Daily Post 036: Wednesday’s Training


Yesterday was an alright day. I wrote a little about yesterday morning. How Zane and I didn’t spend much time together. When I was leaving he hugged me goodbye, touching my cheek as he gave me a kiss.

There were tears because I couldn’t stop them, which is beyond annoying. He asked me what was wrong, but with the giant yarn ball of emotions inside me I couldn’t pin point anything down to actually have a conversation about it yet. I told him that when I found out I would let him know.

All in all the morning wasn’t bad. It was nice to have even a little bit of affection, contact. It helped me feel like even though Tuesday sucked that it wasn’t the end of the world. It helped pull me outside of myself a little.

The bike ride to the gym was really nice. I didn’t have my backpack so my speed was up. Over all a nice warm up before getting to the gym for personal training. Terri was there and ready to go. I stashed my bag and helmet (which I still love ❤ ) in my locker then went to get my ass kicked.

We did body weight exercises starting with squats, then moving on to lateral lifts, rows, crunches, hip raises, push ups, and ending with a 20 second plank. Each section consisted of 10 reps, and I did five or six rounds of that. I honestly don’t remember. It was pretty brutal towards the end. The squats were the worst. With biking I work the sides of my legs a lot, but the squats were hitting the tops of my quads. You would think I’ve never walked a day in my life with how it burned.

Ok, it wasn’t that bad. I’ve definitely have had more intense muscle burn before. But it was a decent workout, and I’m totally feeling it today. I stretched for a bit, then did a little bit of running on the track upstairs.

That’s where I noticed that I’m not a huge fan of my shoes anymore. They’re a little too big and my feet slide around in them while I’m running. Not cool. At all. The box and receipt have already been thrown away so I’m not all that sure what can be done. I have called the store and asked about possibly returning the shoes for a different size.

Since I’ve worn them the associate said that it might be hard for them to take the shoes back, but that I could stop by and let a manager check them out. Ultimately it would be up to them on if the exchange is possible.

Since I’ve only run in them once on an indoor track I’m hoping that I can exchange them. It will really suck if I can’t. In that instance hopefully eBay will be friendlier. : /

I went to school after the gym. Had to wait 30 minutes for security to unlock the break room again. After eating and having some water I went to lab. I finished off my weekly post and wrote my daily post for Monday and Tuesday since both those days sort of killed my motivation to write. I did a bunch of clean up work on my Weekly Saga template, naming layers, locking things down, and in general organizing stuff.

I biked home with my bag. I can tell a marked difference in my performance with and without it. I cooked a burger when I got home since I was craving protein. I also showered and started a load of laundry. I took steak out to defrost for dinner. I played around more with my Weekly Saga template creating a handful of icons I want to use. I think I’m going to add a few more, but yeah, good progress was made in that area.

I tried doing a few podcasts, but the AC units kept coming through in the background noise and I wasn’t able to remove the constant humming sound, which sucked hardcore. I figured I would try going back to school later in the evening when no one was there to do the recording. Editing I can do pretty much anywhere I have my computer.

I went through my “in” pile on my desk, putting papers away, throwing out the junk mail. I sent out a few emails that I needed to in regards to some of the things in the pile. I created a calendar event for renewing my tags since there was a letter about that. Good productivity. Cleaning always makes things better. I also emptied the bedroom trash can.

I didn’t get around to calling my mom or messaging Jin like I had on my list. I wasn’t feeling social really. Zane was going to come home soon and I didn’t know how that was going to go down. I was nervous about it.

It was awkward at first. But eventually thing eased out. He got the laundry from the dryer for me. I cooked my own steak, which ended up being too much protein with the burger I had earlier. I felt sort of icky feeling, heavy. I really wanted something salad-ish, but we don’t have anything like that in the apartment at the moment and I was too tired to go out and get something from the store.

I’ll most likely get a salad from Crisper’s when I go on break at 4pm. They have their half priced happy hour deal so it should only be about $4.

