Daily Post 032: Thursday and the Laundry


Today has already been a productive day so far, but before I get into that I guess I should recap yesterday because I never got around to writing before going home.

I did go back to sleep thinking that I would wake up when Trevor’s alarm went off. But I didn’t. Instead I slept until almost 11. I had enough time to go down to the leasing office to put money on the laundry card, but not enough time to actually do the laundry. Much lame. They also still do not have parking decals… grrrrrrr.

I ate, showered, packed up, then headed to school. I messaged Terri when I got in to see about making an appointment to discuss personal training. I checked my work email. They are doing a food drive event so hopefully I can convince everyone at the apartment to get rid of all of the cans of stuff they’re not eating. That would free up so much space in the pantry.

I talked to Bre and actually made a lunch date for later this afternoon. More on that later. I talked to Zane to let him know that I hadn’t had a chance to wash the clothes. He said he would take care of it when he got home, so I was super looking forward to not having to worry about that.

I created the PDF for the Project 1 activity for the Shading and Lighting class. I had a student come in and interview me about freelance, my experiences with it, and advice I would give new artists.

I tried watching the Lynda.com tutorials Tony has associated with his class, but I kept having connection issues during the second lab, so I gave up on that, saving it for today.

Both labs went well, but it was a very socially taxing day, and by the end of it I just wanted to go home. I changed back into my biking stuff, put on music, and headed home. The ride last night wasn’t as bad. I find that going slower on the final stretch makes it less nerve wrecking. Since there aren’t as many streetlights the sidewalk can be hard to see, so going slower helps.

Oh. I did get a reply back from Terri. We ended up making an appointment for 7:30 this morning, so I had that to look forward to.

When I got home Zane wasn’t there. He had messaged me saying that he was going to stop by the hookah lounge he used to work at. He’s planning on having a Pathfinder game there Saturday, and he wanted to make sure he was still on good terms with the managers and see what changes had been made to the location.

I hadn’t had an issue with it when he had messaged me, but on the ride home I realized that because he didn’t come home the laundry wasn’t going to be done, and the cats were most likely dying because we keep our door closed during the day, which isn’t bad when someone is home around 5 or 6. But 9pm is a little long to keep them away from the litter pan.

Of course to top it off when I got inside the sink was full of dishes.


I was frustrated. And I knew I was. I showered first before doing anything. I needed some time to cool off, literally, and to reassess my night. I didn’t know when Zane would be back. I didn’t know what was going on for dinner, but I needed to eat something now. And I didn’t want to be angry when I should have known this was going to be the result of someone not being home.

The night wasn’t ruined, but I needed time to really see that instead of going with my knee jerk reaction for something not being done when I had been hoping it would.

After showering I took the laundry down to start the wash. I came back inside, ate, then did the dishes. There was still time left on the wash so I thought to go back to the room and stitch, but I wasn’t really feeling it. I was still frustrated, more because I was tired and still having to take care of things.

Zane came home. He knew I was in a mood. He ended up helping me through it though. He switched the wash. We had dinner together because I was still hungry. The salad I had eaten wasn’t cutting it. I ended up having an egg sandwich with half a cup of coffee.

Zane wasn’t feeling well. He hadn’t eaten for most of the day, and then smoking at the lounge was making him feel sick and headachey. He ended up going to sleep. I brought the wash in but left it on the kitchen table because I didn’t have it in me to put it away.

I had been resting on the couch waiting for the clothes to finish drying and would have fallen asleep if I hadn’t set an alarm to go retrieve it. I ended up going back to the couch when I came back inside and slept until 1:30 at which point I moved back to the room with Zane.

For some reason his alarm didn’t go off at 6 like it should have. We’re lucky I’m a light sleeper and that I woke up when Danielle started moving around. That was around 6:20.

We had a good morning together. Both of us heading out the door right around 7. Him for work. Me for the gym.

I met with Terri and we talked about what I want to do, what my interests are as far as physical stuff, and even went through some of the machines I’ve never been on. I got to do the pull up machine. : D

Totally don’t care if I did bad or not. I’m still going to sit here and feel like a badass for finally getting on it.

