Musing Moment 0064: To-do List Triggers


Day 9 – Triggers

My triggers haven’t changed. I still check my list at the beginnings and endings of my labs. Any time I get into or out of my car. Any time I change location. Any time I complete a task I assess where I’m at and what needs to change, be added, or removed from my seemingly never ending list.

I have this down to a working science for me. So there’s not much to write about really. I’ve been doing better about making my to-do lists at night before bed, along with writing, but I don’t think two days is really all that much to go on… Further data is required.

So really things are going fairly well. I still need to set up a solid workout routine, other than my biking, but with how much I got done yesterday and how active I’ve been this week what with biking to work, I’m sort of ok if that gets pushed back until the weekend, or tomorrow since I’ll have Friday to myself.

And really at this point I’m just rambling. I have other things I need / want to get taken care of in the next hour and a half, so I guess I should get going.



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