Anyway, I stitched for a while as we watched some episodes of The Flash. We also brainstormed a new design for the character sheets used in Uke’s game. They recently changed the way stats work and they want the sheets to reflect that change now rather than waiting for the play test to be over. I’m fine with that. It will most likely be what I work on during my labs today.

Zane and Trevor were also able to get the bike rack off of Frank’s bike for me. Down side. It won’t fit onto Zane’s bike properly. It rests too low and prevents the back breaks from functioning, which is pretty much the only break I use. We need to get extension bar things so the bike rack doesn’t rest so low, or something like that. I swear, black thumb for bikes… Nothing can just work with them.

I am thinking about seeing if they will take Frank’s bike for me. Like a trade-in for store credit or something. I’m not going to be using that bike I don’t think. It’s not a road bike like Zane’s and that’s the style I’m super enjoying right now. We’re going to be going to the shop tomorrow so I will ask while we are there.

Speaking of, Zane agreed to spot me on buying better lights for the bike since riding at night is so unfun at the moment. Depending on which one we go with that will either be $60 or $130. Zane gets paid tomorrow and the money that I do have that could go towards the purchase I would rather hold on to just in case. I don’t want to be left with only the card if something bad happens, and with buying the helmet and the shoes this past weekend I’m a little tighter than I want to be.

Compared to how my budget has been the past four-ish months I have so much breathing room I feel sort of lame for cringing right now. I would still feel better keeping the buffer I have, and Zane was ok when I mentioned the arrangement, so I’m pretty sure that will happen.

Zane also wants to get the PS4 tomorrow with Fallout 4. That’s our Christmas present to ourselves, so I’m supposed to go Dutch with him on that. That’s $175ish. I can cover it next paycheck as well, just not something I’m comfy spending this week. Also, new phone accounts with Version happens on Saturday. So much stuff… x.x

I can’t wait for Zane to have a working phone again, though. It’s going to make getting in touch with him so much easier. He’s most likely picking me up from school today since we don’t have the lights yet. Or. Maybe. He can pick me up, we can go to the bike shop, he can take me back to work, and I can try biking home with the new night.

Oh man. New game plan.

Anyway. This weekend is going to be busy.

Yesterday I added Zane to my car insurance. One of the other things Zane and I have been talking about is how he’s having to wait on Bobby to get the registration for the motorcycle taken care of and how that’s taking way longer than what he wants it to. So even if he spends all of the money on the parts for the bike, and somehow got everyone together so they could put the bike back together, there’s nothing saying he would actually be able to drive it yet.

Right now our system is working, it just sucks because I’m always worried about him not being covered by insurance, and there’s a few things I still want for my bike to make my trips to work easier. Zane’s actually the one who approached me about putting the bike on hold and adding him to the insurance policy. He said he would pay half, or the difference of what my payment used to be, which ever ended up being the higher value.

I went through and got a quote and everything and wouldn’t you know my rate went down for adding him… wtf? Because he’s an older dude I somehow magically drive safer? That’s seriously fucked up. But whatev. I’m not going to complain about cheaper rates, just noting that this logic makes no sense.

So yeah. Zane is covered now. I need to put the new insurance card into the car, but it’s nice knowing that I don’t have to worry so much about that now. It would be great if the leasing office for the apartment would get parking decals in so I could stop freaking out wondering if my car is going to get towed again…

That was pretty much my day. Overall it was a low-key day. I never got around to making the podcasts, so I’ll most likely stay later tonight to record that. Which actually reminds me that I can’t go to the bike shop tonight because I work until 9pm not 1pm… so much lame. Guess I’m not biking home after all. Back to the original plan. /sigh

And the new plan seemed so awesome, too. : /

I’m trying not to think about tomorrow and the test. I did message my contact and all I need to bring is the check for the exam fee. They provide everything else. Good to know.

I’m going to try doing some yoga to stretch out my legs before going to work since I’m super sore from yesterday’s training. I’ve already had breakfast, the clothes need to be put away, and the back stitching for Clavan’s gift still needs to be completed. More low-key things that shouldn’t take too much energy to complete.

I’m hoping today is a smooth day. I’m going to need everything I have to get through the weekend.


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