Daily Post 0167: New Game – Coup


I am roughly 30% of the way through Witcher 3. And that’s after playing the game for about 30-ish hours; a little over I’m pretty sure. I’m level 15, and a badass, so I’m running around kicking major butt, though I still run into things that I can’t beat yet.

The story is soooooo good. >.<

The game does a fantastic job of letting you make your own choices. But those choices, even though you think the are the ‘right’ ones often have unexpected results, because you’re not in control of other people’s actions, so while the outcomes are unpredictable, they are realistic. I love it.

Let’s see.


I don’t remember when I woke up. I think it was around 9ish. I made oatmeal. The first container was almost gone. I actually just finished it this morning, which is good in my book. There’s a second container that hasn’t been touched in the four months since I’ve been here. Guess I’ll be opening it tomorrow morning.

Zane and I have to go out to the store to pick up more spinach for the BLTs tonight, so I might get eggs while we’re out just so we have some. The only ones in the fridge are John’s and he’s not big on sharing stuff, so I would rather avoid that whole situation.

Zane woke up a bit after me. We sat down and figured out what we wanted to do for the day.

It was the first day where I woke up and felt awake, if that makes any sense. I wasn’t tired or groggy. Things weren’t fuzzy. I woke up and was ready for the day. Because of that I had decided that I would do as much cleaning as I could. The bedroom needed to be vacuumed, the kitchen needed to be swept, the dishes and laundry needed to be done. All different things that I knew would make me feel better if I could take care of them.

So I did.

Zane and I did.

I finally put the cloths away and moved everything off the of the floor. Zane took the trash out, I vacuumed the room, he cleaned cats pan and put stuff back where it belonged while I vacuumed the living room and hallway, so the bedroom is completely clean. I swept the kitchen and put the dishes away.

After all of the chores I was actually pretty exhausted. My eyes were so heavy they hurt. That sort of bothered me because I had only been ‘working’ for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half. Not all that long in my book. Still, I laid back down for a little while. Zane made the calzone dish so dinner for the week would be done as I rested. I didn’t sleep, just recovered my energy for a bit.

After I little while I got up and completed my assignment for school. I got it completely done and submitted and once again felt insanely tired. Zane and I took a nap together. It was actually really great. It was another rainy day so we fell asleep listening to the storm outside.

Since all of the chores were done when I woke up I opted to play Witcher for a little bit before getting ready to go to work. Bobby came over around 7 to play games with John and Zane. Trevor wasn’t up for socializing.

I left for work. Huston was there again needing help with the script he is working on. That was fun for a while, but I quickly became drained again. I’m not sure what it was about yesterday, but I seemed to tap out my energy after every completed task.

Huston was able to figure out his issue. He was so stoked about it that we high fived. I love moments like that because I know what they feel like for me. I’m glad other people can have them, too. That I can help make them happen. It was a giant boost to his coding confidence.

He stuck around for a little while after that chatting with me, but eventually he left. I still had about an hour before work ended, so I decided to draw. It’s something Zane and I want to start doing. Drawing for about an hour a day. We picked themes for the next four weeks, so each day we have to draw things in that theme.

This week is flora, so last night I drew flowers. At the end of the week I’ll post what I’m able to do. I started with five minutes of warmup exercises. Even though I haven’t drawn in a while I feel I did fairly well. Maybe today I will do some contour warm ups.

I’m thinking that I’ll draw leaves or branches today. Not sure yet. Not really feeling flowers again though. Maybe another day I’ll do fruit and veggies.

When I got home I had a bit of a headache.

It was really odd. For the whole day I had been fine aside from being tired. But as soon as I came out to the living to say goodbye to Zane and go to work I was hit with a wall of sadness. Not depression, or guilt, or remorse. Just this feeling of sad.

I told him when he hugged me that for some reason I was sad. Out of no where. Just… sad.

He said to go to work and to try to have fun and that he loved me.

When I got to work I felt fine. And was fine until I came back home, and though the sadness wasn’t as strong as it had been when I left, it was still there. Sort of like it was sitting in a corner of my mind.

I don’t think it’s my sadness. After talking with Zane about it, I think it is Trevor to be honest. Though there’s another person it might be. I don’t often pick up emotions from people far away from me, but if it’s strong enough, projected enough, I can.

Trevor’s been staying home from work recently because he hasn’t been feeling well. At least that’s what he has been saying. I’m starting to wonder if he’s ok, though. He’s not the type of person to show his emotions.

After putting my stuff down I heated up dinner and had a cup of coffee to help fight the tiredness and the headache. Bobby was still at the apartment. He had stayed because there was a new game that he and Zane wanted me to try playing. I felt bad that I wasn’t all that interested in socializing, but they said the game was super short. You could finish a game in five minutes or less, so I agreed to play a few rounds with them.

I’m glad I did. It was actually a super fund game. It’s called Coup. It’s similar to BS and I highly recommended looking into it if you like playing card games with friends, or enemies, or anyone really.

We played two games, and I won both of them. The first one simply because I let Zane and Bobby kill each other off basically. Sometimes it’s good to sit in the background and wait for things to play out on their own.

Once Bobby left Zane and I went back to the room where I played Witcher for a little bit longer. I showed Zane the sketches I did. He was trying to guess the names of the flowers I drew, but he didn’t know three out of the four of them.

I know my shading is still too heavy handed, too dark, but that’s always been an issue for me. It’s something that I’m actively working on along with creating better base shapes. I’m happy with how they turned out, and it was nice being able to draw again. I’m actually almost done with this sketch book. It will be the first one that I’ve filled up since I started working at Full Sail. So about three years.

In a way that’s a little sad. Drawing is an outlet I haven’t been nurturing. Maybe this theme drawing will help fix that.

I feel good that I’m getting back to writing almost daily. I even started writing the Pathfinder game story for Kinzzee yesterday, so I’m writing creatively as well. I didn’t go to the gym yesterday, but today is kickboxing so I’ll be doing that around 6.

I would have gone to spin class yesterday, but by the time I woke up from my nap it had already started, and gaming seemed to fit more with the energy level that I had. Less people, more killing… can’t go wrong with that.

Today is already off to a decent start.

Zane and I woke up together. And actually, we fell asleep together. When he said he was going to bed I got off the computer rather than staying up. We cooked breakfast together. Oatmeal again, but he cut up the apple pieces to go into the water while it boiled and I measured everything out, then put the dishes away and cleaned the few items that were still in the sink.

He cleaned the cats pan. He also said he would do the laundry while I’m at work. There’s an application he needs to print out, fill out, and scan before emailing it to the employer, but that has to wait until Trevor is awake. So that will also be done while I’m at work hopefully.

I plan to work on homework during Shading and Lighting today, and possibly do my drawing. Right now I need to shower so I can be to work on time. I feel like I’ve been pretty productive already. There’s not going to be much to do when I get home which is a nice feeling. I like how we’ve both been getting up and taking care of stuff rather than waiting and saving it for later.

I guess I’ll write again later tonight before going to sleep, or tomorrow morning before starting the day. At the moment there’s not much else to say. So with that I’m off and away. /whoosh.


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