Daily Post 020: It’s Fixed!


Today started crazy early. 6am. Which I guess in the scheme of things isn’t all that early. But I didn’t get to sleep until around 12:30, then woke up at 2am for a little bit. So it seemed like an ungodly hour.

It was hard to sleep with the air so warm. I love summer, and heat, but that’s when I’m awake. I love sleeping under big fluffy comforters and blankets, and that totally wasn’t going to happen last night with it being a billion degrees in the apartment.

Ok… so just like 6am isn’t technically all that early, it technically wasn’t a billion degrees in the apartment. We opened up the windows so there was some circulation, but it was still cooler outside than it was inside. Not cool…

Zane and I had breakfast together. After he headed to work I started tackling my to-do list since I had had my coffee and was awake. I went ahead and paid the bills. I went through my “in” pile again. There were a few things that still needed to be put away and a couple of letters I wanted to write so I can mail them to my mom and younger brother. I sent an email to my mom with my Skype information. I also asked her for my brother’s address and her PO box since she’s sold the house and I have no idea how to send stuff to her at the moment.

From there I started looking at the workout routine I want to start up for my Warrior Dash. I added those events to my calendar. I’m going to be using my ZenLab apps to focus on strength building for the time being. I made sure to put in rest days, too, since I have a habit of not giving myself time to recover.

By then it was close to 9am. I showered then ran the new lease down to the apartment office. While I was there I asked about the parking decal for my car. I guess they’re out of them at the moment, but new ones should be in by Monday or Tuesday. So close. >.<

I also put in a work order for the AC unit, hoping that would get done within the day.

With all of that squared away I hopped on my bike and headed to the bank to get the money order for November’s rent. That was a really nice easy bike ride. Once I was done with the bank I biked to the grocery store to pick up some shredded cheese and taco sauce. I got a sushi lunch while I was there, sitting outside in the shade while I drank water from the water bottle I had packed in my backpack.

It was a really enjoyable experience. I had my headphones in and there was a cool breeze which was helping me cool off.

There is a Ross store in the same plaza as the Publix that I had biked to. Since I’ve been biking so much, and since it’s something that’s going to continue for the next while I figured I would see if there were any athletic shorts that I liked since I only have one pair that I actually like at the moment, and even those are literally falling apart on me. I got the pair I have from Goodwill about a year ago, and the stitching is unraveling, which sucks. I love these shorts and I’m hoping I can find other pairs very similar to them. Ross didn’t have anything that I liked though, so that was a bust.

I biked back to the apartment. Shortly after I got inside maintenance showed up for the AC unit. Huzzah. They got it working and it was the most amazing feeling ever to have the ice cold air filling the apartment after being out and about for over an hour.

I set up Trevor’s printer to be able to email me scanned images because I had a few things I needed to scan but I didn’t feel like going all the way to school to do it like I normally would have. I printed out a meal plan template that I found online while I was at it so I have a cleaner way to track my meals and workouts.

I might actually breakdown and buy new highlighters. Currently I only have a pink and blue one and I’m using both of them to highlight different things on the meal plan sheet. It would be cool to have other colors. With meals figured out I went ahead and figured out most of the shopping list for the coming week then went about the cleaning chores for the day.

I scrubbed the walls and cabinets in the bathroom, along with the counter. I wiped down the mirror as well. I still want to clean the floors, but that’s a battle for a different day. I did vacuum the living room, hallway, and bedroom, though. So I don’t feel bad about skipping out on part of the bathroom.

Since I was done with the hardcore stuff I showered again, ate, and got to work on the SAL Project 1 assignment. Since that involved a lot of rendering (think of rendering as watching paint dry, only digitally, on the inside of your computer screen) I was able to do other things while working on the assignment.

I brushed Scarlet. I cut my nails. I even cross stitched for a bit, though I spent more time threading needles for the last major section I have to work on than actually stitching. At least the prep work is out of the way.

I was still in a full on “Work” mode when I completed the assignment so I started creating the podcasts for Lecture One and Project One. I even got them both 100% done before Zane got home.

I was hungry again, having been ignoring the fact that I needed more food for about an hour and a half. Zane was also hungry so we decided that we would go out tonight rather than tomorrow. Though in all honestly we’ll most likely go out tomorrow, too…

We went to a new place that neither of us have been to. Burger 21.

It. Was. Amazing.

Seriously it was a super awesome burger. And they have a sauce bar and one of the sauces is a Thai ketchup. That was fantastic and I’m so happy that we were able to have a night out and not have it lead to fighting or a downward spiral for once.

It was actually an awesome date night.

We stopped at the smoke shop to get more watermelon shisha. We’ve been using it fairly often with mint, which gives it a sort of bubble gum flavor. I’ve really been enjoying it. So much so that’s it’s sort of my go to flavor at the moment. Which means we were super low on that flavor. Coals as well. So yeah, we stopped and picked up that stuff.

And now we’re back home.

I’ve spent the last little bit finalizing everything so I could email Tony my work for the SAL assignments along with the new podcasts that I created. I offered to create pdfs for the assignments as well to help fix the ugliness of the FSO pages. We’ll see what he wants to do in that regard.

I’ve already made my to-do list and cleaned the kitchen. I’m pretty much done writing my blog. I still have my 30-Day challenge assignment to write. But the only other things to do are to pick my next cross-stitch project, which I think will be for Clavan, and then to run the dishwasher.

42 tasks today.

Tomorrow has a lot of errands. I’m looking forward to it, but at the same time I realize that I might not get all of it done. I might burn out before the end, and I’m ok with that. Most of the errands I have listed under a “Possibly” section on my list, so whatever gets done is awesome, and what ever doesn’t get done isn’t a big deal because it’s wasn’t written in stone.

Though… in all fairness… all of my to-do lists are written in pencil. : 3


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