Musing Moment 0051: Goals


Day three and four are about goals.

Day three was supposed to be yesterday, but I already had a full day planned out for me, so I didn’t sweat about not getting to this. Chalene makes you write out 10 goals, and not just ordinary, easy goals. Goals that are going to be a stretch, that excite you but make you a little uncomfortable at the same time.

So here are the 10 goals for the year that I want to accomplish.

I have paid $2000 on my Bank of America card.
I have lost an additional 60 lbs.
I can run an 8 minute mile.
I have completed setting up my Fredenator contract.
I have become a Maya Professional Certified User.

I do have 1000 followers on social media.
I have completed my Rigbox Reborn scripts.
I have created a new demo reel.
I have completed 6 months worth of dance classes.
I have earned $2000 in story commissions.

I have earned $1000 in art commissions.

We’re supposed to write our goals as if we have already accomplished them, so past or present tense.

Out of that list there is a push goal. A goal which will make most if not all of the other goals possible. That’s supposed to be day four. And it’s only now that I realize I didn’t really do much for spiritual growth… Most of this is personal or financial. Oh well. This is what I wanted, and still want. Goals fluctuate, too, so as I go through the challenge these goals may change.

Not going to sweat about it.

Back to the push goal. I’m going to go with the story commissions.

Back before I went to college I used to write fiction on a handful of different websites. I had several inquires about commissions, which, as a 21-year-old, terrified me, so I never did anything with it. I honestly think that I could easily make $2000 if I started writing again.

The same with art commissions. I have done them in the past, so I know if I set up my accounts again I could pull money in that way. There’s also the Fredenator contract that I haven’t completed yet which would allow me to profit from my Youtube channel.

I have options that I can look into, and since right now my biggest stress is my financial situation, taking steps to alleviate it would, I think, be the best move. My most immediate goal has always been to pay off the Bank of America card. I think if I can accomplish that a large financial, mental, and emotional burden will be lifted from me.

Having more money would also make it easier to obtain the certifications I want, since those will require purchasing a few books and the test vouchers. The dance classes will also be an expense even though they factor into physical and spiritual health. That’s also assuming that I like the classes, or that my schedule allows me the convenience of entertaining the notion.

There are a lot of factors, but I have several avenues to look at for bringing in extra income. It always comes back to money. Always.


No excuses. Let’s do this.


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