Daily Post 039:To-Do List 1, Jen 0


So this morning Zane was super grouchy again. He said that even though he knows that he slept, it didn’t really feel like it. He woke up tired, sort of a thing. He had a mini blow up at me this morning, but again, since I’ve been there I totally don’t blame him for it.


I told him why his comments hurt, but I didn’t take it personally. After he got to work he sent me a text message apologizing. He also said he was going to have alone time tonight and go to sleep early.


I actually went back to sleep until 9ish. Once I got up I started putting the room back together. I like the new setup. It feels like there’s more space. That took most of the morning though. I had already decided not to go to the gym since I have training with Terri tomorrow morning. I wanted to give my muscles as much of a rest as they could get.


I biked to school which was an ordeal. There was a nice breeze as I was walking down the apartment stairs. It felt so nice out with a cool autumn sun in the sky. Little did I know… that slight breeze was going to be my enemy.


Biking to work felt like trying to run through chest deep water. It reminded me of Gandalf in the first Lord of the Rings movie.


“You shall not pass!”


Seriously, it felt like I was getting nowhere even though my legs were burning so much. Stupid breeze! No one wants you!


That was really the only draw back to the ride. Other than that it was great. I had a tuna lunch in the break room. One of my co-workers started chatting me up about the bike, so we went out and I showed him what I’m riding. I guess he rides fairly often too and mentioned biking together some time. That could be cool. Even better if we could get Frank in on it. I’m not sure how long I would last though. And now that I think about it. I’m not sure I really want to bike with other people. I like being alone and doing my own thing and not having to worry about pacing myself to match someone.


I dunno. We’ll see.


I didn’t take my computer with me to school. I didn’t want the extra weight, and man… am I glad for that decision. I did take my cross stitch though. I spent a majority of the first hour cleaning up my notebook from the previous week. I also spend a fair amount of time talking to Luis about the certification test. He’s still interested in taking it.


After that I completed the last bit of work for Clavan’s gift. Huzzah! I wanted to use my phone for music, but it was close to dying and I wanted music on my trip home more, so I sat with headphones in listening to silence because I’m like that.


David covered the second lab for me so I could go to a new group meeting. It’s a woman’s group for the females students at the school. I wanted to help support it, and since Robin is one of the main members I was hoping I would get to see her.


The meeting wasn’t until 6, though, which meant I had two hours to kill. I had a bowl of soup from Crisper’s, then went over to the building the meeting was going to be at. I was an hour early, but I figured I could sit in the lobby and wait.


The meeting ran way later than I thought it would. There were snacks, so I had a few apple slices before heading back to my bike to go home. I was able to use the light tonight and I absolutely love it. Being able to see while I’m riding makes the trip home so much better. I’m totally ok with the investment.


I was super hungry when I got home. I feel like I devoured my salad. I also had a container of soup with two pieces of toast torn up and mixed in. I’m still trying to drink water because I’m pretty sure I’m behind on my intake.


I still have a ton of stuff on my to-do list. Thing I had thought I would have energy and time to do. But it’s already 10:30, and I’m exhausted. So nothing else is going to get done. Not the dishes, not the car stuff. Nope. I’m going to finish this water bottle then go to sleep.


Tomorrow morning is going to be here way too soon, and I know Terri is going to kick my ass.


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