Daily Post 034: Weekend Fun


I didn’t write over the weekend even though I wanted to. I would get to the end of the day and just not have it in me. I went to sleep at 9pm last night…

Seriously? 9pm… That hasn’t been my bedtime since like… high school. But it was so good to sleep. So good that I ditched from the Pathfinder game early to go cuddle with my pillows.

But enough about that. Let’s go back to Saturday and work forward.

Brain Dead Saturday

Zane and I ended up doing all of our grocery shopping Saturday morning. We stopped at the new produce store first just to poke around, but we both really liked it. We ended up getting most of our shopping done there, including a few extra things like quail eggs.

We still had to hop across the street to Publix, but it was really nice getting everything taken care of. We unloaded the car and started putting all of the food away. Zane butchered the burger that we got so we could have premade burger patties for lunches. He also cut up the London broil (I think that’s what it was) into steak sized pieces.

Once that was taken care if it was time to take him to the hookah lounge for the game he was trying to run. One of the chicks he has been talking to on OkCupid was supposed to be there, but she bailed last minute. That’s super lame in my book, and I think that burnt the bridge she had with Zane.

Another one of the players wasn’t able to make it, and both his brother and the other guy were going to be a little late. It didn’t seem to be going the way that Zane wanted, but we were both holding out that it would be a good experience.

When we got to the lounge it wasn’t open yet. Uke got there sortly after we did, so I offered to buy everyone lunch from the Chinese shop right next to the lounge. By the time our food was ready the lounge was open so we went inside to eat.

I stayed with Zane and Uke for a bit instead of rushing around to try to do the shopping that I wanted. I really didn’t feel like being in a time crunch. I wanted to be able to enjoy my time and it didn’t seem like that would be able to happen Saturday. Lame.

But there wasn’t anything wrong with waiting until Sunday. The day wasn’t ruined, just a little different, and different doesn’t mean bad.

I left Zane with Uke to head back home to get ready for work at 1pm. I wasn’t going ot have to pick Zane up from the lounge because Uke had his car, so that was nice.

When I got to the apartment I realized that I didn’t have my apartment key on me because I’ve been keeping my key in my biking bag, and Zane had his key with him so he could get in when Uke brought him home. I was so close to being frustrated when I realized my mess up, but before I jumped to conclusions of being locked out I went ot the front of the apartment.

Since we’re on the second story we have a little balcony off of the kitchen with stairs that lead down into a courtyard. That’s the door we normally use. I was hoping that our front door was unlocked, for whatever reason. And wouldn’t you know it was? Huzzah! I could still get into the apartment without having to drive all the way back and get the key from Zane!

I had about 30 minutes of free time which I spent curled up in bed. I needed a little bit of recovery time from the shopping earlier in the day. Going to a new place really took it out of me, and then talking with Pat, one of the owners at the lounge was more social time, and chatting with Uke… I needed a break before going into work.

I wasn’t really all that recovered by the time I had to get going though, and I knew that didn’t bood well for the day.

The first lab was super rough. My brain felt like goo by the second hour and I still had six to go. Not good.

I was supposed to call a buddy during my break at 4pm, but I couldn’t. I didn’t have it in me to talk to anyone. Instead I went to Subway since it was away from the campus. I was hoping it would be fairly quiet, which it was. I wish I had taken headphones with me so I could have listened to my own music, but all in all it wasn’t a bad experience.

I came back to the second lab, which was also brutal, but I survived it.

Frank had offered for me to come hang out and play Cards Against Humanity with him and a few other people. I even got the green light to bring Zane if he wanted to come, but I was so tapped out on the energy scale that I couldn’t do that either.

I arranged to chat with my friend on Sunday, and apologized to Frank for not being able to make it. But I think he knew it would play out like that. He knew I was working and that my labs have been pretty demanding this month. He sent me a picture of everyone setting around the table waving at the camera and said that they missed me. Warm fuzzy feels.

I ended up going straight home, not even writing. Zane had already cooked dinner when I got inside the apartment. An amazing piece of rare steak waiting to be devoured. Which it was. It was amazing.

I played Chime for a little bit, but ended up going to sleep not long afterwards. Super tired, and my brain didn’t want to function anymore.

Game Day Sunday

Sunday started pretty early. Guess I’m conditioned for it now. I was making my coffee when Zane came out and said that he wanted to take us out for breakfast. That we could do that first and then go do all of the play shopping that I had wanted to do Saturday but never did.

I was down for what sounded like an awesome, low key, quality time type day.

We had breakfast and Einstein Brothers. It’s a bagel shop. I had never been there before, and it was pretty crowded but Zane let me hug on him and told me what he liked and what he didn’t. I ended up having a Tasty Turkey, and it was actually pretty good. I’m not a huge fan of cucumber so I took that off my sandwich but everything else was great.

From breakfast we went to Travel Country to look at shoes, but we forgot that it was Sunday, and that most businesses have different hours on the weekends. They didn’t open until noon, so we had a couple hours to kill before we could do anything about my shoes. We tried the bike shop, but they still had 30 minutes until they opened…. So much lame… Why is Sunday so uncool? ;-;

We ended up going to a new smoke shop that just opened to check it out. We didn’t like it as much as “our” smoke shop, so we didn’t get anything, but it was still nice to go and see it. We used the last of our mint shisha the other night, which is why we had gone to the shop. But since we didn’t like it we didn’t want to buy anything from them.

We headed back out to the shop we normally go to, only to find out that they didn’t have the mint flavor we wanted. XD

Why, Universe?

