Daily Post 022: Fashion Rant and the Rest of My Sunday


I’m currently at work. I got here around 7:10 in the morning. Zane gave me a ride since I was pretty sore across my shoulder blades, most likely from kickboxing on Saturday. Of course when I first woke up this morning and thought of the bike ride to school I was like, “Noooope”. Think of Lana from Archer.


But then as I was walking out to the car with Zane, showered, fed, and dressed for the day I was like, “I totally could have biked today…” So much lame, but there was no turning back at that point. So now I’m at work until roughly 6ish when Zane comes to pick me up, unless I walk three miles home, which since I’m wearing a skirt today will most likely not happen, or I suppose I could try to get a ride from someone, another option with a snowball’s chance in hell.

All in all I think today will be a good day, as long as I’m able to find a pair of headphones because I currently do not have any of the four pairs I own on me… I don’t even know how that can happen. Only… I do… because I took them all out of my backpack at some point and never thought to put any of them away. I suppose I should mention that my desk is currently a mess right now, and if I had taken the time to straighten it up even a fraction I most likely would have avoided this issue.

I’m sure there’s a set of headphones in lost and found that I could use for a few hours. I might look into that later. At the moment the break room is completely empty and the silence is nice. Music would be cooler though. I think something soft, something for background noise. It’s a new week so there should be new tunes on my Discover Weekly list from Spotify.

Anyway, I guess I should recap Sunday since I didn’t get to it yesterday. I would like to go back to doing weekly recaps, too. I miss taking the time to reflect on my weeks and everything that I was able to accomplish and all of the crazy adventures that I go through. I think adding those back into my routine will help keep my life in better perspective. So that’s in the works.

I haven’t had a chance to make my to-do list either, but at the moment I’m still plucking away at things that I know need to get done. I feel like once I am done writing that I’ll be able to start today off right. So far, most of the things I have done have been immediate tasks, such as checking work email, or hold overs from yesterday, such as writing my blog.

I don’t want to start my week off with last week. Which making today’s to-do list before the writing would be doing that. I would have to add my “write blog” task to it, and I don’t want that to be the way I start the day on my list, even though technically it is still part of today, regardless of if I write it down or not… I don’t know why it’s such a big deal in my head if it’s on the list or not, but it is, so this is the order I’m doing things in to appease my neurological masters.

Alright, now that that tangent is out of the way…

Sunday started at 6am. x.x

And that’s after not getting to sleep until after 1am.

I wanted to bike to school in the morning. I know traffic might be a little heavier during the week, but I wanted to get a feel for the lighting, the temperature, and how things would look with biking so much earlier in the day than later in the afternoon. I also wanted to try out my new biking shorts to make sure they were comfy and something I would enjoy biking in.

So I got up, had coffee with water and a piece of toast. I got dressed and mentally ready. I carried the bike down the apartment steps, checked to make sure the lights were still working from last night, put my helmet on, then headed off to work with my Chevelle station playing on Spotify.

It was a great ride. The sun wasn’t up yet, the streets were empty. It was a little hard to see the sidewalk so I actually biked on the road instead so as not to run down a poor pedestrian. When I got to the bike rake at school that I used I hopped off and did some stretching before turning around and heading back home.

The sun was just starting to come up, so everything was lighter, softer. More cars were on the road but since I could see everything clearly I didn’t mind being on the sidewalk again.

The shorts were awesome. Totally happy with them, and for $5 you can’t really beat it. I mean, seriously, they were marked for $40 originally. Got to love clearance.

When I got home I drank more water, showered, then woke Zane up so we could do breakfast. I still had some errands that I wanted to get done for Sunday, but I also had yoga at 11 that I wanted to go to and I didn’t want to be rushed at any point during my day. There was also the DnD game later that night which would be people intensive.

Instead of dashing out to try to do the shopping before yoga, Zane and I ended up starting season one of The Flash. Before the first episode had ended I was hooked. I stitched through most of it, trying to get my latest project completed. By the end of the episode it was time for the gym, so I changed, again, and headed out in my yoga attire and flip-flops because fuck wearing sneakers to the gym. : D

Yeah… I’m that person.

