Daily Post 0178: The Recap of Spa Day


We’ll see if I can get through all of this in roughly 30 minutes.

Yesterday was great. In my last post I said how it was basically going to be like spa day for me since I didn’t have work or any unwanted obligations, and I was going to have most of the afternoon to myself.

Oh, man. It was fantastic.

Zane woke up shortly after I finished posting. We chatted for a bit. Eventually I showered so I could start my day. First I went to the bank where I got the money order for rent and withdrew all of the cash I needed to for the next two weeks, including food. I stick to the budget better when I use cash rather than using my card.

From there I got flea medication for Shadow and Scarlet. Zane said to add the cost of Shadow’s mediciane to the money he owes me. With that task accompoished I got gas for my car. I only used about half a tank the past two weeks, so it was a $12 fill up. Huzzah. I love my car so much.

By then it was around 1pm. All of my errand chores were done and it was time to head to my sports bar. I got to sit in ‘my’ booth and my server, a relatively new girl, remembered me. She took my order and I got to work on my other tasks.

I went through my email, cleaning out the spam and trash folders. I had paid bills earlier at home, so I organized all of my screenshots of the payments. Since I don’t have a printer I use the screenshots as receipts. I went through my downloads folder and organized my desktop. Then I set the trashcan on my computer to empty…. Over 7,000 files. >.<;

I’ve been such a slacker in that department.

I cleaned up my notebook and made a sheet specifically for reminders of things I need / want to do. I bought the text book for my certification test. More on that later.

I added the milage and gas info to an Evernote that I have, so I can track how my car is doing, and I updated my ‘Money Owed’ excel sheet.

With all of that done my day was pretty complete as far as tasks go. I had spent a fair amount of time in the morning searching for reference images for my drawings, so once I was done eating lunch I took out my sketchbook and drew for almost two hours. Yesterday ended up being satrys and fauns.

I realized that I need to spend a lot of time working on the proportions of the face, so that will most likely be what I do next week. I ended up going back to a more cartoon like style and I love, love, the way one of the sketchs turned out. It made me really happy to see such improvement in myself.

By that time I was pretty much done with being out and about.

Oh, one other thing I did was go through a message a ton of people on Facebook. Nothing fancy. Just wanted them to know I was thinking about them and that I hoped they were doing well.

Anywho, before I left I messaged Zane to let him know I was on my way home. He asked me to pick him up something to snack on. I agreed to, so I stopped by Arby’s on the way home to get a roast beef sandwich combo. I gave him the fries and drink while I had the sandwich, since he doesn’t like them.

Yeah… I had stayed at the sports bar for so long I was hungry again. >.<;

I ended up going running at the gym followed by my 15 minute yoga podcast since I transferred the file to my phone. My legs are still sore today, but I’m sure they’re not hating me as much as the would have if I had done no stretching at all.

I was at a 17:30 mile yesterday. Still improving. Woot.

When I got home I took burger patties out for dinner. Zane and I talked about our grocery list. It seems like it’s going to be a pretty small one again. No complaints. We also talked about going shopping either Friday night or Saturday since Sunday and Monday it is projected to be super icky with Hurricane Erika heading our way. So that might happen today.

We had thought abut doing date night Friday instead of Sunday for that reason, too, but we were both feeling anti –people / world. So we stayed home instead.

I sautéed mushrooms and onions after showering, and cooked the burgers. I worked through a few of the sections in my Maya book. Or rather, I read through them. When I got to a section that talked about exercise files I had to figure out where they were…

Which apparently they don’t exist… There’s a link in the Introduction of the book that says to go to a website to download them. I go to the website and the only thing I can find is a section which talks about purchases course tutorials. Not what I’m looking for…

So I sent the website and email asking for help locating the content. All I can do now is wait. I went to bed shortly after getting through the second or third section of chapter two. There are 8 chapters, roughly 170 pages, with lots of pictures and fairly large font.

It’s a pretty decent book so far, and I think the $20 was well spent. It’s a good resource. I just want all of the files that go with it so I can do all of the things I already know how to do. XD

This certification is listed as ‘student’ level. So it’s something that recent graduates would benefit from. I’m hoping that I blow through it. Which so far I am. It also has information about schools becoming test centers, which was one of the things I wanted for Full Sail. Once I go through the Certified User and the Professional User exams I will bring it up with my Program Director, since I’ll be familiar with the process. I think that would be a great opportunity for our students.

And I’m going to have to stop writing for now, otherwise I’ll be late for the gym. Kickboxing at 9:45. I’m hoping I’m able to crawl home in time for work.


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