Daily Post 025: Wet Wednesday


I biked home last night after posting my blog. Little did I know it was sprinkling outside, so not only was it dark out, but the roads were wet so there was a bit of glare from the lights. And headlights from on coming traffic suck.

I mean, overall the ride was great. It was cooler since the sun was down. I didn’t have my backpack with me so I was able to go faster. There wasn’t much traffic and no one on the sidewalks. But there were a list of drawbacks, so it ended up being just a ride, rather than a good or bad ride.

I hadn’t thought of the headlights from cars. I dislike driving at night because of how sensitive my eyes are. On the bike it’s even more uncool. Much lame. But… I made it home in one piece and it was actually a pretty good ride as far as time goes and muscle soreness.

I showered and ate once I was home. Didn’t do much else before going to sleep.

I would have been ok with another hour or so of sleep, but my alarm didn’t want to have anything to do with that. And with wanting to get out the door by 7 it’s not like I had the luxury of turning my alarm off and ignoring responsibility, though it was more tempting than it should have been.

I got up, showered, cooked breakfast and ate with Zane. We didn’t have much time together yesterday, and we weren’t going to get much until later in the evening, so we made the most of what we were able to get this morning.

He left before I did, but not by much. I biked back to school. It wasn’t as bad biking in the morning as it had been at night. It was a great way to start my morning. I made it to school with about an hour and a half before I needed to be in lab.

Google reminded me that it was my dad’s birthday. It actually reminded me that it was coming up a few days ago. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. What I should do. To email or not… what is morally, emotionally the right choice?

I ended up sending him a quick message to let him know that I wished him a happy birthday and that I hope he did something to celebrate. Right after hitting the send button I called my mom so she would help me with the emotions I was feeling.

I’m glad to say that the pain I felt quickly went away and I feel I have a better understanding of why it hurt. I feel like I made the right choice, not for him, but for me. I wouldn’t have felt ok if I hadn’t sent something.

With that taken care of I went about finishing up with my personal email and my work email. I was nominated for another award on my blog. I don’t think I’ll have time to write a post up for it before bed, but it totally made my day to see the nomination.

I also had a message saying that my first cross stitch gift made it to its destination. That, too, made me super happy. So even though there was a bit of ickiness in the beginning, a lot of really positive things happened, too.

While in the SAL lab I talked to Frank about buying the crate off of him again. We agreed on $12. I arranged to meet up with him in the evening, around 7, to pick it up. I’ve already looked at a net to go over the crate, which would be around $5. I think that will make toting my backpack around a lot more manageable.

I worked through literally half of the chapters in my new certification booklet. Those were the short chapters though. The other ones I think will take a bit more time. I have my battle plan for them, though. I’m hoping to be able to get through the rest of it by Monday.

I had a list of changes that Tony wanted made to my demo pdf, so I went ahead and took care of those once I completed the chapters I had assigned myself. By then lab was over and it was time to head home.

Of course it was raining… It was actually a nice ride despite the weather. Since I have a pretty bitchin’ backpack it comes with its own little rain poncho. I remember how I stressed over buying the backpack when I first broke up with RB. It was an awesome backpack, had great reviews, and to top it off it was purple. It wasn’t cheap though, and at the time I hadn’t been sure if it would be a good / smart investment, even though I had had to throw my old one away due to bedbugs.

Today reminded me of how much I love it. It’s been a fantastic backpack this past year, and today only solidified that I made a smart choice. I didn’t have to worry about all of my stuff getting soaked on the ride home because of its nifty, build-in rain cover. so much win and awesomeness. I love my bag. ❤

I was cold and hungry by the time I got home, though.

I ate my last frozen burrito. No more junk food in the apartment. Huzzah. I took a warm shower and changed into comfy clothes then started attacking my post-work to-do list.

I ironed my latest cross stitch, scanned it, and made a post for it on my blog. I sliced up more tomato for Zane’s BLTs. I made chocolate covered almonds the other day, but never got around to putting them into a container. I was waiting to go to the store to get plastic baggies for storage purposes, but I decided that they were taking up too much space on the counter just sitting there. Instead, I put them in a plastic container until Zane and I got around to doing the shopping, which I was hoping would be something we did after he got home.

I curled up in bed with Scarlet for a few hours. I wanted to nap but wasn’t able to. It most likely would have thrown off my sleep schedule if I had. Just resting, not moving, was good enough for me.

Zane got home a little before 6. Sexy time happened, so I never got around to meeting up with Frank for the crate. No regrets. I didn’t have the cash on me anyway and it would have been a bit of a hassle to get such an odd amount as cash back from a purchase.

Zane and I talked about dinner eventually. Originally we were going to go out on Friday, but we decided to change that to tonight instead. Less people out and about on a Wednesday night, which we were both ok with and it made it so we weren’t pressured to rush to the store.

We went to my sports bar. We actually had the server we normally had when we went for lunch. It was fantastic to see her again, and I made sure to leave a good tip.

After eating we went to the store. We got honey so Zane could make the Sriracha chicken finally and baggies for my almonds / his sandwiches. We got little pumpkins to carve as well since we’re not going to be doing much for Halloween. I got some breakfast shakes to stash at work as well. It would have been great to have one this morning instead of a tuna lunch or a super heavy protein bar.

I don’t think I’m going to have to get anything for my lunches next week. I’m good on bars. I have six bags of the almonds. I still have most of the tuna lunches, and now I have the four shakes. I don’t think I’ll burn through all that much between Thursday and Friday to warrant needing to replace anything.

When we got back to the apartment Zane and I put the food away then I ran to school real quick to drop off the almonds, which I had divided up into baggies that we had gotten while at the store, and the shakes. And by ran I mean I took my car because I’m efficient not lazy…

It didn’t take me very long at all. Zane had started the chicken while I was out. I prepped the hookah with watermelon and mint shisha and set up my area on the couch so I could cross stitch a little while watching an episode of The Flash.

And that’s basically been my day.

I’m pretty tired. I want to sleep well tonight. I’m looking forward to the weekend where I don’t have to wake up at 6.

Tomorrow I don’t have to leave for work until noonish. I’m hoping to get at least two things taken care of: laundry and picking up my parking decal from the office. They haven’t called me about it yet, but I was told they would be in around Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully the decals are in by now and the office just forgot to call me to let me know.

I’m not sure what else I want to try to get done tomorrow. It’s the CRI1 lab so I’m expecting there to be too many questions to do much in the way of real work. I’m not going to want to work on my certification files. I don’t want to try working through any more of the SAL assignments because that would need focus as well. I don’t have any podcast videos to edit… I’ll figure something out I’m sure.

I’m pretty written out. Nothing else to really say, just rambling. I’m off to make my to-do list and wrap up the day. Tomorrow comes in 5 hours.


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