The yoga class was amazing. I actually was able to do the Flying Lizard pose.


basically it’s this image, only I most likely did not look that graceful, and there was a lot more sweat…

Lizard is one of my favorite poses though, and I was super happy that I was able to take it to the next level. My legs felt so much nicer after the class, too.

When I got back to the apartment I ate, and showered, again… I feel like I’m becoming part fish with how much I’m in the shower now. I got dressed and headed out to take care of my running around. I went back to Wal-Mart and returned some stuff. Which I know this is going to be a full on tangent but I need to rant somewhere and Zane just wouldn’t understand because he’s a dude.

I had bought a few packs of panties the other day. With biking to work, and working out so much more I’m going through two pairs a day essentially. So I figured having ones specifically for working out in would be nice. I stood there for a while in the store, going through all three aisles of options. Why can’t there be a pack of just plan black panties? Nothing fancy with printed flowers, or pink, or lacy, or skimpy bikini cut, or whatever other overly feminine things have to be done to or on panties?

I really feel like at this point getting boxers would have been easier.

I finally settled on two matching packages, so I would have six sets, that I felt were subdued enough, the right fabric that I wanted, for a price I was willing to spend.

So imagine how frustrated I was when I got home and realized that the cut wouldn’t fit the way I wanted to even though they say they’re in my size.

/goes on a rampage

All I wanted was some panties. Why is it that guy stuff is so straight forward, “This size is actually this size, no bullshit attached,” but girl stuff is, “This size only fits this size if you make a sacrificial offering, and only if that sacrificial offering happens on the third full moon of the month,”?

It’s like shopping for shoes, another thing that I hate and would rather stab my eyes out than have to suffer through.

“Oh look. These are super adorable, and they’re in my size. Except they’re not because size 10 doesn’t really mean size 10. It means we’re going to label this as a size 10 and laugh as they watch me through secret cameras as I get frustrated when I try said adorable shoes on and realize they don’t fit like they should.”

This is why I hate shopping… Arg.

So that was like a page and a half worth of “I hate capitalism, just give me something that’s functional and straight forward,”…

Well, I went Wal-Mart and returned the unsatisfactory merchandise and got roughly $20 back. I went back to the clearance section and got the pair of pants I had found on Saturday. I don’t care if they are slightly too big. They’ll be my new lounge pants for around the apartment. They’re super comfy and purple and I love them. I know this because I wore them all last night. ❤

I also got a couple clearance tanks to go over my workout tops for the whole biking thing. I picked up new hair ties because my hair is 100% long enough to be put into a ponytail again. I also picked up a dark chocolate candy bar for Zane since Wal-Mark is the only place we know of that sells his Green and Black 80% coco bar.

That ended the Wal-Mart trip. From there I went to Publix to pick up the few things for my school lunches that I needed. I also got shaving cream. Zane and I have been sharing his and it was running low. I didn’t want it to be empty if he went to shave his head or face for work. I didn’t think that would be very fair, or fun, especially since the reason we’re going through it faster is because I haven’t replaced my own. I didn’t really see a need to, though. Zane doesn’t mind that I use his, and his works just fine for me. So as long as we replace it when we are low, or out, there shouldn’t be a need to have two different bottles / containers of shaving cream in the bathroom, especially when such a small space is shared with two other people.

I got more tomatoes for Zane’s BLT sandwiches as well. He’s going to be taking those for his work lunches. There was a deal on yogurt, so I got six of those. I still have left over granola sitting in the pantry from the last time I bought yogurt, and I figured since I needed some sort of snacky thing for when I get home after biking this would be a good way to free up some storage space.

I feel like biking is coming up a lot in my posts at the moment. I’m sort of tired of typing that word… so I can only imagine how tired people are of reading it…

After Publix it was off to school where I dropped off the box of protein bars I bought and the tuna lunches I needed to replace. I also took a few green apples with me from home, that way if I needed a snack while at work I have something other than a lunch item.

The last stop was to get gas for the car. Then it was back home.