It wasn’t all that bad though. The associate called another store in the chain and asked if they happened to have the flavor we were looking for. They did. Score!

Before we went there we went to Publix and picked up some tuna lunches for me. The store had been out when we were shopping on Saturday. That was a super quick trip though.

The second smoke shop had what we wanted. I ended up getting two other boxes of shisha since they had a deal; 3 for $10. By then the bike shop was open so we went back there.

The associate who helped us out was super friendly and knowledgeable. He explained the price difference between the helmets to me. He asked what I was mostly doing with the bike, and explained which helmets would be best for me. He didn’t try to push the most expensive one. He tried to sell me what he thought would be best. I appreciated that.

He also helped me with my concerns with the lights on my bike not being bright enough. He showed me what they had, which ones were what, and the prices. I will most likely be buying those next paycheck. It’s nice to know all of the information for them and to have talked to someone else who bikes to and from work. He gave me information from his personal experience rather than a sales pitch.

It was a really good experience and reaffirmed my opinion of the store. They’ve been great to me so far, so I’ll keep going there.

The helmet I got isn’t red, but it’s the next best thing. Black and purple. : )

It’s not a giant skater helmet. It’s so much lighter, too. I don’t have 5 pounds sitting on my skull anymore. It’s great and I love it. I wore it out of the store like a dork, but that’s ok. It made Zane smile. And seeing him smile made me happy.

It was late enough for Travel Company to be open, finally, so off we went.

I didn’t like that sales associate as much, but I did find a pair of Vibrums that I loved. Instead of going with a crazy funky color I went with black and gray. Most of my workout gear is black, purple, or blue so I figured it was better to keep with the same color scheme. I know it doesn’t matter, but I like matching. It makes me feel better.

Travel Company didn’t have any bandanas that I liked, but I was looking at the Buff website and figured I would be buying them online anyway. With dropping $170 on shoes it was sort of irrelevant. Even if the store had bandanas that I wanted I most likely wouldn’t have bought them. I hadn’t been expecting to spend that much on my shoes.

Worth every penny.

I wore them this morning while biking and working out at the gym. Wore my new helmet, too. So much awesome.

Anywho, with all of the shopping done I offered to pick us up lunch before heading home. We went to Pitta Pit for gyros, which we took home. We watched an episode of The Flash while we ate. I also started a load of laundry. One of John’s cats got into our room at some point and marked the clothes I had just washed. So much frustration…

We smoked a shisha mix of guava, honey, and rose while watching another episode. It is a very dark and earthy flavor mix. I really enjoyed it. I’m not big on all of the fruity flavors that most people do. That might be why I like mint so much too. There’s a cool bite to it.

I did end up talking to my friend later in the day. We talked for about an hour before we both had to go. I’m going to try to call him again later today so we can talk about something other than my work. We didn’t get into any of the girl talk that we really wanted to.

I prepped most of the veggies for our dinners this coming week. Zane is going to be making broccoli cheddar soup in soup bowls. We still have steaks as well that we are going to cook green beans and potatoes with. I made a batch of egg mix as well so breakfast would be taken care of, along with a package of bacon.

At 6 the Pathfinder game started. Uke brought Taco Bell with him and Zane got pizza for Danielle, Trevor and himself so there was tons of food.

My character ended up being a total badass in battle. We’re still in the dwarven tombs, exploring and looking for this wizard dude. We went into one of the rooms and there were coins strewn on the ground around a corpse. Knox, Zane’s character, told me to go pick up the “shinnies” and to try to give some of them to another one of the party members as a way to try to make friends with him.

As a goblin, most of the party doesn’t like me. It doesn’t help that my character is a pretty chaotic character. Think of a six year old. Short attention span, and I want to play, with everything. Especially if it is shinny or makes noise.

So I bounced around picking up the shinnies. When I got them all up I gave half of them to Bret, who only took a quarter of them. I kept the rest of the shinnies because they’re mine. Rawr.

There were two metallic sort of chain like curtains over two doorways in the room. There was also a statue with a dwarvish inscription in the room as well. I wanted to clime on the statue, but Bret climbed on it first. So I climbed on him instead.

Bret is sort of like the Joker from Batman. Totally insane and does random things for no reason. At least my character has an excuse.

When Bret lost interest and got off the statue my character became bored, so she hopped off Bret and went to play with the shinny curtain. The rattling drew the attention of some crypt scorpions. They weren’t all that much of a challenge for our party though. I killed one in a single blow, stabbing it with a tusk I had gotten from one of the monsters we had killed earlier. I seriously messed up another one, but another party member killed it off.

Yeah… my character is pretty brutal and barbaric.

After combat things sort of slowed down. People were looting stuff, investigating stuff… I was so tired from the busy adventurous day with Zane that I ended up going to sleep early.

I woke up when Zane came to bed, but I wasn’t able to fall back asleep. I eventual fell back asleep on the couch. I woke up congested. I’m worried I’m getting sick so I took Dayquil before I had breakfast, but other than that and being a bit tired, my day is off to a great start.

And that’s been the recap of my weekend.

Mentally brutal Saturday, super fun and expensive Sunday. All in all, both good days.


One thought on “Daily Post 034: Weekend Fun

  1. I like hearing about your game. I bought “Forbidden Island” recently and we’ve played that game more in the last month than we’ve played any board game in the last three years! It’s a cooperative game, so everyone has to work together to win. It’s a mental challenge, even for me and Spike, and it doesn’t take long to setup and play (maybe a half-hour). As crazy as our schedules are, I’m super excited that I found something that the whole house can play together that fosters bonding more than competition.

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