Daily Post 0177: Spa Day… Without the Spa


This whole “writing halfway through my day” thing is getting confusing for me. I keep having to go back to remember where I left off and what I haven’t written about. Not that rereading my posts is a bad thing, but it’s a little aggravating.

Luckily today I really haven’t done much of anything before hand. It’s still ‘morning’ and the day hasn’t fully started yet.

So let’s see… yesterday…

I’m pretty sure I wrote during SAL. Oh, and this is me not going back and rereading my post because I’m a slacker like that, so I’ll most likely be backtracking a bit.

So yeah, I wrote, checked up on my personal email, work email, Facefail, all of that social media stuff. There wasn’t a whole lot since I’ve been keeping up with it more. I messaged Nicole to see about meeting up one last time before the end of the day.

I listened through my Discover Weekly list from Spotify. There’s a handful of good songs on it, so I have new artists to look into as far as music goes. I sketched for a little while. Yesterday was baby dragons. There were a few that came out fairly well.

I began grading the project 2 assignments. I only had seven to do, which was way less than I thought I would have. Clavan said he would take all of the assignments that were late or had extentions, so I guess that’s why. The ones I graded were pretty good. Three of them went above and beyond the requirements of the projects, which was awesome to see. I also happened to get most of the files that I wanted to grade since they were the students I interacted with the most. It all just seemed to work out well.

I graded four assignments before packing up and heading out. I needed food and a change of location by that point. I saw Nicole outside of school with Marc. We got to hug one last time and I wished her a safe trip. I’ll message her tonight to make sure she arrived to Tennessee safely.

I walked across the parking lot to Crispers. It was happy hour over there so I was able to get a bowl of soup for $3. I had my water bottle with me, so it was a pretty cheap lunch / dinner. I ate and then finished the grading.

After that I went back to the breakroom, hoping to have it to myself. No dice, though. Ari was there. At first I was uncomfortable, but I set up my stuff anyway. I needed to email the grading spreadsheet to Clavan and post the project comments online. Ari was in the middle of doing her own thing, so we actually didn’t talk all that much and I ended up relaxing as the minutes ticked by.

Once the task of grading was 100% complete I decided to work a bit more on my homework assignment. It was either that or sit in rush hour traffic to get to the store… No thanks.

I had a reply from my instructor saying to send him a link to a Dropbox folder with my file in it. That way I could still get a critique. I created the folder and put my original submission in it, along with my updated version so he could see the progress I made. I finished adding the sounds that I wanted to, and tweaked a few of the ones that were already there.

I feel that I’m pretty much done with the assignment. I’m going to hold of on submitting my work until I read my critique, but yeah, overall I’m happy with it. I think there will be very minor issues, most of which I’ve already addressed. We’ll see though.

Once that was done I packed up to leave school for real. Got in my car and headed over to Hell on Earth… I mean Walmart.

I got coffee creamer and bread since we ran out of it last night, and because the thought of killing people at 8 in the morning due to lack of caffine doesn’t sound all that awesome. I got a can of olives while I was out as well.

Sunday is supposed to be game night, so Zane and I were talking about what food would end up being. We have a ton of pinto beans left over from when we made nachos so I suggested doing a bean dip, as long as someone bought a couple bags of chips, and I would pay for a family taco box or something from Taco Bell. So that’s our game plan.

The olives are supposed to go in the dip I guess. It’s Zane’s dip, so I have no idea what’s going to be in it. Hopefully not arsenic.

With the task of shopping complete I was able to go home. I put the little bit of grocery away, loaded the dish washer, and set it to run. I got to play Witcher 3 for a little while. Zane ended up walking to Publix because the spinach we had was starting to go bad, and because he wanted milk. It was actually really nice to not be the one to go out to the store.

He made chicken sandwichs again. And once again they were fantastic. We finished watching Aldnoah Zero last night. The ending totally didn’t answer any questions or explain why Slain turned into a total jerk during the second season. Overall, the series was good, but I’m left sort of disappointed. I want my answers, and I didn’t get them.

It’s one of those series that I wouldn’t watch again, and most likely wouldn’t recommend just because there are better ones out there.

After finishing the series I ended up going to sleep. I was super tired, both physically and mentally. I had gotten through, literally, everything on my to-do list. It was a great feeling. I felt accomplished, productive, and happy with myself. I had done yoga, so I did a bit of working out. I had taken care of work and school, and even got leisure time into my day.

Zane had taken care of his interview and felt that it went well. So he was in good spirits as well. He ended up falling asleep on the couch again since he stayed up past when I went to sleep.

So far today has been low key. Zane is still asleep in the room. I’ve set up shop at the kitchen table. Bills are paid. I made another batch of oatmeal. I’ve had breakfast and my vitamin. I’ve had a bottle of water already. I’ve talked to my brother about paying part of the storage unit since he owes me for last month and this coming month. He said he would pay next week since that’s pay day for him.

I pretty much have my day mapped out, and even though it seems like there’s a lot, a fair amount of it is low key. I talked to Zane yesterday about going to my sports bar alone so I can have a little bit of ‘me’ time, and he was ok with that. So I’m really looking forward to everything.

In a way it’s like a spa day for me. No work, all relaxation, and only the things that I want to get taken care of on my to-do list.

And with that I’m going to go shower.


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