Musing Moment 0054: Challenge Update


I’ve sort of, kind of been a slacker on my challenge. I hadn’t done anything with it since Friday, but I got caught back up today. A bit of it has to do with the fact that I’ve done this challenge a handful of times, so I know which days actually have “important” information for me, or at least have the information that I want to hear over again for where I’m at in life.

For the most part this weekend was just “make your to-do list” days, which isn’t anything new for me. It’s part of my routine. There were a few points in the emails that I got caught up on that I feel will help me, though.

I want to become better / more diligent about when I make my to-do list since I’ve become lax about this. I prefer to make my to-do lists at night before going to sleep. It gives my mornings a more solid feel. I already have an idea of how my day ‘should’ go down, and even if the Universe rains all over my plans, I at least have an idea of what needs to get done and when.

Waiting until the morning can be rough. Sometimes I don’t have the time I need / want to make my list and I feel rushed, or it doesn’t happen until I get to work, so I feel like things are haphazard and like I’m jumping from fire to fire.

I think if I put more effort into creating my lists before going to sleep I would be able to sleep better, knowing that my day was already mapped out. It would give me a bit more time in my mornings as well.

I plan to focus on my certification testing to be my “research skill”. Now that I have the exercise files I would like to work through at least one section each day, preferably a bit more than that since the sections tend to be short.

It would be awesome to take my certification test by the end of the month.

That’s it for my challenge assignments. The only other thing is creating “triggers”, which help remind you to check the list throughout the day. I already have triggers, though. Any time I get into my car or change location, like going from one room to another. Also anytime I complete a task. When I check something off my list, I assess where I’m at and if anything else needs to be added, removed, shifted or revised.

I’m a pretty lean, mean, to-do list destroying machine when I want to be. So overall I think I’m doing well with the challenge. We’re at day 11 of 30 and I’m still holding strong.


Greetings traveler! Leave your tidings here.

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