Daily Post 001: Starting Over


I’ve decided to restart my counter on my blog posts.

Originally I was going to wait until the New Year, but I feel this is more appropriate. I will restart my count each year to mark my blog’s birthday. Which… by the way… Happy birthday, Blog. /hugs computer

I am still aware of the realness that a year has passed already, but it’s not as heavy as it was yesterday.

Today has been productive, relaxing, and long.

I woke up around 9:30, I think. I honestly don’t remember. I poked around at my computer for a bit before going to yoga at 11. The instructor asked if there were any requests, so I mentioned hamstrings. Mine were still super sore from the class two days ago.

She asked if I wanted stretching or strength. In my head I wanted stretching, what came out of my mouth was a confident, “Strength.”

Omg >.< Can I stab myself? Why? What on Earth made me say strength when I could barely walk out to my car to drive to the gym in the first place. That’s how sore my legs were already… I didn’t even walk to the gym that’s literally 5 minutes from my apartment, and I want to do strength? I’m going to die.

It ended up being an amazing class. Another really intense sweat. Another round of back cracking into better alignment, and surprisingly my legs felt great afterwards. I’m still feeling good from the workout. I can feel my metabolism picking back up. My body is running a bit warmer than it has this past month. It’s a good feeling.

I came back to the apartment afterwards and stitched for a while. I had lunch. John and Zane kept coming out into the living room while I was trying to have my solitude. I mentioned to Zane that I felt spikey and agitated.

He mentioned that he wasn’t trying to kick me out, but maybe it would be good for me to get out of the apartment. Go somewhere like my sports bar, or work where I could get some alone time.

It was actually a pretty good idea, and one that I had thought of myself. I didn’t want to go to my sports bar though because the lunch specials would have been over, and that’s supposed to be a Friday thing.

I had grading to do anyway, so I ended up showering and going into work early.

I wasn’t able to meet with Marcus, so we’re going to arrange to meet another day.

Instead I went up to “my spot” and cross stitched a bit more before getting through over half of the grading. By then it was time to go to my actual lab where I got more stitching done. I’m over halfway through my current project. : 3

Lab wasn’t all that terribly busy, though I’m glad that it’s over.

After the lab I stuck around to finish off the grading and to poke at my blog a bit. I posted another of the projects I recently finished as well as my Facebook post since I feel it is an important writing and I want to hold on to it.

Looking at my day it sort of feels like I didn’t do all that much, but at the same time I did… I guess it’s because the things I did do took more time. So instead of having a billion little tasks, I have a handful of “heavier” tasks.

I’m still at work. It’s a bit late, but I wanted to create tomorrow’s to-do list before going home where I most likely wouldn’t do it. Same with doing all of my blog stuff. My computer was already set up and everything. If I had gone home my writing most likely wouldn’t have happened, and then I would have felt like a slacker… Not cool when the rest of my day has gone so well.

The only things left on my list for today are to go home, shower, and eat while watching another episode of Sherlock with Zane.

Tomorrow is a bit of a day. Lots of stuff I want to get done, but it’s a payday, and a Friday, so that’s sort of typical.

Well… I’m hungry, and I don’t have much else to write about, so I’m going to go so I can get back to my relaxation.


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