I poked around online for a little bit, but eventually watched the second and third episode of The Flash while stitching. I got all of the base stitching done, and all of the back stitching had already been completed, which meant all I had to do was figure out the custom lettering I want to backstitch and then do it.

Sadly I ran out of time to do that, so the project didn’t get finished last night like I wanted. Zane needed to use my computer for the character sheets, which meant I couldn’t play around in my cross stitching program.

I wasn’t part of the game very much last night to be honest. They spent a lot of time going back over stuff because some of the sheets didn’t save properly. I took the time to print a new cross stitch project and to prep the fabric and threads for it. I’m going to be making one for Clavan this time. One that says, “Thank you for your patience.”

The original piece of fabric I was going to use had a run in it, but I thought I would be able to fudge the stitching enough to still be able to use it. After about 30 minutes worth of stitching it was pretty apparent that I wasn’t going to be able to do that though. Lame….

I was already tired, and sort of over taxed from the day, and the game wasn’t all that fun for me since we really weren’t doing anything for an hour and a half. I wanted space, and silence. The apartment was overly warm again, too, but I thought it was just me because I hadn’t been drinking as much water as I should have been.

I offered to go get food to get away. Trevor gave me 5 dollars, and John gave me a 20 to get his own separate order. I threw in another 8 ish, and went to Taco Bell to get a taco box for everyone.

It gave me the space I needed to recharge and let me feel like I was actually doing something with my time.

When I got back to the apartment I ate in the room, alone, and then came back out to the game where I prepped a new piece of fabric and made a fair amount of progress on Clavan’s project. Trevor also mentioned that it was warm. I guess the AC got bumped up to 80 degrees so it wasn’t kicking on like it should have. We lowered it down and that helped a lot with making me feel more comfortable being around everyone.

My character tried playing catch with some giant toads that were in the crypt we’re exploring. They weren’t very good at it and sort of got upset at me for throwing alchemist fire at them… they wouldn’t have caught on fire if they had caught the vial though… so it was totally their fault…

I ended up calling it quits and going to sleep around 9ish. I had been feeling sort of sick for the past two days. Not like full-blown sick, but I have been a little congested and my throat has been bothering me enough to be annoying. Not painful, just sort of blah feeling. It’s that pre-sick feeling. Not cool…

I also wanted to wake up at 5am this morning to make sure I had time to get ready incase Zane was taking me to work. And just in general, I like waking up with enough time to not have a rushed morning because rushing sucks and adds to the chaos.

I took Nyquil to make sure that I got to sleep and stayed asleep. Zane came to bed at some point but I don’t remember much about it, what with being drugged and all.

5am came way too fast. I would have been ok with an additional three hours of sleep. Even as it was, Zane and I stayed in bed until around 6. His alarm actually didn’t go off, so it was beneficial that I asked what time it was. I ended up getting up to shower, Zane dressed, I packed my bag (forgetting my headphones), made breakfast, Zane shaved, we ate together, then got in the car and drove to my work.

Making breakfast was a little hectic. I make sure Zane’s lunch was packed, too. Since all of my lunches are at school I didn’t have to worry about mine.

If I hadn’t been so tired last night I would have prepped most of this morning so there would have been less to do, but seeing as how I was so tired I didn’t even make my to-do list last night I don’t think there was much hope of having the foresight to do anything else.

It’s something I will keep in mind for the rest of this month though. The more that is taken care of at night, the smoother the morning. Good logic there.

All in all I think the morning has gone fairly well, and I’m happy with everything that I was able to get done last week.

I have already looked at my work email and had a message from Tony in regards to the work I completed for the first assignment. I have things to add to my to-do list in that regard. I also have my brain-dump sheet that I created last week with things I still want to get done this month. There shouldn’t be as many errand type chores to do this coming weekend.

I forgot to mention that yesterday I also did laundry because clean clothes are nice.

But yeah… that was pretty much my Sunday, and my Monday seems to be off to a good start, if a slightly tired one. I’m going to go make my to-do list though, so I can actually be productive with my 10 hour shift.


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