Daily Post 018: The Thursday That Was Really Wednesday


I spent most of this morning thinking it was Thursday. So imagine how estatic I was to learn that I had a whole extra 24 hours in my week to do things.

Zane and I spent the morning together, which was a fantastic change from the fighting. I ended up going back to sleep for a few hours after he left for work. I had gotten home around midnight, and was in bed around 12:30, but I wasn’t able to fall asleep easily, and waking up at 6am was rough. I was able to get another hour and a half of sleep, and I was way better off for having the extra REM cycle.

I took the time to sit and enjoy my cup of coffee while I did my challenge writing and responded of a few other emails. I cooked breakfast after that, then went about making my do-to list for the day, starting with getting a new notebook. I went through the braindump from yesterday, picking the tasks that I wanted to do today, tomorrow, this week, and so on. That meant there was a fairly extensive list for today, but amazingly, I actually got through literally everything that I wanted to. Good feelz for that.

After making my list and figuring out my current goals I went through my Omnifocus. I don’t think I’m going to be picking that program back up this month, but it was nice to go through it and see that I actually took care of a lot of the items that I had in there. I cleared out the projects that I’m no longer going to be putting time and effort into. I didn’t add anything new because like I said, I don’t think I’ll be going back to it just yet, but still, it’s nice to know that’s it’s cleaner than what it was.

I emptied the bedroom trashcan since it was full. I messged my brother about the money for the storage unit since he still hasn’t paid me for that. He’s going to be sending me $150 which will catch him up on what he owes.

He said he felt a bit unloved since the only times I seem to message him are to ask about money. Which in his defense is a valid complaint. The only times I have been messaging him are when I add him to my to do list, which isn’t fair and isn’t how I want our relationship to be.

I messaged him back saying that I would really like to go back to having chat times with him where we get on Skype and play Magic the Gathering together and actually feel like we’re part of each others lives. I miss him, and I want him to know that I love him, which requires more than a quick messages which basically amounts to “Hi, bye.”

So that’s in the works to get fixed.

I had brought in the box of “car stuff” that I keep in my truck when I had to take all of the stuff to the storage unit over the weekend. Since that was in the apartment and easily accessible I decided to go through it and make sure everything needed to be kept. Of course there was junk in there that needed to be thrown out or donated. So I went through all of it and cleaned the box up. I even took some of the rain-x and sprayed my glasses with it so when I’m biking the water won’t be as aggravating, hopefully. I sprayed the mirror in the bathroom with it as well. Might a well while I have it handy, right?

I updated one of my cross stitch posts with a new image. One without a stitched typo… Like it never even happened. Muahahaha. I also took a quick second to dig out a new skein of thread from my stash because I ran out of a color I’m currently working with. Glad that I had it handy otherwise I would have been an unhappy camper.

After all that I showered and biked to work, using Runkeeper to track my time.

I ate a tuna lunch with a bottle of water while I sat outside cooling off from my ride. It was a really nice way to get ready for work. I saw Clavan and confirmed that I’m not supposed to work on Friday. I’m not. So much awesome. I can’t even put into words how awesome. Another day where I’ll be alone at the apartment. I have so many plans for those eight hours.

Once lab started I took the time to figure out my schedule for the coming month. Shading and Lighting will have one lab that I need to be there for on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 9am to 1pm. The Character Rigging 1 labs are going to be Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, 1pm until 9pm. I’ve already emailed my group to let them know which days I will be taking off to prevent working six days a week. I also offered to take both of the CRI1 labs, if we even end up needing both lab times, that way David can go home in the evenings to be with his wife and newborn.

I emailed my instructor to let her know that I was going on a Leave of Absence. I uninstalled several programs from my laptop, and installed Maya 2016, something that I’ve been dragging my feet on.

Since one of my goals, as established back in January, was to focus on Shading and Lighting I went through the online platform that the students have access to and made a battle plan for all of the assignments. I then began working on the first handful of them. My current goal in that department is to essentially go through all of the assignments for the class so I can be familiar with the projects and have hands on experience with them, especially since the projects just changed literally last month.

I’ve already noticed where things could be better, such as the way the information is displayed in the FSO platform. It would be so much easier to work with the information if it was contained inside of a separate pdf, rather than a huge web page of death full of so much information that you can’t figure out what you actually need to be looking at. It’s just an information overload, and it’s formatted poorly with very little in the way of hierarchy to help guide the eye. And look, there’s proof that I’m actually learning something through the Digital Art and Design classes that I’m taking. /flex

So I’m thinking about offering to create the pdfs for the assignments and projects. That would be a fun project. At least fun in my mind. Because I’m weird like that. I would most likely use Illustrator because I like that program more, though InDesign is more meant for text and such.

Anywho, once I got through as much of the Shading and Lighting work as I could with not having a mouse to use I went about working on my cross stitch. I actually didn’t get all that much done in that regard. Roughly 30 minutes worth before work was over.

