Daily Post 021: To Crawl Into Bed… Or Just Waffle Face On The Keyboard…


Today seems like it has stretched on for forever. It feels like more than one day has passed and that I have gotten so much done, and yet at the same time I’m left wondering what I really got accomplished with my day.

It started at 6am, which turned into me hitting snooze until around 7:10. I did get up, however. Go me. I ended up having a Skype conversation with my younger brother. Almost an hours worth of catching up with him.

It was a spur of the moment thing while we were both online. I originally had gotten up early to go to the store before going to the gym. Even with the conversation I ended up getting everything that I needed this morning… sort of.

Since Zane and I had pancakes for dinner the other night we still had half a container of buttermilk in the fridge. I want to go back to having the weekends be sort of special since our weeks are spent mostly apart again. And special things almost always involve food, at least for me. So I suggested we actually do pancakes, for breakfast this time. It’s something different from our normal eggs or oatmeal, and we could use the rest of the buttermilk in the process. Two birds one stone.

Zane was on board with the idea, we just needed some baking soda, and there were a few other things on the shopping list I wanted to go ahead and get. So I did.

I got back home, put the food away and still had some time to kill before going to the kickboxing class at 9:45. I figured since my membership is good at the LA gym until December that I would take advantage of Jackie’s kickboxing classes on the weekends. Maybe even the yoga classes on Sunday’s, which I’m hoping to get to.

I almost didn’t go to kickboxing this morning to be honest. After getting back from the store I took stock of how I was feeling. Sort of tired. Sort of sore from all of the biking recently. I wouldn’t mind having an “easy” day. But after thinking it over I knew that I would be aggravated with myself. I wanted to do kickboxing. I want to run my Warrior Dash. I’m not going to be able to run it if I “take it easy”. And I knew after the class that I would feel awesome.

Which I did. Jackie’s class was once again fantastic. We ended with a bunch of core work. When I got home Zane was already making the pancakes. I had forgotten to get fruit for them, so he had run out to the store while I was at the gym. He had asked before I left if that would be ok because I was worried that I had ruined our breakfast plans by not getting strawberries. But everything turned out fine.

Zane retrieved the strawberries and the pancakes were actually pretty amazing this time. I guess he added vanilla to the batter, and he made mine thinner this time since I had mentioned that his were thicker than what I’m used to.

While we were having breakfast we discussed what needed to get done today.

I had my list of errands that I wanted to do, and I mentioned that he most likely wouldn’t want to be there for most of them, which I was cool with. Zane said yeah, he was feeling pretty anti-social. I was too, but I knew whatever I didn’t get done today would be left for a different day, and with the game tomorrow night I really didn’t want to save everything for tomorrow.

So today it was.

I showered, logged my workout, then headed to Wal-Mart. Next month most of my labs are in the morning, which means I’m going to be biking while it is still dark out. According to Florida law I have to have a front light and a back light on my bike, so I bought those. I spent a while looking through the clearance section to see if there were any athletic shorts I liked, but no dice. That’s ok. I don’t really care for the Wal-Mart brands anyway. They don’t last, but then you get what you pay for.

After Wal-Mart I went to FedEx and figured out how to ship one of my cross stitchings. Online I had been given an estimate of $20. So I went through the whole process. At the end, after everything was filled out and rung up it came out to $40. I paid for it, because it wasn’t like I was going to not send it, but I did politely mentioned that I had been given an estimate at half the cost and wanted to know why it was so much more.

I guess on the weekend they only ship priority, and I had most likely been given a quote with the economy-shipping price. Good to know for next time, but it would have been nice if it had been mentioned that one of the options wasn’t available. The girl who was helping me was super new though. She kept having to call the supervisor over to make sure the forms where being filled out correctly. So all in all it wasn’t a bad experience, just different from what I was expecting, and now I know for the next time I need to ship outside of the country.

With that taken care of and off my list I decided to run by school to take stock of the lunches I have stored there. I went ahead and had a tuna lunch while I was at it since I wanted to avoid spending money on food. It didn’t help that Zane had taken my credit card with him to the store in the morning and had forgotten to put it back in my wallet, so all I had was my debit card.

I added the information I needed to the shopping list for the coming week, ate, then headed to the sporting goods store near the mall. I figured I could go there, look at shorts and the clearance section and hit up an office store along the way to get the highlighters I wanted. Wal-Mart had a crap selection.

