Daily Post 044: Sunday Lunch and Monday Bandanas


This was meant for last night. Only 8 hours late. Go me. : D


I didn’t write on Sunday, but then not a lot happened, which I was ok with.


I woke up late-ish. Around 9:30. I poked around at a few things. Nothing super important or amazing enough for me to actually remember. I eventually showered and dressed so I could meet with Sabrina for lunch. Not surprisingly she wanted to go to the sushi cafe that Zane and I had just gone to the night before. I’m not joking when I say that place is amazing.


I didn’t mind going back. I was a little worried that it would be awkward, since Hannah was supposed to be working and I have never seen or hung out with her unless Zane was there, but it ended up being fine.


Sabrina and I got to the cafe as the same time and were able to walk in together. We got our corner booth and actually had the whole place to ourselves for a while. That meant Hannah was able to hang around and chat with us for a bit. Her and Sabrina were able to connect and talk about school and what their plans are for afterwards. Sabrina graduates in December. It’s going to be hard when she leaves, just like it was hard when Tre graduated. She’s a friend and it’s always rough when they leave.


But sad tangent aside, it was a good lunch and I think Hannah and I slightly bonded and are on more friendly / at ease terms. Maybe that was all inside of my head, and I totally recognize that as a possibility. It was very similar when I first met Nic. Until I was able to spend time alone with her I didn’t really know how I fit into the dynamic.


Once lunch was over and Sabrina and I parted ways I drove to the produce store to finish off the shopping. I actually really, really, didn’t want to go. I wanted to go home and go back to sleep. Or at least curl up in bed in the dark and not worry or think or do anything other than let my brain relax.


But, nope. I was a diligent adult. I got the last remaining items on the list and was in the process of checking out when Zane called me.


I want to take a second to express how awesome it is to be able to get in touch with him and vise versa now that he actually has service for his phone.


He’s going to be cat sitting for Hannah and needed the car to be able to meet her after her shift. He was calling to see where I was at since it was getting really close to when he wanted to be leaving. He ended up walking to the entrance of the apartment complex where I picked him up. He had been on his way to meet me at the store, but I was faster because I’m awesome. /flex


I drove him back to the cafe, but only dropped him off rather than staying. I went back home, thought about doing chores, and ended up taking an hour and a half nap instead.


I woke up to Zane calling me asking to be let into the apartment. Since I had the keys for the car he didn’t have his house key to get inside. I was much more recovered than I had been earlier in the day. I unlocked the door and let Zane in. Hannah was with him and we all hung out for about an hour, which was really nice. Another thing which helped me feel more at ease around her.


I had a cup of coffee while we chatted in the living room. Hannah eventually left so she could get on the road since she was traveling back home for the holiday break. Zane and I chilled for a bit and eventually watching an episode of Sherlock and having pizza for dinner.


Zane went to sleep before I did. A first, I know. I wanted to try to stay up as late as possible since my schedule this month is PM. I played Chime for a while, going to sleep around 1ish. Not as late as I wanted, but a good start to switching my sleep cycle over.


I stayed on the couch for a bit but moved to the room at some point.


And here we are at Monday. It’s been a fantastic day so far. My bandanas came in! Woooo! They’re awesome. I love all of them. And I don’t know which one to wear tomorrow because now I have choices and colors.


I also got an email, two actually, after I got home from work saying the Lucy tops that I purchased have shipped. They’re coming from two different locations, so there’s going to be two deliveries. One should be here by Wednesday. The other isn’t scheduled to arrive until Saturday, but I’m hoping that it gets here sooner than that.


Fingers crossed.


So both of those things are amazing news.


The morning started out super sluggish. I was a bit of a grouch when Zane got up this morning, and I apologized to him through Facebook once I actually started my day. We didn’t do breakfast together, mostly because he wasn’t hungry and I wasn’t rested enough to care about getting out of bed.


I started my day around 10ish. Which seems crazy late to me until I put it in perspective with the thought that that I wouldn’t be getting home until around 1am. I tried messaging Clavan to see if he knew what the lab size would be. It was very possible that there would only be one lab and I would be able to leave work around 9ish. He hadn’t had lecture yet, which meant he wasn’t able to answer my question. So much lame. >.<;


I went through my email. I put the clothes away. I called my mom and let her know what was going on with the trip home. I got in touch with another one of my friends, Nasse, the guy I hung out with on spring break, so we have plans for lunch on Friday. I created a new podcast. Even got all of the editing done for it. I started working on the second activity for Shading and Lighting, and once I got tired of that I made the shrimp tacos that Zane and I will be doing as dinners.


I had lunch at some point during all of that, as well as set up my new voice mail.


Around 3:30 I showered, packed up my bag, then headed to work. I clocked in, had water, logged my workout, and took a look at my work email. There wasn’t much so that was nice. Once I was cool enough from the ride I changed and got the lab set up.


