Daily Post 038: The Monday Grouch


Let’s see if I can bang out my daily writing before having to go to work. :3


So yesterday was Monday… It’s hard to believe that only makes it Tuesday morning. It feels like so much has happened… still. I guess with a crazy busy weekend that tends to happen.


Yesterday morning started out a little rough. Zane had stayed up way later than he should have. Bobby stuck around for longer than was polite on a work night… It was a not fun situation. It meant Zane was crazy grouchy when he woke up.


Luckily I was able to tell it was just a mood and not really meant to sting, but some of his words were unfair and did hurt. I packed his lunch and made him breakfast which I also put in his lunch box so he could get to work a bit early, beating most of the traffic, and nap for a bit longer in the car.


He was appreciative of me taking care of his morning, even remembering to pack cookies, and letting him sleep for a bit longer. I know what it’s like to not get enough sleep and to dread having to go through the day. I wanted to make his morning better even if I couldn’t make the lack of sleep any easier to handle.


I also mentioned maybe sticking to an 11pm curfew on work nights. If everyone leaves at 11ish that would give both of us 30 minutes to an hour to wrap up the day and get ready for bed, which would still only give us less than six hours of sleep.


I also mentioned that maybe it would be better to try to find a different day to do the game on. A day where there wouldn’t be a time limit on socializing. Friday or Saturday could work, though there would be sometimes I couldn’t be able to be at the game due to work. And that really depends on when the lab times are, because if they’re AM then it wouldn’t matter.


Anyway, it’s something for us to think about. A tired introvert is never, ever, a good thing, and I felt bad for Zane, because he doesn’t have sick time yet he couldn’t take the day off without bad juju happening at work. He’s still in his 90 period so we don’t want any bad marks on his record. I don’t want it there for the additional reason that it was sort of self-inflicted. Owning up to consequences and everything, though I still think it was rude of Bobby to not leave after the game was over. He knows both Zane and I have to get up early in the morning. If he wants to hang out later he should come over on other days.


So yeah, morning wasn’t terrible, but it was like trying to hug a cactus. Sort of not cool.


After Zane left I put some of the clothes away, but not all of them. I showered and got ready for work, deciding to go to the gym afterwards rather than before since I didn’t want to be rushed while I was there.


I made it to work fine. The new bike seat is way different since it’s a girls seat, and that’s actually something I want to look further into. Why there’s a difference. Also, the difference between a girl bike and a guy bike, because curiosity. I know visually the difference, but I don’t know why there is a difference. So that will happen at some point I think. Not right now since I’m running out of time.


Work ended up being more than I thought it would be. Frank’s daughter was sick over the weekend, and about 30 minutes into the lab his daycare called saying she was still sick so he had to go pick her up. That left me alone in lab. I was able to handle it fine, but I wasn’t able to do anything else. I even forgot to clock in I’m pretty sure. Luckily Clavan is an awesome supervisor and will fix the error for me, but it’s still annoying to realize that I was so bombarded with questions that I couldn’t even open the computer.


I literally did nothing but answer questions yesterday. I ended up having a really awesome conversation with one of the students though. I think I gave him some really good perspective about what it will take to set himself apart from not only his classmates, but the other people he will be competing with for job openings.


After lab I needed to get away from people. I changed back into my biking gear and headed to the gym. I ran around the track again. Minute intervals. My shines were sore at first but around the third interval I started finding my pace. I think I’m going to stick to minutes a few more times, maybe the rest of this week, then move it up to two minutes. I also did weights yesterday. Mostly upper body, but some leg stuff, too.


I biked home, going over the bridge on the bike trail. I told myself that if I biked all the way up it I could have a burger when I got home. I guess I really wanted that burger.



I wasn’t able to make it all the way home without stopping though. On my route I pass by a gas station. It’s actually right in front of one of the lights that I have to wait for. I actually stopped there and went inside to get some Gatorade and a salad. I hadn’t eaten anything since my protein bar during lab and I was not only feeling super headachy, but also sort of sick from not eating enough.


I sat outside listening to music while I ate my Southwestern salad and had almost all of one of the bottles I bought. There was a deal, buy two for $3.


It was awesome sitting in the shade, resting, recovering. I was able to watch people as they came and went, noticing the traffic pattern for the lights. It was nice.


After sitting for a bit and letting the food settle I got back on the bike and continued home. I didn’t go as fast as I could have. I had my backpack with me, so I’m sure that factored into my slower time, but my body in general was beat. Biking, running, and lifting all in one day is a lot I think. I’m going to keep doing it because I’m a Type A and I don’t know the meaning of “Slow and Steady”. It’s “All or Nothing”.


I made it home eventually, carried the bike up the stairs, and proceed to do nothing. It was the most amazing nothing I’ve ever done.


Actually I posted my 16 page blog from all the days I didn’t write. I still haven’t done a weekly saga post, but I’m sure that will happen in the next day or so. I really want to keep up with those.


I did end up curling up in bed after I showered. I also did have that burger I promised myself. Along with a bunch of water.


Zane came home. We had amazing cuddle time together before watching an episode of Arrow while smoking one of the flavors of shisha. It’s a mandarin orange, which smells like an orange Starburst. We mixed it with a little bit of mint shisha so it has a really cool, sort of chilly flavor to it. I enjoyed it.


Trevor and Danielle took over the kitchen right when I wanted to start making the potato leek soup, so instead I had the leftover half a steak and veggies in the fridge. Zane made a snack too, but I’m not sure what it was. I think tater tots.


We didn’t get to make dinner until 10. Which sort of sucked because it was so late. In the mean time Zane watched Doctor Who, I poked around at my computer for a bit. We did end up rearranging the room, but we both ran out of steam for putting stuff back where it belonged as far as the bookcase and such were concerned. And I totally didn’t feel like crawling around plugging my computer back up. So we decided to save that for tomorrow (today).


We watched another episode of Arrow while we ate. I had another salad with the soup and a piece of toast. A nice light-ish meal for the end of such a busy day. I would feel back about eating what seemed like a lot of food, but nope. I’m pretty sure I burned just as much calories as I consumed yesterday. And I’m not going to feel guilty about not going to the gym today.


Funny how I consider today an “off” day when I’m still biking close to 7 miles. Perspective.


Anyway, that’s about it for yesterday. Zane and I were both exhausted so sleep came fairly quickly for both of us. We slept together, and even had cutesy pillow talk like we used to. It was nice, reassuring, comforting.


He was super grouchy again this morning, but we both know it is from not getting enough sleep and introverted alone time. But that’s for another post.


I need to get going and shower so I can get out the door. Also, posting this without proof reading. Please don’t murder me for grammar. ❤




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