I found two pairs of shorts I super liked. I liked them so much that I decided I was going to go to the second location that I knew of so I could see if that store had any more. It was doubtful. Clearance items sort of suck like that, but I felt it was worth a shot.

The Office Max I had been hoping to go to apparently closed. But the second sports store is near another pretty major area, so I figured there had to be a store with highlighters somewhere around there.

With a revised battle plan in my head I pulled out of the parking lot and drove towards the UCF campus. I passed a second Wal-Mart along the way, which I stopped at. While I had been going through the clearance racks at the first one I had found a pair of pants that I super liked, but they didn’t have my size. Which is odd… very rarely do I get to say, “This is too big for me.” But it happened and I was bummed about it because these pants were super comfy.

Since I was passing the store anyway I figured I would stop and look, but again that was a bust. Nothing there for me. So back to the car it was.

The second sports store had one of the shorts I liked, but in two colors, so I got both pairs, which gives me a total of four new shorts to bike in instead of the one pair that I keep wearing over and over again. I’m going to be sad to retire them, but they have served me well and I really like the new pairs that I got. I’m hoping they last for a while.

Next will be new bandanas. Can’t wait. : 3

There was an Office Max and I did get the highlighters I was looking for. I wish I knew of a place where I could get individual highlighters. I really just want green ones at the moment. Or blue. I’m not a huge fan of yellow or pink. Orange ones are awesome, too. And I really love the mini keychain highlights. They’re perfect for keeping with my cross-stitch stuff. But I have no idea where to find them anymore. The only place I remember seeing them was at Staples forever ago when I still lived with my mom.

And since I’m at the computer I just did a Google search for Sharpie Minis and wouldn’t you know I can get a pack of them for roughly 5 bucks. I might do that next paycheck just because they’re tiny and adorable and I love them.

Anyway, I forgot to mention that between leaving the first sports store and stopping at the second Wal-Mart I did wash and vacuum the car. I hadn’t realized there was so much gravel and dirt on the floorboards. I also found a pair of Zane’s socks under my seat, most likely from when I was doing laundry at the laundry mat. I also found one of his missing pens.

The only thing errand wise left on my list was putting gas in the car, which I figured I could do after Zane and I got back from dinner. We had made plans to go out for sushi if we were both up for it. We both were, and it was amazing with great service. I left a $10 tip.

I unloaded the dishwasher and reloaded it. Zane and I watched the last bit of BoJack Horseman on Netflix. I had to go out and get batteries from the CVS near the apartment so I could make sure the lights for the bike work. They do and they are attached. Woo.

I never did get gas for the car, but that’s fine. I need to get my missing lunches from the store then take them to work, so I have to go out for a little bit tomorrow. But I’m hoping it’s only for a little bit and not the 5-hour adventure I had today, though I don’t regret any of it.

I do need to take a few things back to Wal-Mart to exchange them, but overall it should be a fairly short excursion tomorrow as far as the errand side of things goes.

I want to wake up in… 5 hours now. Even less by the time this post is done. I want to try biking in the morning to get a feel for it before Monday, which means I only have tomorrow morning to do it. I also want to try biking in the new shorts so I can make sure I actually like them as much as I think I do.

I don’t want Monday to be full of a bunch of new and untried things because if any of it doesn’t go down the way I want it to then Monday is going to suck and I don’t want my Monday to suck especially if with a little bit of quality assurance it can all be avoided.

So yeah… early wake up call tomorrow to do this. /sigh

I also want to do yoga around 11am so I can get some stretching into my routine. I can feel that my legs are super tight and need it.

I really need to sit and make my to-do list for tomorrow so I can see the game plan for my day. Checking my work email would be a good idea too so I can see if Tony had a chance to look at the podcasts yet. I’m hoping he likes them. I think they turned out well, but then I’m most likely biased.

I had wanted to do a few things for work today, but I don’t really see when I could have. I’ve been out for most of the day. I did a lot of running around, I had an awesome workout, I spent about an hour stitching towards the end of my night. I had a full day, and I’m going to have a full one tomorrow, too. And it’s Saturday. I think I’m allowed to not do something work related on my weekend.

Yeah… screw you brain. I’m not going to let you make me feel like a slacker. I will however let you convince me that I should be in bed right now rather than typing at the keyboard.


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