I think the meeting went extremely well. We’re going to be meeting on Monday and Wednesday at 7:30 am. That will take up my last two free wellness meetings. The others I will have to pay for. But for $25 a session I’m pretty ok with that. That’s so much cheaper than what the LA Fitness cost would have been. And I really like Terri. She’s super nice.

So that is taken care of and underway. I ran a few laps around the upstairs track while I was there, then showered and headed to work. The sun was a little annoying at 8:30. It’s at just the right angle to glare directly into my eyes. Maybe next time I’ll hang out in the sauna for a little while, then shower. You know… just so the ride is nicer. : 3

I got to see Marcus this morning, which meant we finally got to talk about the cross stitch piece he wants to commission me for. He wants it to be a Christmas gift for his girlfriend. I told him I could have a design made up hopefully next week. That would give me a better idea of how much time it would take. That would also, hopefully, allow me to finish Clavan’s piece first.

I’m pretty sure I could get it done in time though. It would be my first commissioned cross stitch. : 3

I also signed up for my Warrior Dash. Like, it’s official. I’m signed up for the race and everything. No backing out now. >.<;

It’s mildly scary. But in a good way. I’ve already linked the event to my Facebook and one of my friends has already mentioned how he’s run a few before and if I had any questions to feel free to talk to him. That’s reassuring. I’m sure I’ll think of tons of questions as I begin wondering what I’ve really gotten myself into.

I’ve also talked to Zane about the groceries. He’s going to be getting this week’s groceries since technically he was supposed to get last weeks but couldn’t because his check didn’t come in on time. He’s also going to get next week’s groceries because he gets paid that week.

Since we get paid on opposite weeks that’s how we’re going to do the shopping, too. Who ever got paid buys food. I think that will make it easy for both of us to keep it straight.

I’m also thinking about having another bit of a spending spree. I need new shoes. I’ve needed new shoes for a while know and I keep putting it off. But with how much I’m biking, soon to be running, and all of this stuff at the gym… I can’t keep putting it off. So no matter what, new shoes are happening tomorrow.

I also want new bandanas. One of my current ones has holes in it because I wear it so often. And, again, with working out it would be nice to have a few that I can cycle through.

Those things I can justify, and I’m pretty ok with them as investments.

I also want to get a new helmet, and this is where I have an issue. I have one. It’s the helmet from Frank. It’s not bad, but it’s a skater helmet, and I feel sort of weird wearing it. I want a sporty, sexy, red biking helmet that makes me look like I know what I’m doing.

It’s lame. It’s shallow. It’s vain. I still want it. And if I don’t get it eventually I know that I’m going to feel like I’m being denied something and it will become a point of stress and contention in my mind.

Why, Brain? Why do you do this to me?

So I don’t need a new helmet, but I will most likely be getting one so I can keep feeling motivated and amped about everything I’m doing.

I’ve put $300 towards the card. With not having to pay for groceries that’s roughly another $150 I could push that way. I’ve paid $60 for my race. I’m going to be paying another $140 for my certification.

That means I have roughly $300 in “play” money that really ought to go towards my debt. Or… be spent on workout stuff. Not that I would spend all of that. The shoes alone would be roughly $100 though. I’m guessing the helmet would be around $50, but I honestly don’t know. The bandanas would depend on the ones I got. I like the $15 ones and I would most likely get two of those. Maybe three since I plan to keep one of my current ones, and I would like to have an even number because odd numbers are weird.

Arg. I need to think on it more. But… most likely tomorrow will be a bit of an expensive day.

I also have my lunch with Bre today, but I’m pretty sure we’ll end up going somewhere with a lunch menu, so it shouldn’t be all that expensive.

Anywho, that’s been my day so far. After lunch I’m going to go home and make some podcasts. Zane and I are going to go over the grocery list and take care of that. Saturday I have work from 1pm until 9pm so most of the day is shot. I’m going to try to get all of my play shopping in during the morning so I can have my gear for when I go to work.

Oh man. Biking to work with a new helmet. So much win.


One thought on “Daily Post 032: Thursday and the Laundry

  1. It took me so much courage to start using the machines and weights in the coed part of the gym. But once I did, it felt really empowering and I go there all the time now. Good luck on your warrior dash training! Always love catching up on what you’ve been up to. Hope you have a great Sunday 🙂

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