My day got even better when I found out there is only going to be one lab for CRI1 rather than two. That means I’m biking out at 9pm rather than 1am. Woooo! I can’t express how awesome that news was. It literally made my entire month. Best birthday present ever. At least that’s what I’m going to count it as. My birthday gift from the school.


The lab is an awesome group of students, too. Very engaging which made the intro speech much easier to do since it felt like I was talking with them rather than at them. I stitched a little bit before finishing off the SAL activity I was working on. There’s still a few things I need to do with it, but the main step, the rendering, is out of the way. Now it’s just playing around in Photoshop.


I saw Ari, which I don’t really want to talk / type about. Maybe another time. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but it was taxing and something I had been hoping to avoid to be honest.


It was cold as I biked home. I kept my jacket on which I normally don’t do. It makes me realize that I will most likely buy the bike mount for my new armband magnet of awesomeness because the armband kept sliding down my jacket sleeve. It stays on fine when it’s my skin, but the fabric doesn’t have enough friction to keep everything in place. Sort of not cool. I won’t get the mount until next paycheck, but it will happen.


My bike chain slipped while I was crossing a street, which didn’t help the bike ride home. It’s cold. It’s dark. I just had to deal with an uncool situation. My armband won’t stay in place. Oh… and I look like a fool. Totally a relaxing bike ride… said no one ever.


I was able to fix the bike on my own. I felt all spiffy and bike savvy even though I’m sure it was the easiest things I could have possibly fixed. I made it home without further incident and I am once again completely satisfied with my purchase of the new headlight for the bike. I can’t imagine what that ride would have been like if I added, “Wasn’t able to see the sidewalk” to the list of things that made the ride unenjoyable.


Zane was walking out of the apartment to switch the wash when I pulled the bike up to the steps. Look at him being a super sexy adult doing all those adulty things. ❤


He had stopped by the store before coming home. They’re doing a potluck at his work tomorrow and he wanted to make something to take in. While he was out he picked up a bag of chips to go with the tacos. Mostly so I could do shrimp nachos since I like the crunchiness. I feel like it’s moments like this that I need to write down in a separate notebook or something so when I start to only see darkness I can be reminded that he’s actually pretty amazing to me.


The sink was a mess when I got inside. John and Trevor were talking. I had just had a crap ride home (though to be fair it could have been way, way worse), and I was still flustered over the encounter with Ari. Zane tried to chat with me while I was unloading the dishwasher, but with everything else that was going on I couldn’t focus. I told him it was loud, which it was, and that I needed a few minutes, because I did. I needed to breathe because I felt like everything was closing in around me.


He understood and said he would talk with me after everything settled down and I had some time. Finishing putting the dishes away and cleaning up the sink helped. John and Trevor ended up going to their rooms and I was left in silence. Blessed silence.


Zane came out of the room not long after and hugged me. A long hug where I buried my face in the crook of his arm, feeling his warmth on my skin, taking in his scent which means safety. I asked if it would be ok if I had a minor breakdown, to which he answered yes.


I didn’t, but it was nice knowing that if I had it would have been ok.


I made a bowl of shrimp nachos and ate while we talked. I explained the ride home and why I was slightly overwhelmed. How the noise of everyone being in the kitchen had been hard for me. Eating helped balance me out too since I was super hungry. I was also starting to warm up since the ride home had been so cold. Cold… in Florida… not what I signed up for.


I asked if anyone had checked the mail since I was expecting the bandanas. No one had so Zane ran out to do that while I finished packing the hookah bowl he had been starting. A mix of chia tea and honey. It smelled nice.


He came back with a package for me and thus the wonderfulness that is bandanas was had. I love all of them.


We sat in the living room watching a few videos on YouTube. I showered. Watched another video, then came back to the room to write. Zane showered too and is currently in bed sleeping.


It’s getting late and I plan to be up early with him so we can have breakfast and so I can get to the gym before work, which starts at 1am.


I had thought to go to the gym today, but my lower back is hurting. Muscle pain, sort of like I strained it. It’s not the sharp pain of a pulled muscle, but it still hurts sometimes and makes me cautious, weary of moving too fast. It’s not a good feeling.


I didn’t want to risk agitating the muscles by going to the gym. The bike ride to school made it feel better. But now, at the end of my day, it’s starting to hurt again. I’m hoping it’s gone, or significantly less tomorrow. If not I might not do the gym again, which would suck, but I’ve sort of already chalked this week up to screwed since I’ll be traveling. I might run while I’m home, but I’m not going to be biking as much as I have the past 4 week.


But yeah. I would really like to be able to go to the gym, and it’s totally not going to happen if I’m exhausted in the morning, so I’ll go for now and see how everything is feeling in the morning.




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