Musing Moment 0069: Days 16 – 17


Day 16 – Knowledge

Most of the time we need to have a little bit of extra information to complete our goals, especially if they’re personal improvement goals. Today Chalene encourages us to research. Find a blog, article, book, expert, something, that is related to your goal. Something that could help you get to where you want to go.

I started this a bit yesterday by looking for taekwondo podcasts. I think I’ve found a few that will work well, but I think I’m going to end up buying the book Sensei Mike recommended to me while I was going to the dojo.

I also want to get more information about the Warrior Dash. I think it would be good to keep reading and looking for tips and tricks for preparing for not only the race, but for getting in shape to begin with since I know I need to do more with my upper body and core.

I know I need to do a bit of digging around online and this is a reminder day to add those tasks to your to-do list. They’re just as important as everything else and deserve to be added into your day.

Day 17 – Reverse Engineering

This day has changed a bit. There’s more resources and such to go through than what I’m used to, which isn’t a bad thing, but it does mean that currently I don’t have the time to sit and do it. I didn’t factor this extra time into my morning. But it’s nice to see that the challenge is still updated and improved upon.

Reverse engineering a goal is a fantastic endeavor. A goal is really the summit of the mountain we are trying to climb. You can’t get to the top without taking all of the steps in between the summit and the base, though, and that’s what most people forget. You can’t instantly “poof” up to the top. You have to do all the work in between.

So… what is all of the work? What are the steps you need to take in order to get to the top of your goal?

That’s where reverse engineering comes in. Start from the top, then figure out how you got there. I suppose I really should do my research with the Warrior Dash first before trying to reverse engineer my goal of running one. I have a decent idea of what I ought to be doing, but I’m sure there’s more information out there that would help me along the way, or help me with steps I haven’t even thought of yet.

So I’ll most likely come back to this activity at a later time, but it’s good that I have it simmering in my brain. It’s helping to keep me motivated and excited. I’m actually starting to look forward to the race because I might not completely suck at it. : )


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