Musing Moment 0061: The Battle Plan


Day two of the 30 day challenge. Today is the day where you figure out essentially where you should be focusing your energy. What should be your priority? With out further ado… my thoughts about my life and the battle plan I came up with.

My intrinsic priority, the priority that comes most naturally to me is physical health and my career / purpose, even though both of those areas are sort of sucking right now.

My key priority, the one that I need to be focusing on, is I feel my emotional health.

Much like the last time I did this challenge though, to see changes in my emotional health I need to focus on other areas. I need to find balance, contentment, and peace again, and I can’t do that by focusing on my emotions. My emotional health is greatly impacted by other areas of my life, and so by focusing on those other areas I will be in turn building up my emotional strength.

I will honor this priority, my emotional health, but maintaining a workout routine again. I will clean up my eating habits as well, which have gotten slack due to feelings of depression. I will make time for myself. Quiet, alone time, where I can fully decompress. I will ensure the leisure activities I participate in are legitimately leisure for me and are restoring actives that I am invested in. I will figure out what I want to do with my career relatively soon, so as not to feel stagnant and trapped in that area of my life.

Procrastinating on figuring out my career would not be honoring my commitment to my emotional health, regardless of how icky the situation may be at first. Using depression as an excuse to not workout or to cook proper meals would also be dishonoring my emotional health because I will feel guilty for my choices later. Spending time on actives that I don’t want to be doing will add to my feelings of frustration and stagnation, again, dishonoring my commitment to feeling better.

My emotional health is important. Caring for myself is important. The reason I am in the emotional state I am in right now in large part has to do with the fact that I stopped caring for my wellbeing. I need to go back to treating myself properly, caring for my self as I should, in order to see the changes I want.


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