Musing Moment 0074: Days 28 – 30


Day 28 – List Management

I’m guilty of not following this day. In Chalene’s system the to-do list is supposed to be thought of as scared ground, much like the calendar is with my system. The only things that are added to the calendar and things that have to happen on specific dates at specific times. Doctor’s appointments, work meetings, my lab schedules, due dates for assignments.

Things that if I miss them there will be consequences and bad juju.

The to-do list in Chalene’s system is supposed to be similar to the calendar in that you only add things to your to-do list that MUST be done that very day or else fire and brimstone will rain down upon your world.

My to-do list doesn’t really follow that rule. I use my to-do list as a generalized map of my day. My battle plan as I call it.

Wake up (seriously sometimes that’s on my list), make breakfast, take vitamin, bike to gym, workout, shower… You get the idea. Main events that take any significant amount of time, or things I need to remember to do, or would like to do for that day are what get penciled in on my lists, along with reminders and ad hoc things as they come up. And my lists are always, always, in pencil.

Things change and I want to be able to erase and rewrite if I need to. I’m also not scared of flipping to a new page and starting my list over from scratch if I feel things have changed too much. Old battle plan won’t work? Fine. I’ll make a new one. Screw that old one anyway. It wasn’t that awesome.

Sometimes though I get to the end of my day and there’s tons of stuff left over. Those days suck, and Chalene’s method makes it so you don’t have crummy feelings on those days because you don’t have a billion things on your list. You only have the things that you had to get done, so at the end you have a completed list, always.

The things that I didn’t get to on my list seriously didn’t need to get done specifically on that day. It just would have been really nice if I had gotten around to it. I shouldn’t feel bad about not getting to them, and to be honest I’ve gotten a lot better about it. But sometimes I still find myself feeling like I got nothing accomplished because my battle plan hardly has a scratch on it.

That being said, I’m not going to change my system. I make it work for me, which is the main thing. Chalene mentions a lot of really awesome tips, and I know for some people this is another really good one. Not so much for me, and that’s ok.

Day 29 – Fluff

Day 29 piggybacks on day 28 a little bit by focusing on our to-do list making skills. Chalene reminds us to make sure the things we are adding to our list aren’t “fluff” tasks.

If we want to be lean, mean, task destroying machines we need to make sure the tasks we’re actually completing are meaningful and worthwhile tasks. No checking Facebook or something else we might convince ourselves that needs to get done, but really doesn’t and is only eating away at our time.

She also reminds us today that the only difference between a dream and a goal is hard work. If you ever find yourself asking HOW am I supposed to do this? How is this going to get done? Then you’re already on the right track.

How would you get it done? What steps would you need to take to get to the end goal? What things need to happen? What tasks could be added to your list that would make this impossible task actually something that is manageable. Do-able. Actionable.

Asking how is the first step. Brainstorming it out is the second. Then all that’s left is to actually do the tasks. Poof! Dream to reality, along with a million pot holes and concrete walls we have to bash our heads against. : )

Day 30 – Success!

The last day of the challenge. Huzzah. I made it through it again. I’ll most likely start it up again tomorrow just because it helps me stay on track. XD

If I do I doubt I’ll be making Musing Moment posts for it. I may make small mentions in my daily writing, but over all I think I’ve written enough about the challenge to not write about it for a while.

I feel like I’m on the right track with things, so really starting the challenge over again would just be a way to make sure I stay on top of my goals rather than falling off the wagon again.

One of the things that bothers me about Chalene’s final post is how she mentions surrounding yourself with the “right” people, reading the “right” books, or listening to the “right” audio programs.

That kind of diction makes it seem like there is “wrong” stuff and that you can mess up and fail and downward spiral of doom followed closely by anxiety and panic.

While it’s true there are more helpful and useful things out there when compared to other, less awesome stuff, I don’t think things should be looked at as right and wrong. I think it should be looked at as, “Is it supportive?”

Does that person support you and your goals? Do they encourage you and build you up? Does that book provide some sort of fulfillment for you, even if it is simply pleasure for the sake of reading?

There’s not right or wrong. Do what you want to do. Just make sure that it lines up with what you want otherwise it won’t feel fulfilling, at least not in the long run. This challenge is all about figuring out life and priorities and goals and taking the steps to get to where we want to be. As long as we’re moving forward on the things that really matter to us we’re not doing anything “wrong”.

Keep being a badass.



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