Daily Post 024: Tired Tuesday


My brain. My poor, poor, over taxed brain.

The morning started off great. Zane and I had breakfast. I ended up doing a sort of ad hoc post due to some thoughts I had floating around in my head. I made chocolate covered almonds after that so I can have a healthy, high protein snack stored at work. I cooked more bacon since we’re going through that pretty fast what with Zane doing BLTs and both of us having egg sandwiches for breakfast currently.

I also cooked the veggies for the Sriracha chicken Zane is going to be making tomorrow night. I didn’t want them to go bad since they have been sitting in the fridge for a while.

I put the clothes away. I set up a pitcher of water with Oxyclean to soak my most recently completed cross stitch. I made a prepped batch of eggs for tomorrow morning and made sure my alarm was set since I’m normally worried that I forget to set it at night.

I posted my challenge writing for the past two days. I bought the Professional Certification book for my test. I created an info graphic for my weekly recap. There are things about it I want to improve as far as design goes, but I liked how it came out for a trial run. Much fun was had.

By then it was time to get ready for work, so I cooked lunch, ate, packed my backpack up, showered, then headed to school making sure that Runkeeper was tracking my ride.

I got to work a bit early, so I took the time to stretch before going inside and eating an apple and clocking in. I emailed the pdf to Tony. He had a few changes he wants me to make, but overall he’s really happy with it. Yay. There wasn’t much in the way of work email to take care of. I ended up getting the key for lab and chilling inside of the lab room, basically preparing myself for the first day speech stuff.

There are two labs this month. It’s been a while since we’ve had a class this big. David called role, and I did most of the talking. With the first lab being completely full there were several questions. It didn’t help matters that the class is switching over to a new setup for lecture, so there were all sorts of questions about that which I didn’t really know how to answer. I did the best I could though, and I have a list of questions to ask Clavan tomorrow.

I ended up going to Crispers for the bowl of soup that I didn’t get to have yesterday. I needed the space and distance from people. I still had another lab to get through. Only I would be completely alone in it since I told David I would take it for him. I know he would rather be at home with his wife and newborn.

I went through the intro stuff again for the second lab. It’s roughly ten people, so there weren’t as many questions, but still too many to really get any sort of work done. Too many intrurrptions to get a workflow going.

I did check out the Maya book for a little bit. I tried going through the reviews at the end of each chapter. I was able to get through almost all of them. I still want to work through all of the files though, just to have the hands on experience. I’m worried that I’m not prepared for this test. I’m worried I’m going to fail it by underestimating it. Blah…

I told Zane that I most likely wouldn’t be leaving work until around 8, but I wanted to get this writing done because I’m most likely not taking my backpack home with me. I’m tired and I don’t want the weight on the ride home, especially when I’m waking back up at 7 to come straight back here in the morning. I’m not going to be using my laptop for anything so why cart it around?

I did look into buying a crate for my bike rack. I’m going to have to wait until next paycheck for it though. I’m ok with that.

I stitched a fair amount on Clavan’s project, but even that I didn’t as far as I normally would have with how much I had to keep stopping. I’m sort of fried right now. The silence of the empty lab is nice, and I’m hoping the bike ride home isn’t too stressful with it being at night.

I’m not going to do my workout stuff like I wanted. I hadn’t thought the second lab would be official since for the past however may months we have been able to condense the labs into a single one. No dice on that this month though, and at 9pm I’m not all that interested in situps.

I’m hardly interested in food, though I know I need to eat. I really just want to shower and sleep.

Anyway. Today was a good day. A busy day in the morning, and a crazy draining one towards the end. Hopefully there is a bit of recharge in there for me before tomorrow starts.


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