Daily Post 028: Busy Sunday


The only thing I didn’t get to on my to-do list today was my weekly recap, which I’m totally ok with.

I slept well last night. I woke up fairly early this morning but lazed around in bed, sleeping off and on, cuddling with Zane because it was warm under the covers. Eventually I did get out of bed to clean up the kitchen from the makeshift party the night before.

I cooked the Cajun pasta so we could have meals later. I messaged my younger brother to let him know that I got his check and deposited it. I poked around at my external drive and found the old SAL podcasts that I had downloaded while I was a student. I want to watch them at some point since I plan to create new ones for the class and I want to make sure I’m not forgetting little gems of information.

Eventually Zane got up and we mapped out the day.

I took his bike to get looked at and to replace the tire that I overfilled the first time I tried to use his bike. It wasn’t the gears causing the chain to skip. It was the hanger that was messed up, which is a fancy bike term for a certain part of the bike that does a special thing…

In all seriousness the guy I ended up spending the most time talking to was super friendly and helpful. He explained that the hanger was bent and that was causing a tension issue with the chain. When I asked how it got bent, like, if it was something improper I had done verses normal wear and tear he explained some of the most likely causes.

When I asked how to tell if it was a gear issue causing the chain to skip he actually took out some tools and showed me how they check it and the process they would go through to fix it. Super awesome information. He didn’t talk down to me and he didn’t act like I was wasting his time.

They said it would be about 30 minutes to fix the bike. When I asked if it was cool if I ran to Wal-Mart to do a bit of shopping they said that would be fine, and they would email me to let me know when the bike was ready.

So with that set up to be taken care of I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a new water filter, coffee creamer since there’s a different selection at Wal-Mart than at Publix, and a candy bar for Zane since I wanted to do something special for him.

Before I was done shopping, roughly 15 minutes after I left the shop, I had an email saying the bike was done. Sweeeeet.

I paid for everything then headed back. It was about $50 for both the hanger and the tire, including the labor, but after riding the bike around the street for a little bit I totally felt it was money amazingly well spent. The bike rides so much smoother now. Seriously. It’s like I’m biking on air. Riding a cloud… that hates my quads… but a cloud none the less. Completely 100% satisfied with the service and work. I’ll be going back there for sure.

I think it would be good to get the bike serviced in January. A full tune up, which would be about $100. But if it’s going to be my main transportation now, which I’m really loving it so far, then I think that would be a good investment. I would rather pay to maintain the bike properly then have to pay medical bills for getting a concussion from the bike falling apart while I’m on it. Sort of like the car. I take it in every so often so I don’t get blindsided by issues later.

That’s for a later time, though. Right now I’m super happy with the bike and how it’s preforming.

I ended up biking to the bank to withdrawal $20 and biking back home. I wanted to test out the bike and I needed to do something. After just a day of sitting around, recovering, I was about to go insane from not working out. It was a fast ride. Only 25 minutes, but I averaged a 5 minute mile pace which is the fastest I’ve been able to do so far. Or maybe a more accurate way of saying it is that was the longest I’ve been able to hold that pace consistently. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I didn’t have to wait to cross a major street with the route I took to go to the bank.

It was such a pleasant ride with a nice burn. Not too hard, but not too easy either.

I showered when I got back to the apartment. Zane had gone through his box in the living room, picking out what he wanted to keep at the apartment, what he wanted to go into storage, and what he wanted to toss. I started a load of laundry.

Zane ended up switching the wash and I folded it before bringing it back into the apartment. We decided to do salads for lunches this week. Breakfast is already taken care of, and dinners are good for at least a few days.

Since Zane is hoping to figure out what’s going on with his paycheck tomorrow while he’s at work we’re trying to hold off on a full blown grocery trip. He really wants to be able to pay for the groceries this week. He also wants to start putting gas in the car since he’s really the only one driving it. I’m pretty ok with that.

I had a list of errands I wanted to run before the game. The first stop was to the storage unit to drop off the stuff. Then I headed to Publix to get the things needed for the salads and a case of water to drop off at work. From there I went to the Arby’s in the same plaza because I needed to break the $20 that I had. At least that’s the excuse I’m using for justifying why I bought cookies for Zane and myself.

I ran to school, stopping at Taco Bell to get tacos for later that night. Since it’s game night I wanted to make sure there was food for everyone. I ended up having to call security when I got to school. For some reason my badge wouldn’t let me into the break room. It was giving me issues last night, too, though. I thought it had to do with it being a holiday, but the security guy said it most likely has something to do with daylight savings.

Either way, what should have only taken me three minutes took me closer to 15. Much lame, but at least it got done.

I stopped by the gas station to fill up the car, that way Zane doesn’t have to worry about it for the week. I had messaged Frank earlier asking if it would be ok to swing by to pick up the crate he had for the bike, which was why I needed to break the $20.

I gave him $12 for it and we chatted for a bit about work and school, and high school, marching band and sports. It was a good conversation. I enjoy the times we’ve been able to hang out outside of work.

I was already hardcore late for the start of the game though, and I had the groceries in the car so I didn’t stay all that terribly long. Just long enough for it to not seem rude when I left. Go go social ninja skills.

When I got home it was just Uke and Zane. Bobby wasn’t going to be able to show up until after 7:30 and John was MIA. Since we really couldn’t start the game until at least one other person showed up I decided to get to work on prepping the food.

I boiled eggs for the salad, cut up the lettuce, and shredded the rotisserie chicken. There was enough to make six containers so Zane and I each get three. I cooked more bacon for my egg sandwiches. We shouldn’t go through the bacon as fast this week since Zane I think will be eating oatmeal for the most part, and he’s not doing BLTs for lunch. I cleaned up the kitchen and prepped a batch of egg mix for the morning.

Eventually Bobby showed up and the game started. It was pretty disjointed again. Zane was playing on his phone, which is a story in itself. Overall it was a fun game. John ended up showing up around 10ish and played for the last hour and a half.

Everyone is still out in the living playing Guitar Hero. I’m tired and will be going to sleep shortly.

There’s no SAL lab tomorrow, which totally changes my game plan for the day. I already wrote out my to-do list.

I plan to bike to the gym in the morning for a yoga class then come home. That’s a 12ish mile bike ride, plus an hour for the class. I think that will be a good day as far as working out goes.

I want to start work on the second assignment for SAL and work a little on my certification testing. I have four more chapters to get through. Depending on how long the first one takes I might try to work through two of them.

I want to call my mom as well just to touch base with her. I would like for our conversations to go back to being a weekly occurrence.

My to-do list seems really full, but honestly, the first half of it I’ll blow through before 10am. The yoga class is at 8. So with me leaving the apartment around 7ish, I’m sure I’ll be fine. I think I’m going to ask about getting a locker at the gym so I can keep my shower stuff there rather than having to worry about carting it back and forth all the time. No real reason to keep a bunch of shower stuff in my backpack where it’s taking up space and adding more weight to my commute.

A small locker will be $5 I think. Maybe it was $10. I honestly don’t remember. I think in either case it would be worth it.

Oh. At some point I also added the gas mileage information to the Evernote that I have for it. And I did put the cloths away when we took a break from the game.

I’m ready for tomorrow. There may be a nap involved with how active my morning is sketched out to be.

Zane and I had a conversation before I came back to the room. Not a bad conversation, but one that requires some contemplation and reflection on my part. As I need to I’ll write it out, but for now I’m tired and the only thing I want to do is crawl into bed with Scarlet and pass out until 6am. So that’s what I’m going to go do.


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