Musing Moment 0064: More Challenge Stuff


Day 10 – Rethink Your Goals

One thing that I never really do with Chalene’s 30 Day Challenge is recreate my goals. I normally stick with that I first come up with, come hell or high water. This time though I actually sat down and rewrote my goals.

Some of them have actually changed. I am feeling more inspired by work, mostly because I have actually been doing work and I can see where the curriculum can be improved. It also helps that I’m not super depressed and I have the energy to look outside of myself and to care.

So after a little bit of thinking this is what I’ve come up with.

  1. Run the Warrior Dash in February
  2. Complete the SAL course work before December
  3. Create pdfs for the SAL assignments before January
  4. Pay off Bank of America credit card by February
  5. Get gauntlet tattoos by May
  6. Achieve 1st Dan rank in aikido by next December
  7. Achieve 1st Dan rank in taekwondo by next December
  8. Reach size 14 by May
  9. Run a solid mile by January
  10. Create a SAL reel focusing on glass, crystals, and grunge

Half of my goals are in some way health related, and the rest are sort of work related. A lot of the “health” goals deal with personal and spiritual growth though, which heavily factor into my emotional health, which is what I decided my key priority was supposed to be.

I’m feeling so much better than what I was a few sort weeks ago. It’s almost insane how much different, lighter, and just in general emotionally healthier I already feel. I feel like I’m standing back up again, and now I’ll be able to move forward on all of the things I want.

These goals are a little different from the ones last week, but I feel like they are more solid. I actually want to achieve all of them, rather than just writing them down because I feel like those should be the things I want.

Day 11 – Skill Mastery

Day 11 is when you begin focusing on what skills you need to have in order to achieve your push goal. Right now my push goal is the Warrior Dash. I’ve already upgraded my ZenLab apps and plan to begin using them tomorrow. I just got done with an extra bike ride, and there’s yoga later today, so cut me some slack on the number of pushes I’m not going to be doing… >.>

I do want to start moving on my black belt goals though, so I think the first search I’m going to be doing is finding podcasts / videos for practice routines for taekwondo. I want to go back to practicing the punches, kicks and first stance. Maybe doing that for roughly 10 minutes or so each day after my bike rides?

I don’t know, but I’ll figure it out. First thing is first though. Got to find material so I’m not just flailing around hoping I don’t break things.

Day 12 – Blood Type = “Be Positive”

Ahhh, day 12. The day that is always hard for me. This is where we admit that we have evil voices in our head that berate us. All those self deprecating comments… we have to own up to them and realize that we’re not all that nice to ourselves most of the time.

For a while I was doing good with staying on the “Positivity Train”. Until recently, though, I was full of hurtful, hateful comments that I directed only at myself.

  1. You’re a failure.
  2. You’re disappointing everyone.
  3. You’ll never get anywhere in life.
  4. Why don’t you just give up? It’s not like anything matters anyway?
  5. You can’t do this. It’s too hard for you and you know it.

How is that at all ok to say to anyone, much less yourself?

Sticking with the assignment from Chalene here are my five positive, first-person counters to those comments.

I am NOT a failure. I’m actually pretty amazing and a badass.

I’m not disappointing anyone. Not even myself because I’ve kept going through all of this. I’ve survived and I’m getting back on track. There is nothing disappointing in perseverance.

I have gone many places in life, and will continue to do so. The only difference between a dream and reality is hard work.

Maybe some things don’t matter. But I’ll never give up, and just because something doesn’t matter to someone else doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter to me. I only put effort into things that I think are worth-while, and if something gives me fulfillment then it matters.

I CAN do this. I am doing this. It’s not too hard. It’s hard enough to make it worth it. Nothing that is worth having in life is going to be inside my comfort zone. I’m going to have to stretch for it. Reach. Push myself. And once I get whatever I’m striving for it will be that much sweeter because it wasn’t something handed to me. It was something I worked for and achieved. It made me better in some way because I actually did something.

And with that I am caught back up with the challenge. Off I go to continue my plans of world domination. : D


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