After work I biked home, forgetting to use Runkeeper because I’m lame.

I started cutting up the veggies that we’re going to be using in the curry, which I realized we didn’t have coconut milk for. But that was ok because we forgot to get cat litter last night, and I had used the last of the shampoo as well, so the store would be a good adventure to undergo.

Once the veggies and chicken were packed away in containers I made a meal of two burger patties with mushroom, onion, and cheese. I used some soy sauce with brown sugar and garlic to cook everything in. It came out super tasty.

Zane came home shortly after I had finished eating. I was getting ready to start going through the “white box”. The box I had brought back from the storage unit with me.

He asked what all I wanted to go tonight and as I started listing off all of the things I still wanted to get through he mentioned that if we didn’t watch Arrow shortly that we most likely wouldn’t be able to tonight because someone else would highjack the living room and TV.

I agreed to wait to do my things, but inside I was cringing. Things were going differently than what I had thought they would. Change bad. Change bad.

I was a little tense at first, but I started stitching while we watched the show, and eventually everything was ok. After a couple episodes I went and showered while Zane cooked our dinner of pancakes…. Don’t judge us…

I had one. He makes his pancakes super thick compared to what I’m used, and I’m not a super big sweets person, so one was more than enough to last me the next four months or so. I might go make a scrambled egg shortly though since I’m a little hungry again.

Anyway, after eating I cleaned up the kitchen and set the dishwasher to run, then we headed out to the store. The shampoo we use was buy three for eight bucks. So both Zane and I got a scent and a matching conditioner bottle for me. I love mine. Like, I’m thinking about taking a shower just to use it type of love mine. It’s lavender and mint. ❤

So much win in such a small bottle.

One of the things I did last night was revise my budget to reflect the numbers I will have once Zane starts getting his paychecks. I will be saving $700, roughly, it will actually be a bit more than that, each month. If Zane is able to put any money toward me in December it is very possible that I could actually have the card paid off. Or at least so insanely close that it would be finished off in January.

I. Cannot. Wait.

Seeing those numbers, seeing what my financial future will be in roughly two weeks, it makes things seem ok. Two more weeks and I’ll be back on track. Two more weeks and it will be an even partnership again.

We can do this. I can do this. And I told Zane about it.

He wants to pay for my phone. Not sure if I mentioned that before or not. But in November he wants to get an account with Version, which I totally support him getting a phone with service. Right now he doesn’t have one, but if he’s going to be driving around, especially on a motorcycle, I want him to be able to call someone if he needs help.

He said that he wouldn’t mind if I was on his plan because I get crummy service with MetroPCS. I said that I wouldn’t mind being on the plan as long as I was able to continue paying the $40 that I currently pay for my phone, to which he replied he wouldn’t mind paying all of the phone expense for me.

I’m not sure how I feel about it. I don’t like people paying for things for me. There is a part of me who is worried that it would be held over my head or something to that affect, even though I know that he wouldn’t do something like that. I feel like with everything we have been through on an emotional level through these past four months, everything that I’ve written about, and all the things I haven’t, that I know him well enough to know something like that isn’t in Zane’s character.

There’s still that fear though. And that nagging voice that says I should be paying for my own way in life. It’s my phone so I should pay for it.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with that. But it is something that has been brought up, and will be mentioned again once Zane has his first paycheck and bank account set up.

So much stuff is about to happen in the next few weeks. It’s almost a little scary and daunting.

Back to today though. We came back home and put the food stuffs away. I did go through the white box. I did cry and Zane and I talked about it. There were pictures of my dad and I in there. Putting puzzles together on the floor. I remember when that picture was taken. There were pictures of my brothers. My grandparents. There were graduation cards, some of which I threw away, which might sound heartless to some people, but I don’t have emotional attachment to them, so I don’t want to keep them. I kept the ones that mattered to me, and that’s enough.

I also went through most of my “in” pile, putting away different papers that I want to hold on to, the tax information from before I moved to Florida that I found in the storage unit. Miscellaneous things like that. I also figured out how to mail things outside of the US so I’ll be able to send off several of my cross stitch projects soon. By the weekend I’m hoping.

And now I’m wrapping up the night with writing. No tea, but like I said, I’m hungry so I might have an egg instead. Zane’s about to go to sleep as well since he wakes up so early in the morning now. At least he has extra pancakes to look forward to for breakfast.

I still need to write out my to-do list for tomorrow, but I feel like tomorrow is going to be a good day. It’s essentially my Friday. I’ll be able to give my legs a rest from biking so much. I’ll be in the Shading and Lighting lab so I can work on the assignments I want to. I don’t know. It just feels like tomorrow will be nice, like how today was.

I’m really hoping days like today are how most days will be in the future. I would be ok with that.


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