Musing Moment 0073: Days 24 – 27


It has been a while since I did anything with my challenge writing. Guess it’s time to get caught back up.

Day 24 – Time Management

One of my biggest time sinks was Facebook, which is why I was trying to delete the stupid thing. I would waste time scroll through looking at pointless comments from people that I didn’t really consider my friends. I had so many other things I could be doing, but for some reason I was always sucked into sitting there.

It would start out as needing to respond to a message, or reply to a post from a work buddy. Something legit. But all too fast it would dissolve into thirty minutes of wasted time. And most of the time I never got around to doing what I had actually logged into Facebook to do.

I was sick of it. Of all of the social media noise that I had going on in my life. I’ve removed over half of the “friends” that I had. That has reduced the noise considerably on my Facebook feed. I have also gotten rid of several other social media accounts, which has also helped to de-clutter my life.

I’m sure it could be better, but I also feel like I have gained much more of my time back. I like where I’m at currently, so for now I will label this as a success and keep on keeping on.

Day 25 – Celebrating My Success

Day 25 in the challenge has us look back and realize everything we have accomplished and figured out in our lives. Chalene wants us to write about our biggest, proudest moment, and then promise ourselves that we will celebrate it.

Well, my proudest moment was towards the beginning when I actually sat down and figured out things that I wanted to start accomplishing with my life again. My biggest moment was not letting depression win.

I’ve already celebrated this triumph this past weekend. I went out and got my new running shoes and a spiffy awesome new biking helmet. It was more money that I thought it would be, so I haven’t gotten the bandanas I wanted, but it was totally worth the extra spending and I absolutely love the new gear that I rewarded myself with.

I’ve wanted the new shoes for so long now, and the helmet, while it wasn’t a “need” gives me warm fuzzy feelings every time I put it on. I’m not going to feel guilty. I’m allowed to have things that make me better and help push me further. I’m worth investing in. My accomplishments are worth celebrating. Guilt free.

Day 26 – Affirmation

Day 26 we take a look at our priorities, goals, and values again and reaffirm to ourselves why we are making changes in our lives.

I’m doing this for my emotional health. I’m doing this because I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be a priority to myself. I am doing this because I’m worth it.

I AM a priority and I will keep working towards the goals that I want, not what other people say I should want.

Day 27 – Fixation

Sometimes we’re our own roadblocks. Sometimes we fixate on a negative thing, a negative outcome, and so we stop moving forward. We can’t move past this “thing” inside our brain, this fixation we have.

What is my fixation?

At the moment I do not think I have one. I’m focusing on my Warrior Dash. I’ve never done this before and so all I feel is the awesome forward movement of kicking it up a notch at the gym. I’m feeling good from biking everyday to work. I just did my first workout on the machines, lifting weights, in I don’t know how long. It’s a good burn, lots of endorphins.

I’m not scared. At least not yet.

I think as the date of the race gets closer I will begin to worry about not being ready enough. Not being good enough. And when that time comes I will have to remind myself that it doesn’t matter.

It honestly, truly doesn’t.

I’m not going this to be the best. I’m not doing this to finish the race and complete every obstacle. I’m doing this to prove that I can. That even if I don’t run the whole thing, or make it over every obstacle, that I have come so far. So incredibly far, and that I should be proud of simply having the balls to participate.

I shouldn’t worry about the outcome or the destination. I should simply enjoy the process, the journey, because that’s what it’s really about.


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