Daily Post 008: Early Bird


It’s 9:10. I woke up around 8:50 on my own. I had turned the light off when I went to sleep, before setting my alarm on my phone, and hadn’t been able to find the thing in the dark. I figured I would use that as my sign to go to kickboxing this morning or not.

If I woke up early enough it was meant to happen. If not, then I would go running or something instead.

Well, I’m up early enough, so guess what I’m about to go do. : )

I’m happy that I woke up early. I like how I feel I have most of the day to get stuff done.

I plan to put the cloths away once I get back along with having a filling breakfast. I plan to spend most of the day working on my homework. Zane and I are going to hold off on grocery shopping until tomorrow since we still have a fair amount of food. That’s due to still being slackers and eating out way more than we should.

We also haven’t meal planned yet, so even if we were to go shopping, we would need to figure out what goes on the list first.

The litter box needs to be cleaned, the dishwasher will need to be run after breakfast, which will mean dishes aught to be put away later, but in all honesty there isn’t much which needs to get done.

It’s a slow day, a low day, and I’m ok with that. And at the moment it’s starting with bottle of water, half a shake, and some apple pieces with crunchy peanut butter.

Which will be almost immediately followed by a thorough ass kicking where I crawl home wondering why I do these things to myself because that’s how every morning should start. XD

No, but seriously, I’m looking forward to today. Here’s to a restoring Saturday.


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