Daily Post 029: Dates and Checks


Yesterday was a busy day that ended with a deep, restful sleep.

I packed Zane’s lunch and made breakfast. I spent a bit of time on the computer catching up on some of the blogs I follow, replying to emails, and in general procrastinating on my day.

Eventually I showered and hopped on the bike. I planned to go to the gym, but I stopped by school first. I wanted to pick up a protein bar and some water bottles from the break room where I stash my stuff. No dice though.

The lock was still acting up from over the weekend, so no one could get into the room. Awesome… I got back on the bike and continued to the gym sans aqua.

When I got to the gym I talked to the receptionist about purchasing a locker. The small ones are $5 a month. So I did that. The reserved lockers are in a different area than what I’m used to, so I couldn’t use “my” locker. But I like the one I picked out, so hopefully it will grow on me.

I had packed my toiletry bag before I had left the apartment, so I was able to leave it at the gym when I left. Before I headed out though I had my account for the machines reactivated. If you don’t log into it after so many weeks it becomes inactive and it won’t register your number when you try to log in. I also set up an appointment with Terry to adjust my range of motion on the machines since a lot of them felt uncomfortable the last time I used them.

That’s actually been something that I’ve needed to do for so long I can’t remember the last time I actually enjoyed being on the machines. But I need to start focusing on strength, and this is a good step in that direction. So that’s going to happen tomorrow morning at 7:30, after a nice 5-ish mile bike ride so I’ll already be warmed up and ready to go.

I’ve been thinking about my running, which I haven’t been doing lately. With so much cardio from biking I’m not sure how smart it would be to try to work running into my week. I think I should wait and see how I do with adding the strength in.

Currently my plans have changed to try to include the gym in the morning. Since I’m trying to leave home around 7ish in the morning that gives me plenty of time to get to the gym, do some stuff, shower, and get to work all without being rushed. Today is going to be a test run of it since I don’t have to be in until 1pm. That gives me plenty of time incase I misjudge something.

Anywho, the gym was successful, even though it took way longer than what I wanted it to. I biked home and was pretty done for the rest of the day. I kept at a 4:30 mile, though. So that was awesome.

Once I got home I ate and drank. I tried calling mom but she was at the doctor’s office and said she would call me back. She didn’t, but that’s ok. I”ll try pestering her again later today. She can’t escape me. >:3

I wrote for my challenge assignment. That was sort of uncomfortable on the emotional scale. After I posted it to my blog I wrote for Zane, explaining how I felt and why. More uncomfortable-ness but I felt better after sending him the email. Look at me communicating and shit. Like a bawce.

Since I was still in front of the computer I went ahead and made my weekly saga post. It’s crazy to go all the way back to Monday and reread what happened. I totally forgot all of that happened this past week and not eons ago, which is what it feels like.

I think last week went pretty well. I think I got a lot of stuff taken care of, and a lot of projects moved forward or were finished completely. It’s a good feeling to realize that. It’s also a good feeling to see how much better Zane and I are doing. Yeah we’re still having spats every now and again, but we’re recovering from them much faster, at least I am. And they don’t seem to be lingering in my memory as much. I’m able to see and remember the pleasant times more.

I have been using an online template for the infographic, but I plan to make my own in Illustrator. Maybe InDesign, though I don’t prefer that program. There are some changes I want to make and I would be able to use a full sized image rather than being restricted to what the website will let me use on the free account. I’m totally not paying for one when I can easily make my own if it weren’t for the laziness factor, which is what I’m trying to correct. I ought to be making these myself. That’s what this whole Digital Arts and Design degree is for after all…

After posting my weekly saga I curled up in bed until Zane came home, which was only about 10 minutes. We had plans for a double date with Dan and Rachel. They used to be players in Zane’s Pathfinder game when I first started dating him, but things got crazy on their end and they had to back out of the game. We haven’t seen them since.

I know Rachel has been talking to Zane since they are fairly close friends. She’s been seeking advice for how to handle a situation between her and Dan, and I respect that. The topic ended up coming up during dinner and it was a very open conversation. I enjoyed it and I think I helped give Rachel some “girl perspective”.

We ended up going to Sushi Café. I was so hungry, which brings me to something else I’ve had on my mind. I’ve noticed changes in the contours of my form again. I read somewhere that it takes around four weeks for you to notice changes in yourself, 8 weeks for people close to you to notice, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world to see those changes.

So I do feel that I’m actually losing weight again and building muscle. I can see different lines in my legs, in my waist. It’s nice. It’s motivating. I’m doing good. I feel good. Lots of good.

I get super hungry super often. And I eat. Normally my meals are on the small side, especially when compared to how I ate while I lived at home, or even in my beginning years of college. My egg sandwiches consist of one slice of bread, some cheese, two slices of bacon and one egg. It fills me up without being too heavy, too much, but in two to three hours I have to eat again, and if I don’t I get headaches.

Last night as I was ordering my sushi I noticed that it was actually a pretty big meal for me. And there was a moment where I wondered if I should feel guilty. Should I not eat any more? Is any of this counter productive to the whole weight loss thing?

I know that I most likely should have only had one glass of tea. The second one would have been better off as a water. But as far as the food side of it, I decided that I wasn’t going to feel guilty. Whatever I’m doing, I seem to be doing it right. I eat when I’m hungry, and I make sure I’m eating fairly healthy things.

I don’t think I’m going to waste energy on feeing guilty when I don’t think there’s something to feel guilty for. I had a lot of protein last night, which is good, because I need that. I didn’t over eat. I didn’t feel sick afterwards.

I did feel insanely tired though. Satisfied and ready to be done with the day even though I didn’t do a whole lot work wise. Like… I did nothing work related. Looking back on it though, I spent most of my Saturday grading, so in reality yesterday was my day off. And it was a good day.

I haven’t done much this morning yet other than catch up on the tasks that I didn’t finish off before passing out last night. As soon as I finish this post and my water I’ll be making my to-do list and figuring out what needs to happen.

One piece of amazing news, Zane’s check was in the mail last night. Huzzah! He’s going to try to go to the bank after work and open an account so his checks can be directly deposited from this point forward. Fingers crossed he’s able to make it there before they close.

And with that I’m off and away. That whole needing food thing…


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