridge that they haven’t touched in the three months, maybe closer to four months now, that I have lived here. The oatmeal being one of those things.

I don’t know. To me that just seems rude. Like the one time I went into the pantry and found ramen noodle boxes on the shelf that I specifically cleared off for my stuff… The only acceptable form of retribution for encroaching on my space is death…. Or server suffering… like hot sauce being dripped into eye balls.

Ok. I know that’s extreme, and I would never really do that, but it is frustrating to have a lack of space, and then have the little space I do have invaded. If you got ride of the stuff you’re not using you wouldn’t have to invade… Just sayin’…

Anyway, that’s a tangent. My bad.

Back to the grocery trip. We were super under budget, which was awesome. When we got home I cut up most of the veggies so cooking will be easy tomorrow. I boiled the few eggs we had left for the tuna, and I baked the bacon for the BLT sandwiches.

Zane and I watched a few episodes of Aldanoah Zero. I ended up taking a nap after that since I had to be awake for the Pathfinder game later. Zane spent that time filling out our character sheet and taking pictures of things we plan to sell on Ebay.

Since he still has not found a job we are going to be short on expenses. I have several collector’s additions of the World of Warcraft games, which come with art books and several other perks. Most of the items that came in the collector’s box are actually unopened, so we’re hoping to pull in roughly $500 for everything.

I’m not thrilled about having to sell things to cover someone else’s bills, but in the scheme of things I obviously wasn’t using any of those items, so it’s not like I’m really losing anything. It will be added to the Excel sheet I have, and hopefully, one day, I will see any money that I get from the sales again.

The Pathfinder game didn’t start on time like it was supposed to. No one was ready, and that was frustrating for me since the only thing I could do was sit and wait. I guess the file didn’t save properly when Zane moved his computer, so he had to re-enter a lot of information. Trevor was still figuring out some of the stuff with the encounters, and once the game got started everyone had to go through and make sure their inventory as up to date.


Once the game legitimately got started it was super fun though. I love the dynamic our character’s personalities have with each other. Kinzzee (Zane) is the dominant personality, while Zee (me), is the original / repressed personality. Think of Smegal from Lord of the Rings.

We are able to talk to each other, and I’m able to take over during stressful situations. The role-play aspect of the game was great. There was so much laughing. I really hope I can bring myself to write out the interactions.

That’s basically been the day.

I did cook dinner tonight. Normally on game day someone gets pizza or dollar menu food. But that hasn’t been going on for a while. It was a ‘fend for yourself’ night instead.

I cut up some chicken and used a bit of carrot, squash, onion, and mushroom with a jar of pasta sauce. Nothing fancy, but it was tasty and filling, and fed Zane, Uke, and myself. So no additional money was spent and everyone was still fed. Huzzah.

I have a list of things I want to write down for tomorrow’s to-do list before calling it a night, but I know I’m not going to be up for much longer. No Witcher 3. No story writing. I might get a glass of water, but that will be about the extent of my productivity for the night.

Today was another good day. Another day of no fighting. Another day of productivity, albeit low key.


Greetings traveler! Leave your tidings here.

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