Daily Post 0170: Migraines


I didn’t scavenge for food. I suffered through my hunger until lab was over to avoid spending more money.

I started reading The Eight Fold Path towards the end of lab. It was something Zane suggested I do. Part of me wants to dig my heels in and not do it simply because someone on the outside is suggesting a way to help with my issues.

The other part of me knows that I would benefit from it…

So I bit the bullet and started reading. Frank ended up wanting to talk during the last ten minutes or so of lab, so that was mildly frustrating. That happens fairly often where I’ll obviously be caught up in doing something, but his extroversion need to interact will win out.

I also figured out a name for my Pathfinder character’s cat companion. I think I’m going to go with Aya. Our first play session is supposed to be this Sunday. At the moment I feel more ‘blarg’ about it than excited, but then I’m still on the tired side of waking up.

I ate when I got home, unloaded and reloaded the dishwashers, and put the cloths away. I played Witcher 3 for a bit and was just getting up to change into workout cloths when Florida decided that working out wasn’t a good idea and flooded the outside world with rain.


In the scheme of things I think it was better that I didn’t go. I had been fighting a headache all day even though I was drinking water constantly. I ended up having a migraine for most of the night. Even the darkness of covering my eyes felt too bright. Much lame.

I stayed in the room most of the night. Zane and I had BLTs for dinner and watched another episode of Aldanoah. We’re almost done with the series. I went to bed fairly early because of my headache. I woke up around 4am hungry and thirsty, so I ate, and some water, and finished loading the dishwasher so it could run.

Zane stayed awake for the whole night so I slept by myself. Which the night before that was a good thing, but last night it sort of sucked. Arg. Could I make up my mind? For real, this is getting aggravating.

Though it did remind me that there have been nights in the past where I did have ‘alone’ time, but since it happened when I didn’t want to be alone, it was a negative thing. Why does being human have to be so complicated and full of emotions? ;-;

I really don’t know what I’m doing today. I would like to go to my sports bar. I would like to try one of the new yoga downloads I got yesterday. I would like to take a nap before going into work at 9pm. I would like to have a good day.

The to-do list is pretty empty though.


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