Daily Post 009: Social Night


Yesterday ended up being pretty awesome. Not as productive on the art side as I would have liked, but it was a very restorative day, and so I regret nothing.

I ate breakfast and stitched for a little while. Eventually I got up and showered. Afterwards I cleared off the kitchen table so I could have a spot to work at. Zane stayed up until round 8am playing his game. I guess he beat it, which is cool. But since he was up so late I didn’t want to be in the room while he was sleeping.

The kitchen table has been covered with crap stuff for the past almost two months. Trevor uses it as a work place for some of his projects, and recently John has been doing stuff with his car, so there’s car stuff all over it, too.

No more. I cleaned off over half of it because I’m amazing at finding places for things to go. I was able to set up my laptop and get to work finding different fonts to play with, reference images for color pallets and character references so I can get the portrait of the character right. I found some awesome wallpaper images while I was doing my R&D which is always cool. I haven’t been adding images to my art folder as much as I used to so my screen savers has been cycling through the same images for a while now. Maybe eventually I’ll take some time to just sit and look at art one of these days.

When I had finished with the research phase I went to the room to write something on the white board. Zane and I play a game where we scramble a 9 letter word and the other person has to figure out what it is.

Zane was awake when I went into the room. I wrote “You are my _________.” On the board with “tomatovir” underneath.

He got it in less than five minutes. >.< So much lame.

When he came out of the room he said that his younger brother wanted to come over later for drinks and games. I figured that was fine. It sounded fun actually. Of course later in the day I started getting anxiety over it, but Zane assured me that if I got burnt out that I wouldn’t be ruining anything by going to the bedroom. Knowing that helped a lot.

I ended up stitching more while Zane played the Fleet mini game inside of Black Flag. He then switched over to the newest Tomb Raider game. I’ve seen the game trailer for it, and from a CG artist standpoint I thought it looked pretty awesome. The graphics are high quality, the water is amazing for a game, and the textures fit with the art style.

I can’t really comment much on the mechanics of the game since I was watching instead of actually playing, and even that was only halfway since I was stitching at the same time, but there seems to be a lot of quick time events. Zane’s not a huge fan of that. There’s also a lot of cut scenes which I love, but again, Zane not so much. So he’s more playing the game for me I think.

I like the story. It would drive me crazy to not get 100% on the missions though, which Zane doesn’t do. Not my game though, so I try not to say anything.

Uke agreed to come over around 7ish. At 5:30 Zane and I went to the store to get hotdogs and chips since we both had a craving for that. Everything we got was buy one get one which made it a pretty good deal. It meant we had extra food for later that night. And Zane and I figured if we ended up wanting more food after we had started drinking we could order pizza or something that didn’t involving us having to go out.

And that’s sort of what happened…. We ended up running out of soda for the drinks we were making, so we used that as a reason to get pizza along with a litter of Mtn. Dew.

We watched several How It Should Have Ended videos before watching Shaun of the Dead. I did not like the movie, but I figured I wouldn’t. I’m not a zombie fan. So watching a zombie parody didn’t do it for me. I ended up going to sleep shortly after the group made it to the bar. Just wasn’t interested or invested enough to find out what happened.

I tried staying on top of drinking water. I had almost a gallon yesterday, but when I woke up when Zane came to sleep I had a headache, so I drank more water and took Advil. Zane passed out, but I was awake, which is pretty normal. When I drink, which is hardly ever, I’ll sleep for about two hours then wake up, stay up for a bit, then go back to sleep.

I ended up going to the living room to hang out with Scarlet for a bit where I fell asleep and stayed asleep until just recently. It’s close to 12 right now. No headache to speak of which is nice, but I can tell it’s a low day. No gym, definitely no people, which means no grocery shopping, but with the leftover food we have from the excursion yesterday and the handful of meals from last week still in there, we’ll be fine for a few days.

We still haven’t meal planed and I’m not all that interested in figuring it out today. At least not right now. I might make a trip out because I’m pretty sure I only have enough creamer for one cup of coffee, which means tomorrow is going to not be fun.

As far as today goes, once I’m done procrastinating I’m going to make that cup of coffee, procrastinate further by stitching until I finish up the face of the dragon which shouldn’t take more than an hour, and then work on my card until the game tonight.

I have been looking forward to Uke’s game for the past two weeks, but now I’m sort of burnt out on social time and I feel a little bad that I wouldn’t mind if the game was canceled tonight. I didn’t factor in the “burn out” level when I agreed to hanging out last night, and now I have to contend with the consequences. Blarg.

On a more positive note, I made it to the gym 5 out of 7 days last week, with one of them being a two-hour session. I almost went running again yesterday, but decided not to. I think it was a good choice since my legs started seriously aching later in the evening, and I’m not sure if that was the muscles being angry with me or a side effect of the drinking.

Either way, I’ve been doing really well with the gym and my water intake. So today will be an “off” day, and I’ll pick back up on Monday with yoga, and maybe running before hand if I wake up for it.

Here’s to another good day. One where I might actually finally put the cloths away so they can stop looking at me every time I go into the bedroom.


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