Daily Post 0193: Stitch Stitch Stitch


I’m procrastinating, and of course because of that I have this song stuck in my head. Pardon me while I hunt down the person who showed me this song and make them suffer through unspeakable tortures…

The Procrastination Song

Friday was a great day. I didn’t get school work done. Not surprising. I listened to my book and cross-stitched instead after taking care of the work tasks that need to get done. There weren’t many questions, and the students who did need help asked Frank rather than me, so I was left undisturbed.

I came home and watched Zane play Dishonored for a bit. We made plans to get dinner and to go to Walmart to get a new water filter. Since the only thing I drink at home, for the most part, is water it was a trip that needed to be made. We decided it was best to wait until rush hour was over though.

So at six we went to Moe’s. We had an amazing conversation about education. There’s actually a fairly large percentage of people who still believe the sun revolves around the Earth. I said that if schooling is mandatory, and everything that is taught is to a certain caliber, then how, how, could misinformation like that still be so prevalent?

That led to wondering if any of my accepted “truths” are, in fact, just outdated misinformation, and others think just as harshly of me for having those beliefs. That led to talking about the properties of light, and a weird fungus thing that turns ants into zombies, and then jewel wasps… and then back to the education system… it was great. Brain food for the win.

We retrieved the water filter after eating along with Oreos because those had always been on the list… I had wanted to get the Thin Mint coffee creamer while we were there, since Walmart is the only place I can ever find it. But it wasn’t stocked. Which is totally lame. Instead I got a new one. A coconut cream flavor. It smelled interesting.

I can safely say that I have already tried it and I really enjoy it. So I have gotten rid of the hazel nut. I don’t want to suffer through my coffee. It’s supposed to be an enjoyable experience meant to start my day positively. That led to a conversation about how it would be awesome of we were able to sample items before having to spend money to buy them in bulk. I really don’t like trying new things because I don’t know if it will be a good investment or not.

We ended up watching Psycho-Pass for a while then went to sleep. Very nice, low key day, with a completely clear Saturday to look forward to.

Saturday was good, but different than how I thought it would be.

Uke came over with Ethan, Zane’s other brother. It was the first time I’ve met him. Zane and I didn’t find out they would be over until late Friday night, so the quiet day I had been planning wasn’t going to be as queit as I thought, which was fine.

Uke needed Trevor’s help making some display cabinets for his work, and Ethan was in town and tagging along for fun.

Zane hung out with them for a little bit, but eventually we ended up going to the oriental market to do our grocery shopping. We are super under budget again, which is really nice.

Oh! Zane also got his 100% acceptance letter from the job. He is officially hired and starts October 12th. We went out to celebrate, which led to a conversation about how we have nothing left to celebrate so there isn’t a reason to go out to eat at all this coming week. Even though we’ve had the budget for all the times we’ve gone out, I don’t like how often we have been doing it. It’s suppose to be a treat.

So that’s a goal we have this week. To break the habit we’ve been forming and to not eat out until Friday, which we decided would be a date night for us.

We went to Smokey Bones where I ended up having a burger. He teased me for eating my burger with a fork and knife… I guess I’m weird.

Since we were in that plaza I asked Zane if we could stop by a craft store so I could get more fabric for cross stitching. I realized with the new project that I’m working on that I have nothing to stitch on anymore. How could I have let this happen? It’s like not having pencils to draw with… or a notebook to write a to-do list down in… it’s just sacrilege.

I got more needles while I was there because you can never have too many needles. It was originally going to be $16, but I guess there was a promotion going on and the cashier gave it to me even though I didn’t have the coupon, so it was only a $10 excursion. So much win. ❤

I spent most of the evening in the room since literally everyone was in the living room yesterday. I listened to my book and cross-stitched. No Psycho-Pass. I helped Zane when he started cooking dinner. Stuffed squid. I also peeled the shrimp we had gotten.

The squid came out alright. Zane had already started thinking about ways to make it better before he even had the first bite. I teased him about it.

“So. I have this crazy idea. Stay with me on it… How about… You just enjoy it?” XD

He smirked at me and said he was walking away. Pretty sure that was another win for me. I was on a role yesterday.

Eventually Zane went to sleep. I wasn’t all that tired so I finished the cross stitch completely before going and cleaning up the kitchen. I deveined the shrimp, I boiled the eggs and made the tuna. I tried to sleep, but couldn’t. I went to the couch, but only managed to nap lightly before Zane came out.

He was awake. We talked about why I wasn’t in bed with him. He said he had felt like it was because he was tossing and turning all night and making it hard for me to sleep. Nope. Just insomnia, and I didn’t want to keep him up with my own tossing and turning. XD

He’s currently asleep on the couch. Stealing my spot and stuff… I’ve had breakfast of a tuna sandwich, I’ve had coffee. I’ve been chatting with a person on OkCupid. It’s been an interesting conversation so far, but much like writing this blog, I’m using it to procrastinate, when really I need to get to work. I have to have my assignment done before the game.

Nothing else is really supposed to happen today. Depending on when I get my assignment done I may start the second part of my craft project. I feel like an evil mastermind every time I think of it. Muahahahaha. It will be marvelous once it is done.

So things are still going ok. I feel like my base line is raising back to it’s normal levels. Not fully there yet, but better than what it has been. Alright. I’m going. I’m going.


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